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(143.59 KB 537x605 hinduism.png)
new argument to use against leftists and muslims Anon 03/29/2023 (Wed) 16:24:12 ID:93d453 No. 82695 [Reply]
The word indian is the corrupted pronunciation word for hindu. India is the english pronunciation of hindustan which means land/country of hindus. In this way, india which means country of indians is synonymous with country of hindus and hindus is the same as indians. Its like the difference between yehud and jew which are the same. The practices and culture native to india can be classed as indianism aka hinduism. So claiming something is non-secular for being called 'hindu' but its secular when its called 'indian' is retarded and shows lack of linguistic understanding.
>>82695 Lodu aadmi hindu word was used by muslims as reference to Indus valley So indus land means india
>>82712 hindoo hamesha chutiya hi rahega.
(86.27 KB 750x928 Fuck malaun dasyus.jpg)
(152.50 KB 1024x827 1680106132442915m.jpg)
>>82695 here's your Hindustan malaun.
>>82733 >Malaun You are literally a subhuman shitskinnswwer deshi. I could rip your shitskin subhuman Bhangali head off if I wanted to fucking shitskin femboy bhangali
>>82733 >sewerdeshi shitskin bhangi kanging I've seen filthy kanglus even darker than abbos ,here in bhangilore and slumbai kek. You all need to be culled

(464.49 KB 1994x2048 chrome_screenshot_1679665207643.png)
(428.32 KB 2048x1871 chrome_screenshot_1679665260590.png)
Absolute State Reminder Anon 03/24/2023 (Fri) 13:49:01 ID:e22d4b No. 81759 [Reply] [Last]
Lundian GDP per capita is only slightly better than Sub-Saharan Africa, keep this in mind, if you are a Urbanite Middle and high income liberandu, over 90% of this country is literal subsaharan animalistic shithole. In fact Lundia's GDP per capita was less than that of Sub-Saharan Africa until 2015, retards who compare lundia with China, should look at the second pic.
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>>81809 Myanmar doesn't take pajeets. There are pajeets in Somalia already
>>82731 When you learn history from pigskins who kang we wuz vikangz.
>>82740 Kek smelly sewerdeshi they are actively exterminating rohingya shitskins like you and we are actively arming them. It's so hilarious delusional shitskins like you are no different to dubhuman shitskin pakis. Disgusting fucking race of cowards. Even pissing on you is a gift to you subhumans
Japanese Shinkansen speeding towards Indian Future- Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QYiyY1Nl-0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QYiyY1Nl-0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QYiyY1Nl-0
>>82731 >Varna means color

Reminder that Anon 03/30/2023 (Thu) 00:10:16 ID:a2af3b No. 82765 [Reply]
There are muslims and christian madarchod Indians on this board who delight at seeing Hindus and Sikhs fighting each other. They purposely hurl verbal abuses at Hindus and Sikhs pretending to be the other. Stop falling for such fake tricks.
>>82765 Nobody falls for anything. This Imageboard is filled with Fags.

Anon 03/29/2023 (Wed) 09:48:56 ID:d7ab8d No. 82652 [Reply]
Yes, he is here. Under my full protection. There is nothing Nepali prostitute government and your country can do about it.
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>inb4 IndiaSpeaks chaddis blame Kejru for this and not national security
(110.05 KB 718x714 tunuktunuk.jpg)
>>82652 Based Nepali
>>82734 Sewedeshi you are stinking this site fuck off Frome here. Disgusting animal
>>82652 Don't worry poopali his death will be worse than sidhu bhosdiwale. E ery single shitskin sikhnegroid will be erased

(31.62 KB 427x640 images (83).jpeg)
"UPPER Caste" ARE GOLAS 03/28/2023 (Tue) 17:26:08 ID:f2a0b2 No. 82560 [Reply]
Kuckri, brahmin etc. Coz they were fucked and worked for the ruling pastoral nomads who were always lighter skinned. All the way to brits. They use lack of written history to WE WUZ HAVAN= fireside WE WUZ That is the raaz for "steppe DNA" Now, they karo as their illegitimate fathers. Peak peak peak PApregnancyT
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>>82592 Jatt pastoral warrior race
Gujjar pastoral warrior race
(86.27 KB 750x928 Fuck malaun dasyus.jpg)
>>82560 >muh Aryan invasion is fake
>>82560 Don't put us into the same lane as poomins are pooshawari kike Khatris.
>>82730 Smelly sewerdeshi shitskin stop stinking this thread fucking poo

(16.22 KB 220x160 Receiving_jews.jpg)
Anon 03/24/2023 (Fri) 14:50:46 ID:b62f17 No. 81576 [Reply]
Why didnt jews cause any problems in india? Usually, wherever they went, they created chaos and trouble for the culture that hosted them, usually ending in the culture disliking them. But in india they blended in well. why? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_India
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>>82574 Jatt and gujjar are naturally lighter skinned coz rhey are recent pastoral from steppe then to pastures of sindh and then to North india. Of course they steamrolled the GOLA poopjabi Kuckri and took all the best lands
>>82574 Its the other way around. Those nomadic populations were the ones that diverged from african and south asian population resulting in genetic drift.
>>82576 >>>> did not know about IVC till 1921 >>>> claims to know history from african prehistory. I bow to u my KANG...
(130.47 KB 338x1280 Bank of England.jpg)
>>81600 Based >>81601 Unbased
>>82577 It's always a lower caste subhuman shitskin or a Bhangali poomin shitskin tru ng to lecture on who's what. Their stinking race are so muttified that they think all races are like them.

Coonjab thread OG Khatri 03/26/2023 (Sun) 17:06:09 ID:5adbc3 No. 82107 [Reply]
This pagchods death is gonna lead to so much bloodshed.
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>>82400 Do they have caste in Bangladesh 🇧🇩
>>82404 >>82404 Hmmm!!! The kanglu abos do have more egalitarian setup dan the KANGZ of Paxtan. Pak dicklets and brainlets predcited "muh victory coz muh lighter skin" . But of course all dasyu mental models are as useful as a bucket of warm spit. Kanglus showed sprited rebellion for secession, took huge losses but perservered and acted in solidarity. Even when totally outgunned materially, they beat the Dasyu cucks of paxtan and their meme army and became a new nation in 1971
>>82405 Maybe I will take back my talk about them being subhumans. It was probably pemature and just on the top of my head. Hehehe sorry
>>82400 sounds interesting thanks
>>82276 You are a muslim

(265.40 KB 112x112 1648574758361.gif)
Anon 03/29/2023 (Wed) 12:29:22 ID:410e7e No. 82662 [Reply]
Why do a lot of Indians get offended when someone says that India was just a geographical entity before the British arrived? Do you guys realise that even Germany and Italy were barely political entities before Otto von Bismarck and the Sardinians put in their efforts? They too were stuck as pawns in a divide and conquer struggle under Napolean and Austria. What's really there to get offended about? Is it about pride? We literally got enslaved for 200 years by the British and some 500ish years by the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire, that itself is enough to shatter pride, if anything the political unification of India is a silver lining. >inb4 fuck off to 4cuck I'm using a VPN.
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>>82672 Aurangzeb Literally couldn't control Deccan His Deccan campaign led to the failure of the Mughal Empire. But you are a subhuman europoop with no actual contribution to human civilization. Fucking parasitic race of subhumans
>>82736 >Kek literal Buddhist rapespawn pisslamic convertee trying to talk shit Your subhuman race is more non human than the shit I thought ok on my designated shitting street you stinky raqibool subhuman pedo worshipper. We could literally gas your Shithole out of existence you stinking macchi smelling pests and nobody would ever care
>>82738 You subhuman larping mudshit false god worshippung shitskin bengali Biharis are Vedic civilization. You are false god worshipping rapespawns insect cockrach shit. Disgusting non human insect shit. That's what you are sewerdeshi. Your race is not worthy of being raped. Just exterminated Kek fucking subhuman
>>82739 The only randis that are known throughout India are Bhangali women Especially bhangali mudslime women. Your women are even filling up gb road. Kek subhuman shitskin sewedeshi. Stop larping as us. Our race actually has achievements. You are a fake people with no civilization except being rapespawns and cowards. Act as our goyim and survive or get exterminated Raqibool
>>82668 Delhi sultanate could barely go beyond UP. You mudslime shitskins and dark ugly abo stinky liberandu dasyus trying to talk about history. Kek Indira should have Unironically genocided them. Fucking CIA

(125.90 KB 640x856 xj2y4bizgbqa1.jpg)
Anon 03/28/2023 (Tue) 09:31:09 ID:8e32f4 No. 82539 [Reply]
>pugchod documents his journey as he flees from town to town and has likely left India >007 AK47 akimbo P90 Jason Bourne ka baap Doval can't even prevent this pugchod from fleeing on carts, rickshaws, cycles, bikes, fuck knows what else PRO NATION STRATEGY TO LET ANTI NATIONAL FLEE TRUST THE PLAN DOMESTIC SECURITY IS WATERTIGHT UNDER MODI GOVERNMENT JO KIYA HAI SOCH SAMAJ KE KIYA HAI
>>82539 Its all a movie. Cant you tell? Pugchod and modi are the actors
>>82539 Maybe the goal was to chase him out of the country where he stays forever and they succeeded. Think about it. Arresting or killing him would have caused shitshow. So they just let him flee.

(14.25 KB 180x240 Stalin_in_exile_1915.jpg)
(13.41 KB 180x230 Stalin_1920-1.jpg)
(27.79 KB 220x329 Stalin_Full_Image.jpg)
Anon 03/29/2023 (Wed) 07:45:39 ID:5a7865 No. 82630 [Reply]
More I read about Stalin, more admiration I feel at him. Even though I am not a commie. He's like a real life Doctor Doom like supervillain/anti-hero irl.
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>>82646 He also threw faggots and troons to gulags.
>>82646 Only the mongols have ever conquered the Ruskis. Tough tough tough MFrs
>>82651 Russia barely existed before that
>>82658 It did , slavic tribes existed there before them
>>82651 Stalin isn't even Russian kek, he's a Georgian.