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(146.30 KB 1079x1351 i3xsurlthpj71.jpg)
only brahmins can kang Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 18:10:08 ID:ba870d No. 50878 [Reply]
>be brahman >be less than 5 percent of population >control 40-50% of all govt positions >control whole supreme court and other judiciary position >run the goverment in many states >monopolise tech industry too >meanwhile playing both the ight wing and the left >cuck every other case >how will you all bhangis cope?
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>>50878 https://mobile.twitter.com/LunditPostingLs/with_replies Extremely based twitter handle by superior brahcucks
(74.67 KB 960x1280 FceFKmraQAA_YOd.jpeg)
>>50878 >>50878 >We brahcucks <insert cope> Stopped reading there
>>50888 Kekd
>>50878 >be brahmin >brahmin for name sake >have no knowledge of vedas >can't even sread sanskrit wtf happened?

(18.35 KB 385x320 images.jpeg)
Why I became feminist Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 08:41:16 ID:4d6123 No. 50744 [Reply]
>Because many societies operate on social norms which create a dual system of sexual morality—one for sexual intercourse that is marital which is seen as an obligation that cannot be refused, and extra-marital, which is seen as wrong (or illicit/illegal). Issues of consent are poorly understood, especially by young wives (which are often young girls who do not have a proper understanding of sexual rights). For instance in an interview in a study for the World Health Organization, a woman from Bangladesh who described being hit by her husband and forced to have sex said that: "I thought this is only natural. This is the way a husband behaves"
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(720.34 KB 635x470 Horrific_Truth2.webm)
(3.92 MB 960x540 1664032204218474.webm)
>>50902 Western women are not oppressed. They are free from the shackles of marriage.
>>50920 They are living the feminist dream.
>>50920 >>50921 How hard is it to say no to marriage ?
(392.98 KB 1280x720 anvil_cloud.webm)
>>50744 OP you sound exactly like IIT fags crying about how their parents forced them to do engineering. If the drama of parents is all it takes for you to throw your life away, then maybe equal rights (and thus duties) are not for you ? > dont talk about engineers that way, my dad forced me too Then kys. Nobody cares. If you didnt want to, should have said no before.

(50.00 KB 578x356 Halberd_Detachment.png)
Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 18:34:43 ID:872f7a No. 50873 [Reply]
Hello. My acquaintances and I are interested in expanding our network of National Socialism. We aspire to operate as a paramilitary. We are based in the following site: https://chat.almchat.ml/#/register (this is the link to register) If you’re familiar with Element (the platform of this site), please note your account won’t be compatible with our group unless it is registered through this link. Your name must have “:almchat.ml” at the end of it - this is achieved by signing up with the link provided. Once you are in, https://matrix.to/#/!sOBrvkhoNrgFDKUQuT:almchat.ml?via=almchat.ml&via=matrix.org is the link to our room. If this link fails, join the public group called “Greater German Reich” and join us from there. Alternatively, you could friend us, @mauzer:almchat.ml, @tizianx:almchat.ml, @end_jewish_supremacy:almchat.ml Again, you must specifically use the almchat sign-up in order to join the room. 88
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>>50893 Based Pramod Dubey enjoyer.
>>50873 Fedposter detected
Hinduism is not a good basis for national socialism, hinduism has no unifying power it only divides people further please kys
>>50905 >fed
>>50873 > this post glows

Based Hindu video edits thread Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 19:46:01 ID:6a1d60 No. 50892 [Reply]
Post Based Hindu video edits
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Lol your religon was organized by the british please kill yourselves
>>50914 Nastik sala
>>50914 your religion is a copy of ours tibetan shitskin chink
>>50918 who are you calling a chink ?
>>50892 Tradcuck ki maa or behen ko road pe chedna chahta hoon yaaro Or uski beti ki chut me ghusna chahta hoon

HAPPENING Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 07:48:04 ID:35b723 No. 50379 [Reply]
Kerala Police says the Popular Front has detailed maps, sketches and photographs of the homes and neighbourhoods of each RSS and BJP member in north Kerala. This is for assassinating them at 24 hours notice. The Popular Front has "Area Reporters" who scout the neighbourhoods where their targets live. They draw the easiest route to the homes of RSS and BJP members. The police got this information from a pen drive they recovered from a Popular Front member who killed RSS member Sanjith. The drive had proof that after killing Sanjith, the Popular Front made a video of the auto that carried his dead body to the hospital. The drive also had photos of witnesses to the murders of RSS workers. Popular Front has a clinical approach to murdering Hindus. With Muslims now 30% of Kerala, they are close to gaining control. Without Presidents Rule, Kerala Hindus face a Kashmir type exodus in future
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(59.51 KB 739x415 degeneracy (1).jpeg)
>>50379 >Kerala gayrala(non-hindu parts) needs to be bombed and life must start afresh youtu.be/V8E_Tf9fD78
>>50423 Unironically need to cleanse and erradicate entire malabar coast with that filth
>>50379 unironically over for Syrian christian Nordic Aryans in kerala like mr
>>50379 Based, fuck bhajipao
Is this a distraction bone being thrown by the establishment to appease the normies? or is this a legitimate threat vector ? Thats what we should aim to know in each of these cases. Some of them clearly normie appeasement tactics that dont address the root of the problem(s). . . Here comes...Here comes...Your Butchers" Hindus & Christians "If you want to live here, live decently" "otherwise we know how to IMPLEMENT AZADI " . . Minor Chants Provocative Slogans In Kerala Rally | Extremist Islamic Organization PFI Rally in Kerala . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuPVnUaxdOs . . In videos doing rounds on social media, a minor boy is seen raising slogans in a rally by the Popular Front of India (PFI) in Alappuzha, Kerala. The rally was held as a part of the Jana Maha Sammelanam in Alappuzha on May 21. The young boy is seen sitting on the shoulder of a man, draped with a PFI around him and raising slogan at two religious communities. . #PFI #Kerala #KeralaRally . .

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(181.91 KB 1200x1013 Ep-9dpsUcAUmnch.jpg)
(95.52 KB 1200x885 EcvvOKkU8AAL91J.jpg)
(194.25 KB 1200x672 E4Vn-usWUAUgp9Y.jpg)
Bhagwa pepes recovered The Recovered 09/18/2022 (Sun) 21:59:40 ID:185556 No. 49335 [Reply]
{Repost again because my name wae'nt showing up} Note. plz tell me what bhagwa pepe meme accs shall I recover next
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Wtf is this shit lollllll wtf are those things ñìģģèŕjeet oompa loompas aahhahaaa
>>49335 Kek i remember my driving instructor telling me "bacchon ko maar diya". I was like "Paki hi to the"
>>50077 plz do
>>50077 Question does it include his edits too because I can't recover edits or videos from the wayback machine I need maybe a different tool for it.
(273.75 KB 851x851 1 (12).jpg)
>>50077 Okay Anon I will be waiting for the files and the memes if you forget it is @recovered_the

(62.38 KB 720x417 IMG_20220924_182704.jpg)
Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 12:57:45 ID:b610fc No. 50598 [Reply]
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(30.66 KB 500x492 1407788635042.gif)
>>50763 I though India is playing the long game, where they would pull out their super secret coal once coal reserves all over the world dry out and charge them surplus of 1000%. Turns out we are just incompetent.
>>50769 We have been pretty incompetent for the past millennium or so.
(203.48 KB 1007x473 1650654592807.png)
>>50598 Where's all the coal going? Electricity? We're getting lots of nuclear power plants now too. How long before a major nuclear disaster?

Post based hindu edits Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 21:39:26 ID:712ad1 No. 50685 [Reply]
Post Based Hindu Edits
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>>50697 Eating seb Avg day for paharis
>>50697 Pahadi pepe
>>50699 He is piss skin
>>50717 Looks more like Kashmiri
>>50700 >>50701 >>50717 >>50719 >>50864 Are hijdo in threads mein chat karne ke wajaye media dala karo

(793.09 KB 816x1056 234234.png)
The Black Problem Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 00:59:13 ID:b0c049 No. 50076 [Reply]
The blacks are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of violent crime around the globe, and the joos have their back. We will not live in fear of naggers, nor will we be governed by joos. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are essential PDFs on both aspects of the problem at: https://naggers.net
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>>50076 white people will steal all of your women while you are fighting against naggers
>>50076 All countries of the global north including Japan are the problem to India Complete cultural and economic boycott of the West is necessary to improve India, Japanese haven't done much damage to India except during ww2 so I'll give them a pass
Whites, Blacks and Joos and Mudslimes are the problem
>>50876 How are blacks and Jews the problem in India?
>>50877 idk ask t.khatri

Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 17:27:47 ID:c3bc4b No. 50644 [Reply]
indians are proud of being british cock holsters
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>>50644 Chink subhuman get a life
>>50726 Call him a jap rapebaby,and he how he seethes kek
>>50731 if his mother was fucked by a jap he wouldn't be a failure living in canada he is a hapa whose mother got bred by some fat bastard canadian
copium opium
>>50737 Kek,true