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Submit banners here Admin Board owner 04/11/2022 (Mon) 06:44:35 ID:93ad78 No. 65
Banners should be horizontal images (like the current banner).
Do you know any indian languages?
>>65 Thiya mommy for /b/ Drawn by ms-paint anon
t.ranny here
>>76 soon
(2.96 MB 413x277 Inch banner.gif)
(255.90 KB 1081x845 banner.jpg)
>>78 Thank you so much for saving this yaar. I am the person who made this.
>>83 Nice one yaar
(205.77 KB 570x490 banner.png)
i know its not horizoltal, just posting as spam
>>85 Based
(3.79 KB 555x111 House_of_inch_logo.png)
(480.12 KB 1102x456 Inch-house-banner-1.png)
(214.02 KB 710x292 Inch-house-banner-3.png)
Hope new janice adds them this time around
>>90 Middle one is good
>>91 Yea
(1.01 MB 900x1000 1649256671203.png)
needed on /pol/ maybe as a side banner
>>109 >muh shill fuck off bandar. nayachakkas deserve no guidance.
(353.64 KB 1885x1080 PicsArt_04-17-10.27.51.jpg)
>>65 Made a poster for >>/pol/
>>185 >lundiachan originality
(36.82 KB 700x401 images-18.jpeg)
>>185 The execution is not as good as I thought. I am sending the files i used in making this edit. Pls see the posters of The Eternal Jew and use it as a reference to recreate this. https://www.1001fonts.com/tanach-font.html
>>188 it's good imo your caste btw?
>>189 It's me, Gujjew anon. I don't hate Brahmins, but Brahkike theory never fails to amaze me. It is an integral part of >>/pol/, so I thought of making this as a joke.
>>65 Convert this into png.
>>192 I have my Gujcet tomorrow. I will be free after that. Thinking of making 2-3 more posters for various boards that have references to Old InCh.
>>193 I will be making some too
(670.04 KB 1929x1015 WaahModijiWaah.png)
>>65 Teri maa ki chut madarchod jannie randi ki aulaad modbhangi teri maa ki chut tere baap ki maa ki chut faddunga gilf bananyunga apni madarchod randi ke pille.
(1.08 MB 1326x1326 horseniggers.png)
coomtributing for the cause
(3.29 MB 4120x1648 rainbowchan.png)
>>65 For >>/pol/
(23.68 KB 1200x394 banner.png)
contribootion also should i draw ans 404 gif let me know admin mADERCHOD
>>329 You should. The current one is generic.
>>65 Would love to see Yui banner as the queen of /b/
>>192 Gif bolte hai chutiye
>>65 मेरा बाप
>>65 मेरा बाप
(355.04 KB 768x238 Dikshitar-Banner.png)
(53.79 KB 1000x310 msg-ajeebvada-banner.png)
muttjeet plij gib rajio and rejolushan to make banners in ⠀ pic rel is in 10:3 (500x155) if you are fine with it then make it the standard
>>608 This is great man
(115.33 KB 1337x607 b banner.png)
>>65 Inspired by today's /b/ frontpage
>>625 Based
>>65 The banners aren't showing up on catalog page. Pls fix.
>>691 This is a feature request rather than a bug fix, since the original LynxChan code doesn't display banner images on the catalog. But yes, I will add it to the to-do list. (It's surprisingly complicated, if I copy over the banner code from other pages it doesn't work properly.)
>>625 Isko hataya kyu yaar.....? Too sus even for Inch standards?>>693
(189.65 KB 703x289 randomBanner.js.png)
(857.23 KB 3508x2480 india-flag-a4.jpg)
pakistani faggot look at the flag look at it carefully
(80.96 KB 1366x670 House_of_Cards_title_card.jpg)
>>744 Based on pic rel Flag is meant to be upside down
>>745 Where is this from
>>746 NVM i am retarded
(359.36 KB 719x240 auteasim-banner.png)
(201.64 KB 720x240 brahkike-banner.png)
(402.46 KB 720x240 dikshitar-fixed.png)
I have almost all banner to 3:1. I'll post the remainder (maybe) tomorrow
(163.55 KB 718x240 inhaus-banner-resize.png)
(405.21 KB 720x240 lakbanner.gif)
(428.27 KB 718x240 gabbar-banner.png)
(244.57 KB 718x240 moidji-banner.png)
(32.73 KB 720x240 msg-ajeebvada-banner-resize.png)
(58.38 KB 778x260 zoomerbanner.gif)
>>916 >I have resized
(15.35 KB 720x240 thiyyamommy-resize.png)
(204.10 KB 720x240 golden-modi.png)
(257.06 KB 720x240 purestlove-banner.gif)
(1.33 MB 640x214 ram-banner.gif)
>>939 All banners resized to 3:1 Please make 3:1 the standard ratio for banners
>>916 >>917 >>918 >>919 >>939 >>940 Absolutely based. I kneel.
>>916 >>917 >>918 >>939 >>940 Greatly appreciated! I replaced most of the original images with yours. I enjoyed your additions.
Someone upload the inch logo please
(14.96 KB 1525x170 logo-io-with-txt.png)
>>964 i want to remake this. it doesn't feel right using the old logo