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(378.30 KB 897x1200 dimes-of-weed.jpg)
Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 02:16:46 ID:38cc74 No. 50705 [Reply]
Does the weed in india look like this or is it gaarbajgeez
>>50705 i've heard indian weed is subpar in general. But they do have himalayan range like ours so weed from that region will be 10/10 natural paradise unlike western chemical treated ones.
>>50705 Stop trying to show off you retarded fuck >T.khatri smoking trash
>>50729 Fak ju ju blaady fahkeeen blaaady do you mean the weed looks like actual grass
>>50742 It's good hybrid stuff madarchod stop showing off

Why is there no hostility towards America in India? Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 11:55:31 ID:28f1eb No. 50774 [Reply]
Indian Armed forces are not to be worshipped. Daughters of our country's military leaders, live a life full of luxuries when that money should be going to army. And guess where they spend that money in? In Cuckmerica, the same country that was responsible for the genocide of 1971. Where 200,000 Hindu women were raped by Pakistani soldiers. Source: Wikipedia
>>50774 And despite this, why do Hindu women support Mudslims so much?
>>50774 >Wikipedia Unreliable propaganda. >Worshipped Definitely not. However, they should be respected more than most people with ordinary jobs. Their family members don't warrant that respect at all.
>>50776 Hey come on man let's not pretend as if Pakistani terrorists didn't target Hindu women, the next one comes from American Hindu samaj, although, I would much appreciate if you could provide your sources by the religion of rape victims.

(89.69 KB 1000x497 EIEuPUHXkAA1aoF.jpg)
Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 18:59:07 ID:826541 No. 50648 [Reply]
Could japan conquer india in 1600? Near the end of the sengoku jidai, it is said that japan had the biggest and most experienced military force in asia and possibly in the world. After a century of constant warfare, the samurai were battle hardened and well-trained. Under hideyoshi, japan invaded korea annihilating everyone and burning down cities with ease, later going head to head with ming china and winning battles. The japanese planned to take china and could have and moved further into asia if their strategy was better. Later in history, the imperial empire rampages across asia in under a year and conquers most of southeast asia along with a large part of the pacific. If samurai forces had reached western china, what are the chances of them launching a full scale invasion of india considering the ruling mughal empire was THE richest nation in the world and what would be the results?
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Nairs could defeat them.
>>50728 3 million indians willinginy volunteered into britsh army absolutley no consccription
>>50741 Gandi told them to serve their british masters so that they'd leave peacefully. Fuck grandi and nehru
>>50648 lol what a dumb post they would have to first come here to start a war
>>50687 >cow poop parties hAhAhAhAHAhahahahahAHAHahhahfah

(1.11 MB 2400x1080 Screenshot_20220913-115213.png)
Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 01:37:45 ID:708bb9 No. 50526 [Reply]
>be pagchod >ruin punjab >run to canada for work >swallow pakistan propaganda >become khalistani >support illegal activities in punjab >ruin punjab more >blame modi for everything Why are pagchods so low IQ?
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All i see is 1 set of sepoys not promised what they were supposed to get for being british cock holsters.
>>50577 No ,avg guy sends half of his earning back to endia >>50580 Back to chodi moot peeniye >>50643 Dont know which religion hd most freedom fighters ,which religion killed britishers at their home
>>50656 Sikhs and a whole lotta other groups gave generations of men to the british even helped them subjugating other races of people outside south asia for them in the end no nation state of them being anglo cock holsters
>>50526 >blah blah welcome to idPol 101 don't help anyone who is your potential enemy is the key
>>50766 U replied to wrong thread vpn negger

Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 05:03:57 ID:30c95a No. 50350 [Reply]
How did illiterate and poor narthies occupy the top position in politics and almost everything of India? How did this happen? Shouldn't southern states with better literacy and money be there? Serious answers only.
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>>50527 Kek. Are tamil north Indians as well for sinhalese ?
>>50532 for srilanka kerala is north india
>>50533 Sri Lanka is Bangladesh for us >T.khatri
>>50532 >>50533 Top kek jahahhahahahhah
>>50541 not exactly no one goes to Rishawaladesh for vaccation and sri lanka being non abhrahamic is much better

(475.79 KB 1280x1280 FdboULyaUAEjhVV.jpg)
Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 06:34:20 ID:495f42 No. 50723 [Reply]
>nehru stopped ambedkar's grip on politics Is this a w or an l?
>>50723 based he even opposed goservations
>>50723 Nehru was in the right here.
>>50723 he never had any outside chamarashtra to begin with kek, was made relevant in national politics only post mandalization.
>>50723 this is a P for poo in the loo

(66.62 KB 440x423 interested.png)
XI Jinping under house arrest ? Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 07:30:10 ID:a7fe73 No. 50565 [Reply]
https://tfiglobalnews.com/2022/09/23/is-xi-jinping-under-house-arrest/ Still seems like a rumour but this would change world politics and possibly the direction of the war as well.
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>>50632 Iss bhangi ki photo tu kyo daal deta har minute mein??
>>50660 China is based because its restoring days of pre european meddling
>>50662 Lol wtf is ancient indian values? Hijra values ? Name the nation/kingdom
>>50662 If you mean values Dhamma (law) of Morya Jambudvip etc as example i can understand,
Nothing would change. Commies will find another puppet.

(5.60 MB 828x442 3qHSmbN_eSSwHXIx.mp4)
Wow. We were already superpower thousand years ago Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 20:50:35 ID:c40fa1 No. 50676 [Reply]
Feeling so proud of our culture.
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(23.58 KB 452x678 images.jpeg)
>>50676 >Vikram was born as Kennedy John Victor on 17 April 1966 to a Christian father and a Hindu mother.
>>50682 Over for ambiceels They will be roasted as per kumbhipakam as stated in gaurdha puran
During days of Dhamma JAMBUDVIPA was a superpower, not ved times. Fuck india.
>>50677 Can lundian rightoids ever stop copying cumskin aesthetics?
>>50682 He is good looking for his age. Aged better than Khans.

(7.93 KB 253x199 anyone.jpeg)
Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 12:07:35 ID:2757b1 No. 50426 [Reply]
Is there anyone here, who believes in Hindu nationalism/theocracy and is an anti-captialist at the same time?
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>>50563 I'm complitely sure you have no idea what communism is.
>>50614 Our only understanding about any political theory is through Ben Shapiro. Everybody is a faggot >T.khatri
>>50614 I have read the original red book in the original language. Which is more than most Indian communists ever will. Marx gets most of his criticisms of post industrial societies right. India is not an Industrial society by any means or even capitalist. Do educate me though. Instead of just passing judgement, contribute anything meaningful to the thread by all means.
>>50506 Big fan saar Akhand bharat arya supremacy moment
>>50426 I am more capitalist than I am a Hindu nationalism, gas all commies

(179.00 KB 720x1036 chussiesofsouthindia.jpg)
Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 06:37:42 ID:a1179e No. 50366 [Reply]
Chuslims are rioting again
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>>50366 kys for installing akbartravels
>>50543 Flight pe luckily 50% off mil gaya tha to install karna pada
>>50679 try momondo.com
>>50706 Thanks. Is it better than happyeasygo?
>>50709 i am not a frequent user but i have found it extremely useful. have never used happyeasygo but i tend to not trust pajeet tech. it's always designed to squeeze you out of money and not necessarily designed to benefit you per se regardless of money.