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Why r virat nri hindus like this Nri exterminator 09/23/2022 (Fri) 06:07:26 ID:50673c No. 50359 [Reply]
Lgbtq liberal turban socialist posts about how indians are killing people just for wearing hijab Nri jeeta comes saying theres a lot of prejudice against muslim, they r forced to remove it and hijab is ban but we dont kill them Who is gonna tell her we have 5 times of namaz shouting ,millions of madarsas and hundreds of millions bolcking killing everyday And just see her profile
>>50359 Also why r these western poojeets and sikhjeets like this When was the last time a women was killed for wearing hijab
>>50359 I'm tired of seeing NRIs Poking nose in our Problems. They can Mind their own Business and go back sucking Pig dicks
>>50359 >>50361 See her profile She has om and namste and is acting like india is doing gemocide on posslimes If u have 1 bullter and nri and muslim in room kill the nri first
>>50359 When you leave the land of Bharat , you denounce the right to anything of this land. Keep you filthy morals and views in your foreign. We don't care.

(69.23 KB 248x245 1658508942779438.png)
Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 02:35:33 ID:877f5f No. 50328 [Reply]
How are american black foreigners looked upon in india? How does it compare to other asian countries like japan and korea?
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>>50340 There isn't any difference between 99.9% of your population and Africans
>>50346 Smellu have Arab genes too right? Literally over for tamild
>>50348 Kabhi north ke ladko ko dekha hai ? Gandve
>>50352 tune nahi dekha lagta hai
>>50354 Cope Every single one of us looks some Just because u have some absolute abbos in south and few hrithik type in north doesmt change the stereotype

(103.91 KB 800x1007 IMG_20220623_142241_713.jpg)
Serious thread - England hindu muslim riots #1 Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 09:05:56 ID:ab15cc No. 50220 [Reply]
Hi Is there anyone here who lives in Leicester here??? If not living does anyone has any relative or friend living there??? If yes I can help u out with weapons One of my friend lives in London and he has 3 assault rifles he can give u one I will share his contact number so that u can trade with him..... Jannies pls pin this if u really support hindus in this riot
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>>50220 yeah my relatives lives therer but they dont wanna act like (BTW I am a nigger)s
(258.17 KB 646x416 holi1.jpg)
The assault rifle in question
>>50229 Kek But ya it's real
>>50220 No need to accelerate. But the hindu dindus need to set up a network. Because next time it's going to be big bang boom >T.khatri
>>50221 I want whitoids to win.

(46.37 KB 1200x900 pic.jpg)
Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 13:04:56 ID:4fcd5e No. 50190 [Reply]
>Revdiwal was directly working with katuas from PFI during Delhi >120 crore given by PFI to local katuas to chimp 120 crore from tatti cleaning in Saudi https://m.timesofindia.com/india/pfi-distributed-money-to-anti-caa-protesters/articleshow/73996050.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
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>>50213 But they are not found guilty by the court. Investigation is still going and it will not end imo.
(9.47 MB 264x480 ripsave - t1wa6u15hoj41.mp4)
(2.62 MB 540x540 e3JwA3GFOU73W4dz.mp4)
(717.07 KB 1577x1585 jzkjbs687.jpg)
>>50214 Tahir hussain had 100 katuas throwing petrol bomb from his house,amanatullah katua runs rohingya housing scheme.No one cares about court ,if he is found guilty by Hindu, its over. CIA ,globohomo and katua orgs help in media blackout about his reality coming out but its not going to work forever.
>>50255 Nothing has been proven still, police has no proof. >Politicalkinda videos Yeah man imagine me posting a article from The Wire, i bet you and other Anons will chimp out on me. Kek.
>>50255 >No one cares about court Kek. Do you also believe in Aryan Invasion Theory?
>>50205 >If they had any dirt on AAP they would've had done the needful to them They really wouldn't BJP needs AAP to cut votes. Look at how badly AAP demolished Congress in Punjab while BJP retained its share. This is why you don't put your faith in political parties.

(295.17 KB 1072x638 no steppe.jpg)
(40.03 KB 623x492 IVsAAAmgp.jpg)
(2.97 MB 320x320 President_Leaf.gif)
Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 11:58:33 ID:7e8be7 No. 50185 [Reply]
>Prospects for solving the Indo‑European enigma are brighter now, free from the outdated preconception that the Steppe must have been its earliest, original source. >CHG Aryan >maxplanck institute Ram Ram aryavartiyo
>>50185 Hahah cumskins on suicide watch >T.khatri
>>50185 Flawed method. Ancestry mix doesnt exist.

(364.25 KB 604x1094 pride.png)
Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 18:28:06 ID:4a5ddb No. 50283 [Reply]
Is it true that india was tolerant of lgbtqia+ people and identities? For example, when the marathas freed places from mughal rule, they distributed dilators and hrt. Anal sex was actively taught in ancient gurukul system and being xenogender was common. If the ancestors were revived today, would they attend a pride parade?
Bullshit. Lgbt is western jewish induced degeneracy that leaked into India through globalisation.
>>50283 hamare ancestors the actually smart but liberal. In the khajuraho temples there are wall arts of gay and lesbian sex. Lekin kisi bhi story me humne koi gay ya lesbian relationships ke bare me nhi suna bus transgender. So i guesss woh inn chhezo ko bus andar hi rakhte the. Like what happens in bedroom stays in bedroom. Hamare ancestors padhate honge biology and anatomy but anal sex no no no. Aesi koi backchodi nhi hoti thi. Liberals teach their daughters to get fucked by (BTW I am a nigger)s and every guy in college. You cant trust liberals with kids.
>>50283 >lgbtqia+ people we refer to them as HIV+ community here

Anon 09/21/2022 (Wed) 10:48:39 ID:a1b599 No. 49932 [Reply]
Considering mahabharat, ramayan and every hindu story happened thousands of years ago when people looked very different, what was the phenotype of indians back then? Did all the pandavas for example look something like this?
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>>50164 Bsdk mar jaega ka kya
>>50160 Did i hurt you? Sorry.
>>50166 No Just want to see how Russia looks. Where do you live?
(427.44 KB 600x503 1500231268168123008.png)
>>50287 this is exactly how i feel when i visit my village in uttarakhan

(121.72 KB 1169x2102 poojeet.jpg)
Why are pajeets like this? Anon 09/21/2022 (Wed) 16:32:48 ID:91f296 No. 50027 [Reply]
Sucking up to either Indian flag or dinduism, or this.
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>>50146 >innit Fucking rope yourself
>>50027 Average IQ of this country is 82. Primarily due to malnutrition, poverty, and stupidity.
>>50027 cuck pajeet calling based nationalistic chadjeet is peak cuck behavior kys op
>>50027 >katua seething about a youtube comment kek
>>50027 pajeet katiue,tu isse bada poojeet hai,kamse kam woh self haing toh nhi hai teri tarah kek ma chudha jaake katue,teri mammi ka halla ho rha hoga maszid mei imam ke saath

>t.khatri 09/22/2022 (Thu) 09:11:28 ID:35ec85 No. 50139 [Reply]
I have spoken a lot of shit. And my name fag is famous now. But from now on I won't be using namefag. Thanks for the support guys. Now I will stop namefagging since I have defeated the brahkikes, jhaants and pooslimes. The people who hate the existence of United Indian and Hindus. Remember frens our objective is akhand Bharat and Hindu Rashtra. And one day we will achieve it. But always remember Netaji's word. Adios
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>>50272 >skips Mohammed flying on a donkey Did you even read what I said? >>50266 >A place where people believe in flying monkeys and flying donkeys
>>50273 fuck i meant to highlight the point instead of striking
>>50272 with semitic, what I meant is culture, not religiosity. West is undoubtedly based on Judeo-Christian values, no matter how much liberals chimp out. Religion in general are an obstruction to scientific thinking, specifying just Semitic cultures are wrong, when they are leading science for the last 5 centuries. >Aryan hindu demographic Explain the mostly zero contribution by the above mentioned community in the last 1.5 millenium. The step is to change the way people think, an average Hindu in India is as delusional as an average Muslim.
>>50277 A simple history of science lesson refutes your assertion that religion inhibits scientific thinking, in fact historically most of what you call "science", was born in temples, viharas and churches.
>>50277 u are one of the most retarded and cucked user here,u literally get owned on every point u make and then say "my logic was flawed" and apologize like the dalit chamar u are,cant complain as monkeys only breed other monkeys and mallu being the lowest of the barrel kek

>>48841 please ban anyone who links to reddit
>>48851 >please Fuck off, maple(BTW I am a nigger)
>>48841 Photo dalit ho gaya madarchod jii