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This youtube channel in pakistan, makes videos of tying cows with ropes and slitting their throats or strangling them. It is clear in the kaliyug a large part of a country is in the control of asurs, but is it possible to fight them with weapons and drive them out?

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Katua hate thread

ITT post your best katua hate content.

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Fucking Hindu, why are you so pathetic?)

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December 6 thread

Remember: no regret, no repentance, no sorrow, no grief

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Computers never lie.

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> >looks comment section >Brown Girl in a Clown World >Being an Indian who intends to return to India as soon as possible, I am in full support of humanitarian eugenics. In fact, I think it's the ONLY possible way for India to rise above the poverty and disease that mires it. Eugenics is really the only humane option for the third world for sure. What's humane about letting low IQ people breed beyond their means and create more misery, poverty and hungry mouths to feed? That's not humane. That's lazy and thoughtless. The humanitarian eugenics approach would be to reward high IQ, high achievers who reproduce and reward low IQ, low achievers for not reproducing, while simultaneously ending the welfare state which rewards low achievement and high birth rates. I'm sick of the mindless 'eugenics = Hitler' equation that morons on the left and the religious right like to shove into our faces. The idiotic 'breed as you like' humanitarianism of Mother Theresa did NOT even BEGIN to decrease poverty or human misery, it in fact increased it. Also, based randijeeta?? bonus:

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What happens here?

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December 6 thread

Remember: no regret, no repentance, no sorrow, no grief

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Oh no no librandu bros

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My dad(46) almost killed me(17M) today

So for context, my mother has been facing some medical issues (related to nervous system) and so she had asked one of her relatives, who went for Haj, to bring some dates (edit: Ajwa) from there. (Edited:) These were holy and it fulfills the wishes of anyone who consumes them (in this case, the recovery of my mother). That relative visited today, and handed it to my mother. At night, during dinner I asked my mom what was that and she explained it to me. I asked why don't you go see a doctor. She replied that the doctor is nearby hospital had examined her, and said that he cannot cure her and recommended her to visit some other doctor. I jokingly said "Do you really think eating this will cure you? Why do people eat medicines then?" She said, "Its about faith" I replied, "Oh last year, when they showed on news those people who said cow piss cures covid, I laughed at them! Atleast this is an edible thing!" And my dad, who listened to all of this got so much angry, that he picked up a huge iron rod, and charged at me. He wildly swung it aiming at my head. I ducked, and it the process the rod fell off this hand. He kicked away the plate I was eating from. Then proceeded to kick me and punch me several times. After that he made me do 50 situps while chanting "Allah is great, I'm a fool to have doubted him". And now here I am, hungry, in pain but thankfully alive. The only good part is that if the rod had even touched me, my skull would've been smashed and I would've definitely died. While I was crying from pain, I could hear my mother say, "I love my sons more than my life, but nothing comes before faith. I wish I could've killed this idiot the moment he was born. What a disgrace we've raised." But does this incident change my mindset? Definitely no. I'm still in pain, but I'm 100% confident that I wasn't wrong in anything what I had said.     Edit: To all those people asking me to convert to Hinduism or "sanatan dharma", please do not even try to spread your propaganda here. I'm proudly an atheist and would not change my beliefs just because of a beating, let alone change my religion. I respect each and every religion equally but its equally unlikely for me to follow any of them.

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why do we hate the chinese again? >used to call our country "abode" of god, or "heaven" >currently call our country "yindu", which is alleging it is a land belonging to the hindus is it because the wytemassa in muttland told us to hate them after several generations of brainwashing? i remember how we were also hateful towards the japs decades ago, especially how we made a mockery out of the nuking their country received are we just fated to be the wytemassa's faithful servant and do their bidding? or do we even have minds of our own? seriously, what is up with indians bending over backwards and taking orders from anyone who is even a slight shade paler than themselves?

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ITT : We share great AI art.

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Based Chadpreet Unkill

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What stopped them from going through a lot of the developmental stages that india saw? India saw founding of iits, liberalization, digitalization, which are responsible for making india one of the biggest economies and a set on a path of reaching a developed status. The other country skipped all stages post independence, and doesnt even have their own companies. What went wrong?

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India should be hindu free. I am bored, we need new relijan which worships Anime 2d women, not some pajeets. Also, not to mention stinky poop eating

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For sepoys and cumskin bootlickers

Now you know my theory is proven and that cumskins entire relevance comes because of us. Fuck the Anglo scamson and their martshitting bastards

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Unable to find counter arguments to this muslim skeptic guy and he seems to be winning all debates. Wtf bros?

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/b/ros i thought this chinki is 9 yo climate activist. She is very mature and fights against fascism,you are antifascist too...rrr..right?

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I will always put my religion over this corrupt muzzie chamar dalit shithole. Fucking normie plebbitshitskins chamarsneed to be gassed and their randis raped. Subhumans npcs are biggest problem of this shithole. I hate mullas so much yaaron i will oneday rule this shithole and do a carnage

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Lakshar-E-Toiba doxxes and promises death to dozens of KP Hindus in Kashmir ABSOLUTE STATE OF NATIONAL SECURITY

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Why is everyone hating on Islam, when its christianity which killed the most and is the most violent religion?

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New katuwa lynchkino just dropped get in here

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लल्लु surgery

is it morally right to take the kidney of your daughter? he's already 74 years old

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what is his endgoal ?

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>pajeets are invading our land again and our cuck politicians do nothing

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Rahul Gandhi's master plan for 2024 unveiled

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Muslim hate thread

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But saar, F35 is the worlds most festest plane. It i 5th gen fighter saar. You Indians will never be able to design it.

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Why are muslims so gay and rapey bros? Even the muslim men have to wear a burqa and carry a pistol to protect themselves from other rapey muslims.

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the state of hinduism like i said once, there would be a literal hindu genocide in this age of internet and still not a single person would care but thousands will speak up against the fascist hindutva regime every single time someone makes fun if the pedo prophet

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Our CMs and PMs should be popular film actors. They have statistically been proven to have the best rule. Examples would be former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MG Ramachandran and Andhra Chief Minister NT Rama Rao. >Both had tremendous economic growth and development during their rule >Both had good control of law and order in their states >Both had progressive and reform oriented outlook >Both had policies that benefitted the poor >Both had less criminals and corrupt fellows in their parties >Both had great popularity from the voters >Both had no accusations of corruption scandals Why must Indians continue to stick with the same feudal minded career politicians when a film star can do their job much better.

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Anyone have any examples of "Sanjay Gandhi era" type leaders. Guys that were known for bringing in development and good administration. But were also known to be extremely authoritarian and stubborn. >Bansi Lal of Haryana >K Karunakaran of Kerala >Kasu Brahmananda Reddy of Andhra >

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Indian History

Bengalis are based. You can find only the most religious ones or those with outright disgust for religion.

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Did Shia's persecute and Opress Hindu's the same way as Sunni's?

We all know what the Sunni rulers did to Hindu's and there's no need to discuss that since there's plenty of sources and evidence for it. But I want to know if Shia muslims also did the same thing to Hindu's? Particularly the Deccan Sultanate rulers who were Shia muslims. I could not find any evidence or sources of Shia's doing anything bad to Hindu's. In fact, I found that a lot of the descendants of Muhammad's families and Shia's in general were given a safe haven in India the same way we gave safety to Persian Zoroastrians. In fact sources say that the last Hindu king of Sindh, Raja Dahir took in many Shia refugees into his kingdom and protected them against Umayyads. Given all this, shouldn't Shia muslims be more greatful and supportive of Hindus instead of Sunnis? The situation for Shia muslims was worse in Sunni majority kingdom's than in India. Also do any of you have sources/evidence of Shia rulers oppressing/persecuting Hindu's? Did they do forceful conversions? Pic unrel

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Not a brahmin so im safe

Brahmin brozzz. Did you all got too cocky. Dalits are coming for you and there will be blood.

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suicide bomber raid on mumbai masjid, all incels who wanna die can join. we are gonna blow up ali dargah mosque ruining the view of sky link. if you are lucky enough you will get to rape hot muslim choot before dying. see you incels

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Lets discuss

Who will win in 2024 AAP or congress?

R: 61 / I: 8 / P: 5

Meanwhile you fags keep fighting over Hondu-Chuslim. You forget that the biggest terrorist organisation is the picrel.

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Modi IT cell never Targets a Leader of a Party on the basis of their work They always Target them by calling them "Anti-Hindu" and then calling them Impotent for the Nation and will portray them as Jokers This means: Even if Economy of Lundia goes to Absolute Shit, Modi will still win Why? Because other Leaders are Considered as Jokers and not a Strongmen like Modi Also If any opposition leader Start calling Modi with funny names and make fun of him, ITcell targets them with FULL FORCE.

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Order of the Nine angles

Based or Cringe? For those who dont want to read here's a short summary: The Order of Nine Angles (also called ONA or O9A) is a Satanic group based in the United Kingdom. The group say that the organization was created in the 1960s. The organisation became popular in the 1980s, because of its Neo-Nazi beliefs. The ONA believe that human history can be broken up into nine aeons - groups of time each representing a human civilization. They want to create a government based on Satanism, Fascism and Social Darwinism,[1] which is the idea that both people and countries succeed because they are naturally better than other people or countries. (Social Darwinism has been proven to be wrong.) Some parts of the ONA say people should rape women and children. According to the BBC, pedophiles have joined the ONA.[1] The government of the United Kingdom says one part of the ONA, the Sonnenkrieg Division, is a terrorist organization. The Sonnenkrieg Division is now illegal in the United Kingdom.[1] Basically pagan larps, extremist group

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indian liberals are bringing so much pride to our country and people!

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It's too brootal out there

Hindustan should be officially named as chamaristan

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>Islam was there to help the low born when Dalits were getting persecuted by Caste system Why are there still so many hindu valmikis, dalits, mahadalits? Most of Indian untouchables are hindus. And to actually see who converted, we see >Like other castes in Punjab, the Rajputs were found in all three religious communities. Muslims numbered 1,347,347 (75%), Hindus 432,341 (24%) and Sikhs 17,885 (1%). Most of the rajputs converted to Islam.. There numbers are far more greater than 'Hindu' rajputs. And now looking at the jats >In 1911, the Jats population was 4,956,586, of which Muslims numbered 2,279,158 (46%), Hindus 1,057,932 (21%) and Sikhs 1,619,408 (33%) Same trend is here.. Many brahmins also converted into islam, see most of the sayyeds, the Nagar brahmins, hussaini ones and there maybe whole lots of them who just dont wanna admit, they were hindus before.. What gives?

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Difference between Hindu and Muslim India

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Madarchod Rubbish Kumar ricebag/k2a nikla saale ko dekh ye tweet usne delete kardiya

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On the issue of Intelligence: ISI v R&AW

As it stands today and for the past years of independence, Pakistan's ISI (Inter-service Intelligence) has always been more efficient and influential in world politics than India's RAW (Research and analysis wing). An ex-RAW chief himself admitted in his book "The Spy Chronicles" that " ISI is a more influential intelligence agency ". This is usually because of being understaffed agents, lack of funding and general representation in government. RAW's main workforce are from the Police Reserve who are not experts on intelligence while ISI is always being funded and invested in. Some Indian "defense analysts" bring the cope point that "ISI participates in funding illegal terrorist organizations". This is not a problem, all major intelligence agencies engage in terrorism like MOSSAD, CIA, KGB/FSB, MI6 and RAW itself doesn't shy away from that.

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Yaaro woh CAA-NRC ka kya hua?

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lmao! the muzzchads keep winning!!! Hindu families are spending more on their Muslim son-in-law than other hindu cuckjeets. great going love jihadis! aise hi hinducels ko cuckload karte raho.

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Message to GujjewJetha.

Hey GujjewJetha, Ji, I have been following you and your works, I also came across your pro-hindu file, were it contained bhagwa wojaks and memes, I also heard you were updating it soon, but there is no update so when are you updating? Thanks

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what's the point of being such cucks?

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Haha pappu

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The Kashmir Files is a Propoganda Movie And our PM Modi Ji is a Gaandu for promoting it. This Randi Bazzi won't last too long Enjoy it while it last

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Telugu Desam Party was India's greatest political party >Atmagouravam for own culture and language >Land reforms that benefitted the poor >No caste nignoging like Congress did >Pro business policies thanks to Chandrababu Naidu led to economic growth >Best law and order as Hyderabad peacefuls were dealt harshly >Curb subversive Naxalite movements Indian national parties should model after them.

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He is probably gonna cross 2 million mark by end of 2022

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NRI bros taking over

R: 29 / I: 0 / P: 7

If you want to understand what happened with NDTV and why then just watch this

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How did we have such knowledge in our past? Fucking 🅱️uslims destroyed our ancient traditions

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 7

Ghar ka bhedi Lanka dhaye Always kill a traitor before an enemy

R: 34 / I: 8 / P: 7

Fucking pajeet simps should be retroactively aborted. Imagine helping a whore to get """"justice"""". I really wish the muzzies did the needful instead of just harassing her. We could've been proud of something.

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Good morning, gentlemen

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 7

Shitter thread

Get in hear bros. Hindu jaag raha hain

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 7

were sories of japanese "comfort women" real or were they just prostitutes and the atrocities are allied propaganda?

R: 29 / I: 12 / P: 8

Wake up retards, it's never too late

When will you realize that posting on an incel forum will not serve the cause, what are you even doing with your lives, your race is being massacred, shamed, killed, your history is being altered and destroyed, your people are dying, WAKE UP IT'S NEVER TOO LATE, THE MATERIAL WORLD IS JUST A TEST REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE ARYA REMEMBER WHO YOUR ANCESTORS WERE WAKE UP!!!

R: 29 / I: 4 / P: 8

Based lungis making naarthies seethe

>jewtuber's opinion on lundia

R: 46 / I: 10 / P: 8

Over for Libchhakkas


R: 124 / I: 131 / P: 8

Cumskin A cave dwelling, pasty, chalky albino monkey. Allergic to the sun. Often tries to darken its skin and fatten its lips up. Likes borrowing aspects of far superior cultures and integrating them into its own. Disproportionately high percentage of porn is practice by Cumskin females. It is possible that its skin is really not pasty white, its just the millennia's of sex of incest and prostitution which has resulted in the sperm crusting over its skin. American variants have all these qualities but are often extremely overweight and sport mammoth tusk-like buck tooth's which they vigorously file down. likes to class itself as a "Caucasian" or the more extreme (but also hideously grotesque looking) ones like to classify itself as "Aryan or Aryan Supremacist). This variant also often likes to utilise IQ differences as a verbal weapon, however its own IQ usually numbers in the single digits. The American Cumskin inbreeds. Years of this have caused many of these creatures to develop overbites, bulges, spindly legs and arms and more. The diet of all cumskins solely consists of fatty foods such as burgers, fries, pies and sugar. Additionally, the American Cumskin also consumes deer, raccoon and rat meat along with sperm as a beverage. It labels this as "White Cuisine".

R: 21 / I: 4 / P: 8

How did bhangalis managed to keep maximum caste segregation without violence ?

R: 30 / I: 3 / P: 8

korean woman almost raped in brown shithole country

how do we fix PApregnancyTS? Is getting a higher iq country to colonise the nation only option at this point?

R: 15 / I: 6 / P: 8

I kneel chadsama

why haven't you taken nadav lapid pill yet ?

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मेरा बाप resigned from NDTV. 😭

R: 17 / I: 5 / P: 8

>pajeet >obsessed with supporting far off countries that dont care about pajeets were pajeets always like this?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

Ravish sir wapas aa jao😭😭😭

R: 28 / I: 6 / P: 9

Convince me why Dravidian parties like DMK or ADMK suck. Telugu Desam Party could also fit. >Ethnic nationalism unifies the state >Pro business policies while advocating socialism just to lure in retarded voters for elections >Known for top quality administration >BTFOs the Congress menace >Gives pride and self-pride towards their culture They should rule the whole nation instead of Khangress or BJPoo. India would progress farther under them.

R: 12 / I: 3 / P: 9

Jew hate thread

Jew hate thread

R: 12 / I: 2 / P: 9

Has india's reputation become stronger today? Qatar apologizes to india for inviting zakir naik and says he was not invited by them but coming on his own. Israel apologizes to india for shitting on the kashmir files, with several israeli officials making twitter posts saying they are on india's side. Russia tries to woo india by talking about how colonialism destroyed the country and ukrainian officials also make statements on ancient hindu scriptures to bait pajeets. 10 years ago, no one would have cared what india had to say. Why did india become a bigger name on the global stage recently?

R: 20 / I: 6 / P: 9

What prevented Hindus from retaliating after 26/11?

Why didnt Hindus retaliate and start attacking Muslims after the 26/11 attacks like they did in 2002 and 1993? and on top of that why on earth did they re vote in Cong for a 2nd term despite their outright incompetence?

R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 9

>mosque people very fun clean and nice plus good food >temple man fraud and scams only after money LOL!

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 9

Bhagwa memes thread

post all your bhagwa pepe memes and edits of all kind.

R: 14 / I: 2 / P: 9

based katuwa chads taking control of their daughter

R: 13 / I: 1 / P: 9


R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 9

So the age of Arya is coming .No one want to answer the big question. How are we dealing with all the heaps of oven leftovers of christcuck mudslimes and kikoids without causing global warming.

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 10

Oh no, oh no, no no no no no.

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 10

Liberals are afraid what common indians cam achieve when they let go off their casteism and religionism

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 10

Can any person be mire cucked than these hindus. Hindu genocide soon inshallah The level to which these chamars would stoop to abuse their religion is astonishing

R: 37 / I: 9 / P: 10

NatSoc /gen/

When do we start genociding these shitskins too??

R: 36 / I: 6 / P: 10

waaaaaaaah! hindu jew bhai bhai right bros? >kike says kashmir files is propaganda and the holocaust was so frickin real! 6 gorillion kike rats died in the heccin braaaaaaaaaaaaap chambers!!! schindler's list is totally not propaganda, goys!!!

R: 13 / I: 1 / P: 10

Should muslims and christians be allowed in temples? In all scriptures, cow eaters are mleccha, considered impure and polluting. al-biruni states that hindus considered the mohammadeans as mleccha and refused to dine with them or touch them. contempory accounts of prithviraj chauhan states that he defended his kingdom from a beef-eating mleccha. Clearly in ancient times, beef eaters were outcasts in society and not polluting. Their treatment seems to be similar to how hindus treated the so called "untoucables", except they make a conscious choice. When did it become acceptable for mleccha to enter sacred places and touch idols, etc.? Should it be ok in today's society?

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 10

I kneel.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10

Do you support /ourally/ bros I hope none of you are antisemitic

R: 42 / I: 12 / P: 10

Muslim free India

Amit Shah's Secret Master Plan revealed >Year 2032 >Muslim population in India will be 300 > 150 million mleechas will be forcefully be removed by AgniVeer Army of 25 million to Pakistan by Dharmic Troops >50 million to Bangladesh >Remaining 100 million to Afganistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, each will hold 20 million muslims Discuss the aftermaths of the event in this thread

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10

When future / current Indian generations come into contact with the large body of British / Western works about India & Indians

what are some of the ways in which they might react? . It Ain't Half Hot Mum Season 1 Episode 1 Meet The Gang . . . The series, which attracted up to seventeen million viewers in its heyday, has been accused of racism, homophobia and a pro-imperialist attitude. One specific criticism has been the casting of a white actor, Michael Bates, as an Indian character, with darkening makeup that some have described as blackface. [1][2] According to the head of broadcasting regulator Ofcom in 2014, such series "are unimaginable today and if they were shown people would find them offensive and that wouldn’t just be people from black and ethnic minority communities, it would be everybody . .