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Casteism in Gujarat Anon 02/19/2023 (Sun) 03:42:09 ID:a01d8a No. 76731
Saw this on Twitter and Reddit, r/India and r/Librandu.
>>76731 I don't understand this notice. What is their problem? Unmarried people living together, bachelors living in flats, or just non-Patel tenants? Anyway, Gujarati society is extremely caste segregated. I am a Northie living in Gujarat and I wanted to go see a celebration that was happening in my town. Turns out it was specific to a caste. A man asked me my surname and then asked me to not go inside as the festival for his caste (Lohanas) only.
>>82065 Gujjews seems like very bad people, who still do caste based discrimination.
>>82065 >Unmarried people living together mostly Every single caste is against each other there. meh Patel is just a common surname like Kumar, similar to Patil in MH.
>>82128 https://www.newsclick.in/truth-gujarat-caste-everpresent-manusmriti-remains-strong People care more about caste than religion there. They have some shitty laws in Ahmedabad but Surat is somewhat better. If those Muslims don't do another Godhra they will be fine, they already run London. >>82064 Depends on what region you go to.
>>82064 https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/states-tobacco-acreage-up-by-116-in-19-years/articleshow/97752617.cms They grow too much tobacco and less food, they should've banned it and brought back legal drinking
>>76799 Correct. https://thewire.in/communalism/gujarat-dalits-hindutva-outfits but BJP cares more about Dalits, reservation and Khalistanis rather than fixing real problems
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(102.77 KB 960x960 xcw7psapsk091.webp)
>>82162 Punjab wins, see it all for yourselves. >>82065 It's all fixable. When I was in Gujarat, I only went up to my own people or else I will would be frightened to what would happen. All OBCs and ST'SC are behind all of this and GC gets blamed for it. Just fix gutka problem and raise TFR + Proper diet. It will many problems and most of them won't have issues getting into army.
(1.09 MB 4095x4096 7s5myiqwgg271.jpeg)
>>82201 Hmmm!!! U r likely having a manic attack. Just cut off all mobile even if it feels hard rite now. Breathe, don't believe the delusions u r having. Don't smoke cigs, try to sleep even when u dont feel sleepy. And if u r on meds take them even if u dont want to, at least do it rite now
(423.67 KB 1456x1060 13sep21-figure-2-mapping-states.jpg)
(397.52 KB 1697x1071 13sep21-Figure-1-ranking-states.jpg)
>>82162 Samuel Huntington had famously argued that conflict often accompanies social transformation (Huntington 1968). A recent study finds that violent crime against SCs is the highest in districts where the difference in the standard of living between SCs and upper castes has declined the most (Sharma 2015). Violence against SCs may hence reflect a backlash against lower-caste empowerment. Paradoxically, caste-based violence may be low in one of the two extreme contexts – when social relations are relatively egalitarian, as reflected in South India, or when the social order is so unequal that lower castes are unable to question their position in the hierarchy, as possibly reflected in some north Indian states. Data on crime are also likely to be affected by reporting bias. With the exception of serious crimes like murder, SC victims may be hesitant to report crimes, or the police may be reluctant to file reports due to pressure from local elites. The rate of SC murders in Kerala is low, but it has one of the highest levels of SC rapes. The data on rapes may in fact reflect lower reporting bias in gender-related crimes. Hence rather than indicating caste inequality, these numbers may in fact suggest relatively equal gender and caste relations, and a responsive State.. Rajasthan, in contrast, reports high levels of SC violence but the state arrests fewer people for these crimes compared to other states. It also ranks at the top of most measures of caste-based inequality. >Best thing for India to do is ban selling and consumption of Tobacco. Also fine people 2 Lakh for spitting anywhere. Also Hindutva is all against caste, but caste discrimination still occurs in Hindu nationalist states. There’s a way to fix this but keep our tribes, community intact. >The caste system is still functioning in the context of social security. People take care of their own clan and caste. They will always reach out to people in their caste who are in trouble. Until we establish a nationwide social security system for every citizen in this country, the caste system will continue to exist to some extent. Just trying to abolish the caste system and work against it will not produce results. People are still clinging together to the system mainly because of the social security it provides. It is very important that we bring a nationwide social security system and an education system which will transmit skills to everyone according to their aptitude. When this happens, the relevance of the caste system will completely disappear. Once that happens, I think caste system will die a natural death
>>82393 Thus caste reservation should be based on income and be available to all citizens. People should be given equal opportunity and their need to be ways to increase awareness and help people quit addiction and increase testosterone. I think if entirety of India can do that. It will fix every single issues in Randia, but BJP wants reservations to stay to appease SC/ST but it brings in more inequality.
>>76731 Based
>>82398 Hmmm!!! But you see the jati system and arranged marriage in India is there for no other purpose dan to preserve genetic purity. Of course dis inbreeding has given us some of the ugliest specimens known to man. U would have to square the real motives of jati system and arranged marriage(genetic purity) and economic basis reservation. Even if people are same income bracket they can't be called same class coz they don't identify with other jati of same income and status at all. The dasyu cattle brownie is like a yak which has been told to march one way, he will do it even if it leads to him falling off the clip. Lacks the mental wiring or spiritual fortitude to change course
>>82398 The typical reaction of a settled civ whose pastorsl nomadic ruling class has become assimilated and lost vigor when faced with a new group of pastoral nomads at the gate is to bribe them with lands, jagirs, hire these new comers to fight on the behalf of the stale kingdom and often, get the daughter of the ruling class married to the newcomer. It happened routinely in China, middle East analotia, europe. Ever heard of Rollo the viking? The vikang who got given the duchy of normandy by king of France and hand of his daugther in marriage in exchange of rollo and his men fighting on side of the French defending against other vikings. These are who we know as Normans(of the norman conquest of England and imposition of French as english court language for centuries). Happened in tibet in early middle Ages. The Khampa pastoral nomad saiyan Songtsen Gampo got bribed by king or china with his daughter and king of nepal by his so he does not attack and fights on their side. Who was the first to become buddhist and them imposed it on tibet. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songtsen_Gampo So all these talks about MUH KANGZ DESTROYED THOSE MLECCHAS Far likely the low vigor depowered saiyan king of brown cucks handed them jagirs to fight on his side and protect his throne from other saiyans
>>82409 The rajputs did dis with mughals. Marry our daughter take our money but dont attack us, protect us. Ever wondered how they stayed in power so long when after losing all vigor and eye of the tiger? Basically depowered assimilated former saiyans now indistinguishable from the brown agricucks they rule. They told the new Saiyan let's make a deal and were not exterminated, but protected and even pretty well and respecrfully treated. Mughals gave rajputs due respect, the Raju should not be hatin on Mughal so much
>>82413 And of course when the huns were saiyans and won, the rajputs would have gotten such offers and proposals by local KANG. Which is why they assimilated into hinduism as top dogs
>>82417 Not unlike how Rollo got baptised a Christian by king of France before landing him the duchy of normandy and his daughter. Or the khams under songtsen vis a vis NEPALI KANGZ N CHINESE KANGZ(conversion to buddhism, the religion of the wife princess)
>>82420 The brainlet brown dasyu memes about "Apni beti mughla ko de di" Das rite brainlet, it was high IQ move and the only good move. Ever wondered how rajus stayed in power for so long long after they had lost the saiyan blood
>>82423 Ever heard of Danegeld(dane gold/bribe so dat they don't attacked settled kingdoms of europe) Or atilla being rrepeatedly bribed by romans so rhe huns don't attack. And countless other such examples. India is no different but of course brownies have no recorded history and only memes , autistic flight of imagination and simplistic action scenes and plotlined with a unbeatable hero/Thalaiva like a South Indian masala movie
>>82408 Look up Gotra marriage and how it works!
>>82430 In India multiple truths can exist at once, truth is all subjective in third world countries and can be changed at any time.
>>82440 Heheheh dat I agree. There are zero recorded history. So yes, the WE WUZ of one brownie is about as valid as the WE WUZ of another one. In older times a brahmin was given a few sheckes to write a fan fiction about the brownie KANG jati. The brahmin took the money and wrote some gibber where the brownie dasyu wast he main character and everyone from God/gods to public loved him and could not he beat. Not unlike the plot of as South Indian masala movie by Thalapathy Vijay. Hehehe. He does the same role again and again yet abos lap it up, sth must be there
>>82408 Many sub sub sub sub Jatis exist too, but we can’t really say much about them. You mostly get generalized by other Indians and it’s hard to know who is who since lower caste people can just change their surnames to Patel, Kumar, or Singh. Very hard to find out who is who without really asking for their caste.
>>82439 Only consideration of brownie dasyu is preservation of genetics das it. Earlier on, arranged marriage was euphemism for child marriage(ur great grand dad was basically having sex by the time he was 14, whic is not bad) which was done for, u guessed it, muh caste purity
>>82442 Dis is not dat big of a deal with more recent pastoral nomands and minor conquerors like jats and gujjars. The saiyan pride stops u from claiming the identity of another pride. Tho these are very low class saiyans and probably have lost the saiyan blood anyway
>>82443 My grandparents got their marriage chosen for them at birth & had children at relatively college age. They were farmers, and had practices to keep their tribe healthy and together forever.
>>82444 Another tribe
>>82445 Yeah I know y'all brownies all inbred for generations. Not unlike a breed of cow selected for more milk and meat. Maybe u r a jersey cow
>>82444 Well I don’t believe in caste but I’ve been told that different Indians have different genetics based on caste. 0-22% of Steppe DNA depending on individual, and AANI and AASI. These genes help them reach potential growth, but Indians don’t eat enough nutrients or vitamins in their diet and it can hinder many people
>>82444 The saiyan pride stops u from trying to pass off as another tribe. All saiyans have it, from lowest to legendary super saiyans
>>82447 I checked my DNA no inbreeding. It’s all haram, I can’t marry to anyone who I share my lineage with. People in India don’t follow their own rules or religion and you already see what happens.
>>82448 U should read what I wrote about it in other thread with over 250 replies about what I think about "muh steppe DNA". I btw have no issue with any brownie claiming any level of steppe DNA, in older mote religious times these brown autists would be claiming Deacent from Muh Prabhu ram but rite now it's steppe which is fine. Brownie is as brownie does. I have zero issues with anyone claiming any level. Hell, I would even accept dat brits pumped some of their genes and made the ruling class herer lighter skineed. I would accept if u told me u got 250℅ steppe DNA. U go KANG
>>82450 See, Saiyans are real. And y'all and the crackers on 4chan are the NPCs y'all talk about. If world is a stage, only saiyans got speaking role.
>>82448 Hmm typical NPC. Contradictory mental model of world aka Autism U simultaneously don't believe in caste and care if lower caste brownie takes a "high caste" Brownie surname. Then u care about caste breeding practices and say they should be followed. Make up ur mind what is it? U believe in caste or not? Or maybe u r incapable of making mind up. Which is fine. U GO MY BROWN KANG. y'all are what keeps me comin back to dis sitex I love all of my BROWN KANGZ 👑👑👑 Then
>>82453 The clarity of the saiyan is the rarity of the saiyan. Hehe a one liner meme I made for y'all
(36.99 KB 739x415 images (81).jpeg)
>>82452 Maybe I revealed too much of my power level. Lmao. Well, who cares u got faith in iur champion Mr. Hercules. Anyway, the saiyan saga is what y'all in
>>82451 Well okay! >>82453 I don’t care but they have to stop generalizing people it just divides people more.
>>82456 U can only divide what is United. Which is not the case
>>>>Did not know about IVC, Asoka, ajanta elloras coz no records. And came to know about it after brits excavated and translated inscriptions. >>>>>claims to know his lineage history from 5000 B.C Sheeeiiitttttt!!!!! All hail my Brown KANGZ 👑👑👑
>>82467 >>82468 Probably on poosian agricuck brownies are a competition They are >>>Shah-en-Shah >>> KANG OF KANGZ 👑👑👑. The KANG DEATH BATTLE WOULD BE LENGENDARY. CLASH OF TITANS
>>82457 Right, India is divided but unity is only used when convenient. I do believe a lingua franca, such as Hindi or English won’t fix India, neither would whatever those Twitter Hundu Incels say.