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A few announcements Admin Board owner 05/21/2022 (Sat) 13:56:02 ID:b5a362 No. 695
Announcing a few things here since no one ever reads my changelog or to-do list ( >>117 ): * I added banners from >>65. * CAPTCHAs being required on every post was /b/-specific and auto-triggered by a large amount of spammers. I've fixed it. * I've been very busy lately, but I finally started working on restoring the CSS from old Indiachan, and it will hopefully be ready by next weekend. I apologize for the long delay. * I read all suggestions in /meta/. If I don't respond to it, I either rejected it or am still thinking about it. No need to keep spamming it. * People have started shilling various obscure imageboards here, including "Indiachan alternatives" that aren't even functional. We remove all such posts, there's nothing secret about our decision to do so. If you want to run your own imageboard nobody is stopping you, but don't shit up this imageboard with your shilling. Finally, a question for all of you. What do you think of adding /rta/ (religion), /his/ (history), and /sci/ (science) boards?
>>695 Suggestion #1 - Make an esotericism board that covers religion and paranormal things. Make a knowledge board that covers science, maths and history and other gk topics. Suggestion #2 - Make a heritage board that covers history and religion. Make a science board that cover science and maths. Paranormal threads will be made at baklol.
No need to add more boards every board except /b/ remains dead.
>>695 >shit up this imageboard with your shilling 2 threads with half baked ideas and possibly a repeat of 108 but you still want to censor your fellow anons? Afraid of losing market dominance huh, muttjeet? ⠀ Anyway, I have some suggestions: ⠀ - some banners are intrusive when browsing. I suggest having a standard ratio and resolution in the banner thread. I might remake most of these banners (in 10:3) or any other ratio, just to make sure the current banners are consistent in size. ⠀ - this (pic rel) banner is an eyesore and also violates rule 2. Be consistent with your moderation. ⠀ - I'm unable to break paragraphs and have to rely on these "⠀" empty characters to break paras. So, plij fix. ⠀ >adding /rta/ (religion), /his/ (history), and /sci/ (science) boards Repurpose some of the boards. Turn /g/ into /scitech/ and /yoga/ can have both fitness and dharmic spirituality posts. /pol/ would be dead without /his/posts so let it be as it is.
>>695 Are you also going to make the UI reactive like in the old indiachan? Please don't. Indiachan UI was the best before the update.
>>700 Personally I think inch only needs these boards /b/, /g/, /ent/ and /pol/. These boards meets specific niches that inch can provide which can't be provided by other imageboards(/g/ threads seems to be about getting programming jobs or how to buy shit online in India more than discussion about technology instead, other three boards give us a space to discuss them in an Indian context). Maybe /man/ too which is /b/ with less shitposting and more polite and helpful discussion can be had.
>>695 पहले ये बता की तू हिन्दू है या नहीं?
>>695 You are awesome for bringing this site back and please don't add any more boards.
>>700 >Turn /g/ into /scitech/ This is a good idea. All the jeebhangis and code coolies will move in here freeing up /b/. >/yoga/ can have both fitness and dharmic spirituality posts /yoga/ is described as a self-improvement board so dharmic and spirituality will fit that board well. it's just that nobody posts that kind of stuff there and the board is almost inactive always. >>695 >What do you think of adding /rta/ (religion), /his/ (history), and /sci/ (science) boards? Instead of /his/ you can rename it to /iti/has. It can serve the purpsoe of religion and history board. Also /man/ posts appearing on front page would be good. The board would be a good fit for this website but it receives like 2 posts per week.
>>695 >Announcing a few things here since no one ever reads my changelog or to-do list Please do not stop updating changelog in case you are planning to do that. It is very useful for tracking site updates. >Finally, a question for all of you. What do you think of adding /rta/ (religion), /his/ (history), and /sci/ (science) boards? I second the suggestions made by schizoid (>>713). Rename /g/ to /scitech/ and add /iti/ for religion and history.
whos the owner and who are mods name?
>>743 owner is probably a former janny who goes by puranvid on inch doxxcord, idk the mods but one of them is supposed to be from lungoot's days.
>>750 inch Groomcord still alive? or new one? either way give me link henlo owner or mod or jannie gib link
>>751 It's on home page (BTW I am a nigga)
Lots of good suggestions, I appreciate it. I deleted /g/ and transferred all its posts to the new board /stem/. Indiachan is now an r/JEENEETards colony. I decided to create a /rta/ (religion) trial board. I listed /man/ on the front page again so that new people can discover it, but posts still won't show up on the front page.
Edited last time by admin on 06/02/2022 (Thu) 06:50:56.
>>851 im going to anal rape you till you die of several thousand consecutive prostate orgasms
(165.29 KB 1326x696 image_2022-06-03_112805742.png)
>>695 Now that g has been renamed as stem, how do I remove g from starred boards?
>>859 Clear cookies from inch and start starring again.
NSFW board
>>851 Where the hell is /man/
>>695 Why the fuck did you made a religion board and removed man you stupid (BTW I am a nigger)
Rename /rta/ to /cu/ cu for culture of course And add sage please.