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(303.21 KB 1080x1534 Screenshot_20220926-163101__01.jpg)
Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 11:08:11 ID:ec94d6 No. 50985 [Reply]
Indians being right wing in western countries are so fake. They think by catering to right wing ideologies they would get attention of white people and become more inclusive but the moment whites elect a right wing leader they start chimping out. Because majority of right wing leaders are anti-immigration, so all this cuck shapiro attitude melts, and they start running to left leaning labour parties.
(3.06 MB 640x352 UXbdwJ7pttaGWWiT.mp4)
>>50985 gurjar gf chahiye yaaro.
>>50985 A woman who is right wing clearly has psychological issues.
>>50985 And these fags call us hinutvawadis here That trumptard on 6 janaury who raised indian flag usef to abuse hindus and modi but being a christcuck supported trump
>>50985 Is that a real person? This looks like an ai generated face

(426.12 KB 439x608 Screenshot 2022-09-26 161419.png)
ram mandir babayaga 09/26/2022 (Mon) 10:45:23 ID:ff3789 No. 50978 [Reply]
ram mandir ki zamin par church banega XD XD XD
>>50978 Ram mandir par seeta randi ka rape karoonga monkey mask pehankar 10 dildo bhi daloonga saali ki choot me taaki poora ravan experience mile
>>50978 teri maa ki chut main toilet banega bsdk. >>50984 teri maa ka rape kar kar uski gand se sariya daaluga aur muh se nikaluga.
(117.93 KB 1200x1506 20050617003811601jpg.jpg)
>>50978 tera ricebag maa aur behan ka rape aur tera family ka sajeeva dahan

When your mom visits your office. Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 08:44:14 ID:77bb86 No. 50952 [Reply]
> Living in one of most filthy places on the planet. > Treating cows, monkeys, elephants, rats as gods. > Holiest river is a literal sewer with half burn bodies floating around > Literally drinking cow piss and eating cow shit. > All this while dreaming of becoming s superpower. Absolute state of Lundia, the laughing stock of the world. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/video-shows-cow-taking-a-stroll-in-government-building-in-gujarat-3377770#pfrom=home-ndtv_lateststories
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>>50957 Sachai hamesha Kadvi hoti hai beta.
>>50952 And now? Go back to eating your goyslop and stop posting here.
>>50952 >cow taking a stroll inside a gov building ans whats wrong with that? Its not a wild animal. looks cute too. The only problem is randi ka pilla OP who should go back to his work of cleaning nallis, chamar.
(41.92 KB 820x461 _126847007_anoop.jpg)
>>50974 achha
(42.23 KB 498x616 images (3).jpeg)
>>50980 sirs i need money for iphone 14 pro max

Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 09:36:40 ID:244af8 No. 50962 [Reply]
Brahmin women. Guess her steppe percentage.
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>>50967 You mean tamil?
>>50962 Fuck this country Fuck my state Fuck my caste Fuck your caste Fuck all castes Fuck the army Fuck poojetas Fuck my religion Fuck your religion Fuck all religions Fuck patriotism Fuck all tribal identities I just want to HAVE A FUCKING WHITE WIFE AND LIVE IN THE WOODS WITH HER FUCK IIT FUCK ENGINEERING FUCK DATA STRUCTURES FUCK ALGORITHMS FUCK DBMS FUCK PYTHON FUCK C FUCK WEB DEVELOPMENT FUCK ANDROID DEVELOPMENT FUCK CS FUCK IT FUCK MNCS FUCK OUTTA MY HEAD WHITE GIRLFRIEND DILA DE BHAGWAN
(696.63 KB 350x509 Deepti-Sharma-2122.png)
>>50962 Mfw some indian say im poomin cucktri rajpoop so im superior
(23.75 KB 400x400 images (1).jpeg)
Meanwhile this guy is a shudra kek
>>50970 Based angrycel.

Do you think government has the right to decide what to wear?? Anonians 09/22/2022 (Thu) 15:41:07 ID:2785d7 No. 50243 [Reply]
Om deva deva om deva deva namah
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>>50261 Stop with autism Muslims are always driven towards extremism and full submitness ,thats why u see them proudly calling themselves slave of allah They love being treated as shit
>>50256 Whoa whoa standown shitskin those are Aryan Pars not shit skin i repeat those are Aryan Pars not gangetic poop smeared ñìģģèŕš
>>50925 Fuck hindus sikhs muslims and jains only agnostic athiest and buddhamma and christ should be allowed
>>50948 Teri maa ka rape karvadunga randi ke leave this board maiyya chode
>>50924 He's right though Iranians don't even introduce themselves themselves as Iranians but Farsi

(816.93 KB 1080x5023 Screenshot_20220920-023910__01.jpg)
Anon 09/19/2022 (Mon) 21:36:32 ID:c241fe No. 49541 [Reply]
Daily reminder that pulwama was an inside job. Get ready for something similar before 2024. Screencap my words.
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>>49814 lmao
(32.62 KB 640x480 images (18) (23).jpeg)
>>49814 Also Mahesh bhatt is a literal betichod pedo crypto-muzzie. He is literally a Evil satanic pedophile
(24.88 KB 715x402 images (15).jpeg)
>>50964 Pedo N_igger. Alia bhatt should be ashamed of her father. Never mind she is a randi too
>>50969 Pajeeta wanted some old limp dick

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(30.29 KB 820x420 1663994930398415.png)
Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 05:58:31 ID:986c28 No. 50548 [Reply]
Why are pajeets like this? smh anyway, give it a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6C6jXIHe6Y
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>>50548 >pajeets shaabjis*
(74.34 KB 900x900 1651806592737.jpg)
>>50548 QRD? Vid just talks about the nepali ethnnic cleansing in Bhutan. Where do pajeets come into this? Not watching the whole fucking vid.
>>50548 And yet you send your women here to work as whores lol
>>50828 >>50828 Your country let them pass through instead of stopping them or taking them in themselves as per international law. Bhutan is your bitch and westerners should know about it.
>>50833 all women are whores. not my problem

Anon 09/26/2022 (Mon) 09:18:06 ID:fcd4f3 No. 50955 [Reply]
Old Cows who can not be used in Farm should be Sold to Muslims (for meat) and Chamaar (for Leather) So, that poor Fags can Earn in this shithole and contribute to the Economy
>>50955 Give me one reason why this should not be done. >Inb4 Meri Maa Hai Woh Tere ghar mein jo Maa hai uska toh Dhyaan rakh pehle
>>50955 >Old OP'S MUMMY who can not be used in BED should be Sold to KHATRIS (for SEX) and Chamaar (for BLOWJOB)
>>50958 >Comparing Human to an Animal >Mummy This is the Best /Pol/Bhangis can do?
>>50955 chamars and muzzies both are worthless people, being vegan has ruined our aryan genetics. we should eat beef the beef instead like our original undefeated vedic ancestors used to do
>>50955 >>50955 what's with the webm you simp (BTW I am a nigger)

(45.34 KB 822x577 FdLDLIEaUAMKYu4.jpg)
(108.57 KB 1024x949 FdKavXxaMAATGr_.jpg)
(91.25 KB 852x680 FdLDKpxacAEQVuv.jpg)
Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 01:42:10 ID:a3ec37 No. 50086 [Reply]
This poomin should be lynched
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>>50310 No First pooomins will be lynched
>>50316 chamar jaake naali saaf karo
>>50296 Apart from lemurian(and it was nit even dalit they were other obcs) who were against india or else no dalit supported pakistan Jogendra nath mandal was a faggot and got what he deserved
>>50086 Hating poomins != Hating hinduism Everyone should hate poomin brahcucks Jai hooooooooo
(153.63 KB 680x447 calm.png)
>>50086 literally who?

(70.99 KB 1200x900 Ankita-1663990505.jpg)
Anon 09/25/2022 (Sun) 14:48:02 ID:f318d9 No. 50837 [Reply]
Why her Murder Case caused Protest in Chutiakhand? Why people are protesting on the streets? Police already caught the culprits and goverment already gave them the Bulldozer Treatment, so now why they are still protesting? >Also rate her looks, do you think she will give an InChcel her "service" ?
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>>50928 These bitches don't have empathy in the first place then why should I ?
(3.85 MB 340x180 ucllo.mp4)
>>50837 take the brootal pill
>>50850 >>50851 >>50852 Bhandaris are vaishyas
>>50837 The more good looking, educated the woman is the more will be the outrage of the public . I remember when five laborer's in Hyderabad raped and burned a doc(vet) called Priyanka reddy. Telugu states outraged as if this was the first heinous crime committed against women. Later those labourers were shot dead by police
>>50928 I was just stating my observation faggot, stop crying