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(668.38 KB 1080x1868 Screenshot_20220920-075517~2.png)
Pyaare Mudizi Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 04:34:40 ID:e839bf No. 50708 [Reply]
Is our pm a globalist agent
>>50708 >twitter mar ja bsdk
>>50708 your PM is a wanna be cult leader who loves muslim(BTW I am a nigger)s.
>>50708 If he was, western media would suck his dick.
>>50711 >that world filter so admin of this site is a muslim n-i-g-g-e-r or a d-a-l-i-t?

(90.97 KB 422x727 Lord-Indra.jpeg)
lagoon_mojito_lover##62AA4c 09/25/2022 (Sun) 05:50:04 ID:137f57 No. 50713 [Reply]
I yesterday talked about this, but let me separately repeat myself here in this thread. I personally and unironically shill for and believe in a strong Hindu Monarchial Theocracy with characteristics of Communism. Basically, the King will be the divine head of the state but also ensure the empowerment, safety and rights of workers (mind you, only the based Hindu Indic workers, Mudslimes and all other religious groups and ethnicities can eat shit and be neutered or converted to Dharmic fold for all I care). The concept will be like imperial Japan but having a strongman religious Hindu Khastriya King who endorses the based aspects of Communism for all the Hindus. Also introduces programs and schemes to industrialize and either exterminate and neuter Mlecchas or convert them into Dharmic Vedic fold. Weird ass ideology I know, but that's what is in my mind. Also, we can include the imperial Akhand Bharat imperial ambitions in our ideology and policy too. Unlike current Indian communists who have wet dreams about breaking India into various pieces, our Socialist Theocratic Monarchy will work to integrate entire Indian subcontinent, south west and south east Asia into one single super powerful empire with one religion, one language, constitution and one culture.
>>50713 Meri mummy ki kaali choot mei kon kon swim karna chahega?
>>50714 WTH?

(126.36 KB 624x434 1523844481995.png)
Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 00:40:40 ID:4602fd No. 50702 [Reply]
I believe that India's destiny is being a superpower cooperating with Europe and USA on an equal footing
>>50702 No we r just doing right Modi administration is based ,we r not supporting eurofags nor we r opposing ruskis Our priorities are clear hate it or live it but we will care for us If eurofags can provide us cheaper oul we will buy it from them In long term we will become independemt aatmanirbhar superpoooper and will be more powerful than europe
>>50703 dharma sharma faggot above me fahking blaady indeeed

(466.88 KB 1183x874 Capture.PNG)
Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 23:39:27 ID:349cd7 No. 50524 [Reply]
You're welcome
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>>50557 not like india is developing any high tech machinery rn.
>>50581 Not true. But if common people knew about it, that would be an issue. Indian radar work is in an enviable stage. Indian hypersonic research is doing well too. Drones are not tough. They are just a problem of miniaturization. Real complexity comes in autonomous behaviours, running in sholes etc. The real issue, is Indian brain drain.
>>50542 Butchery has its place, but its better to use more subtle means. Slow poison in the water supply is cheaper and more useful. Butchery against Muslims just makes them stronger. Do not forget, Saudi Arabia is a very real ally of ours right now and for decades to come.
>>50603 Stfu lolllll hypersonic research lollll holy fuck loll where is the fucking wind tunnel for such project you fuckin poomin
>>50603 >Slow poison in the water supply is cheaper and more useful. >Talking about Poisoning a CBRN SHITHOLE like Shaheen Bagh Anon I...

(175.34 KB 720x817 IMG_20220924_142247.jpg)
Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 08:54:33 ID:0e187c No. 50591 [Reply]
Modi Ji on his way to take all credits of 5G coming to India
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Why shouldn't he?
>>50593 Because he should act like a Self-less Faakir which he claimed to be in the first place.
Fuck india
>>50642 U mad? Fucking pagchod

(294.19 KB 2784x1740 NEhru_Edwina_2.jpg)
(75.73 KB 251x250 Nehru_Edwina.png)
Nehru's love for Lady Edwina Mountbatten not included in new film amid fear it would offend Indians Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 23:57:08 ID:ecea1a No. 50313 [Reply]
"However, the Mountbattens’ daughter, Lady Pamela Hicks, believes that the friendship was not consummated, although she concedes that her mother had a colourful private life. . “Jawaharlal and my mother undoubtedly loved one another. They were soul mates,” she told the Telegraph. But “there was no way they could have had a sexual thing at the time because they were never alone. They were permanently surrounded by police and ADCs. . “Besides, Jawaharlal was a very honourable man. The idea of betraying my father, who was a friend, by sleeping with his wife in his own house? No. It would have made it sordid.” " . . do you believe they never slept together? . Abhimanyu | @AbhimanyuX_ . If sleeping with the enemy had a face. . https://twitter.com/AbhimanyuX_/status/1521099038346874882 . .

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Nehru was the betabuxer guy friend. Whore 1/4 Jewish Edwina had sex with dozens of men, including one nigro.
Mountbatten and his wife were in open relationship. Both had sex with countless people. Nehru's relationship with her is also out in the open. All of this is commonly accepted fact in UK. Only Indians call it conspiracy theory.
>>50357 >muh BIC 4 inch brahkike pencil dick
>>50335 >mountbatten was a nobody Dude he is a rich Jew. Jews have a lot of power in British administration
>>50536 I love that the Irish bombed him to smithereens. >T.khatri

(53.57 KB 824x600 FdWk6QoakAIkeaf.jpeg)
Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 10:29:15 ID:c6c459 No. 50583 [Reply]
ek to normie xi jinping ne pahle hi india ki gaand maar rakhi thi, ab yeh bkl dictator kitni gaand maarega?
>>50583 News is fake anon
Lol this faggot belives 75%/25% hindi english news even pgurus lied
>>50618 More like poopgurus >t.khatri

(77.05 KB 700x400 5160_044927_eng.jpg)
Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 08:46:06 ID:7f5248 No. 50569 [Reply]
Is this the average pakistani phenotype?
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>>50584 Based.
>>50569 These r the most goodlooking poookis
>>50584 She is petite yaar
>>50584 She is so small i wanna brootally fuck her
>>50584 Based

(24.88 KB 640x480 images.png)
Anon 09/21/2022 (Wed) 16:31:17 ID:2670c3 No. 50026 [Reply]
How are you preparing for great reset? They are gonna come for you, your land, your gold and other assets. Either become their goy cattle or die. How are you preparing for it frens?
>>50026 >assets I have no assets
>>50044 This. I got nothin