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Paki Mods Anon 04/19/2022 (Tue) 19:46:35 ID:1a5c45 No. 258
Hii Mods, why don't you post proof that you guys are South Asian Hindus ?
>>258 This. Apni foreskin/clitoris post karo admin and jannies.
>>258 bump post bhagwadgita with timestamp subversive pakistani admin
>>321 if i am unable to post in this thread tomorrow at 2 pm then ip has been banned and you know who the mods are
User was banned (5 min) for exposing Pakistani state secrets
(68.13 KB 764x602 56b.jpg)
>>322 Thanks for your sacrifice, anon
bump for national security
(191.13 KB 1080x1062 IMG_20220502_114033.jpg)
It's confirmed this website is a trap run by Pakistani muslim gang .
>>374 its a psyop by Paki ISI to widen caste divisions and self hatred among young uneducated Hindus
>>374 Unironically saying, admin is a cuck or a k2a.
>>374 Wtf. Never coming back here again.
>>383 or or or, think about it, let's increase the amount of anti k2a and anti paki and anti left on this board through the roof. make their plan backfire.
>>391 discord raiders post here
>>322 sorry dosto late hogaya, par ab samay hai is website ke hostile takeover ka, har post ke end pe mai likhunga mohamad is a pedophile, bharat mata ki jay
>>436 why arent you doing the needful yaar
>>258 Powered by ISI
>>436 do the needful