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Anon 11/21/2022 (Mon) 08:52:37 ID:17bc7d No. 62680
Convince me why Dravidian parties like DMK or ADMK suck. Telugu Desam Party could also fit. >Ethnic nationalism unifies the state >Pro business policies while advocating socialism just to lure in retarded voters for elections >Known for top quality administration >BTFOs the Congress menace >Gives pride and self-pride towards their culture They should rule the whole nation instead of Khangress or BJPoo. India would progress farther under them.
>>62680 1. anti meritocratic, vociferous supporters of caste based reservation 2. they're similar to bjp in terms of identity politics, just anti brahman instead of pro 3. want to secede, despite knowing about the balkan region 4. hate other indians, especially northies 5. librand parties, will bend over for muslims cuz muh sekulaar, but hate heendus
You right. TDP and DMK made South states advanced from the average North state.
>>62680 Look, here are my views do whatever you have to. I don't care about your economic structure or which language you choose or whichever way you dress. Just two things. 1. Keep the South Hindu, don't fall for secularism, make sure that you don't have to go through what your brothers in the North went through they were unlucky due to geography and had to bear the brunt of Islamic terrosism 2. Don't secede, stay patriotic and being anti-muslim would be even better So just make sure two things happen. That south remains Hindu and that there are no secessionist movements. Apart from it do whatever you like however you like. Good luck to Dravida!
>>62763 Based.
(11.59 KB 200x279 200px-Karunakaran_Kannoth.jpg)
>>62680 We missed out on this bandwagon. Karunakaran should have made a regional party at the peak of his influence
>>62770 Karunakaran was an Indira/Rajeev puppet. Once they were gone, his political career was over.
(88.83 KB 1080x1316 20221122_081514.jpg)
>>62681 Chandra Babu Naidu of TDP turned Hyderabad into a IT hub from a muslim shithole. He showed owaisi his place. Naidu controlled law and order of Hyderabad very well
>>62770 I thought he tried that with DIC(K). But no one trusts him so it flopped.
>>62681 >anti meritocratic, vociferous supporters of caste based reservation They are pro merit. They brought privatization and industrialization into our states while other states stick with socialist govt job reservations. They do shill for caste reservations, mainly for votebank reasons. >they're similar to bjp in terms of identity politics, just anti brahman instead of pro Thats what the post said. Dravidian parties are ethnocentric. >want to secede, despite knowing about the balkan region They aren't actually going to secede. They just say that just to placate voters who want that. >hate other indians, especially northies They hate the central party's (predominantly Northie) arrogance when dealing with state govts. Northies themselves are fine. >librand parties, will bend over for muslims cuz muh sekulaar, but hate heendus They have dealt with the sekular menace better than the North did for all these decades.
>>62887 your points do not make sense at all >pro merit while lobbying for caste reservation >anti secession while lobbying for it >northies are fine why do I see hate speech against them, by the party workers and leaders then? they are going around spray painting hindi parts from public signs >dealt with sekular menace yep, maybe that's why muslims have reservation only in southie states and they get support from the parties, and anyone against them is seen as a fascist. dmk is a fucking retarded party formed by dalitoid abbochamars who need to be culled en masse, alongwith all the smelly mallus in their neighbouring state
>>62882 >peak of his influence DIC was created wayy beyond his peak
>>62897 Karunakaran was already well associated with Indira/Rajeev inner circle era Congress. Would have be hard for him to start a new party. Someone like Balakrishna Pillai or KM Mani could have started a Kerala party.
>>62896 Read what was written. These are just gimmicks to rile up the votebank. Just like BJP's so called Hindu fascism ideology. Local language should take precedence first. South states are not Hindi dominant so why they need to speak Hindi. The minorities are kept under control by the Dravidian party. All parties want minority votes and Dravidian parties are no exception. They can destroy minorities if necessary. Telugu Desam Party killed so many MIM workers in Hyderabad because they were being uppity.
(554.55 KB 2048x1024 uy368.jpg)
(181.63 KB 2041x981 default_6.jpg)
>>63046 Their politics is based off made up identities .Lemuria ,muh caste oppression ,Aryan invasion,we wuzz moolniwasi ,language etc.arunachal Assam Gujarat Maharashtra and many more use their own language but no one is delusional enough to fight national elections based on jt . Entire tamilnadu politics is a judeo christcuck invention >Tamil is our identity because euronig said Tamil is different language from others If not for Caldwell making them slurp his christian cock parties wouldn't have a Tamil ethnicity let alone ethnic nationalism .Oldest Tamil is sanskritised .Also many Indian linguists say Sanskrit is a refined language by mixing all Indian language so its not oldest but the latest language made up older prakrit languages .So no consensus but enough for politicians to larp None of these identities would have been required if they were giving people pride in their own culture .Stalin and another faggot is deeply in WEF already ,malhotra has written in his book about it. Both pwrties are probably half christcuck or katua and hate dharma and now they even shit on Raja Chola . Bjpoo is national party becuase it has some concept of Indian civilisation. Rest are limited to state both in politics and in mentaly. These parties will be wiped actually .Globalisation can't allow them to live in bubble like they used to. At best they will survive as western tool to keep India a slave state which they already indulge in.
>>63062 Also >faggot named himself after some russian >I am actually propagating ethnic nationalism Saar Kek
>>63063 >Stalin >Russian
>>63067 Dumeel Stalin doesn't know that
(7.33 KB 240x240 240.jpeg)
>>63062 >Bjpoo is national party becuase it has some concept of Indian civilisation
>>63069 Savarkar was not as delusional about it as bjpoo. The standard is low anyway when you have mamta ,revdiwal ,some katuas and dumeel for comparison
>>63062 Don't matter what some scientist said. Dravidians parties govern their area better than national parties.
>>63110 no way. You have the highest gdp and high hdi but still look like a normal northern state. Your government has no vision , no will to push your state to become world class in everything. All they care about is winning the election. I have yet to hear some revolutionary changes made by your gov. All they are doing is living on cruise mode.
>>63123 DMK started mass industrialization in Tamil Nadu. Chennai was known as Detroit of India because of its car manufacturing plants. TDP introduced e-governance and IT hubs in Andhra. Meanwhile North India was sticking to outdated technology and license raj babudom.
>>63123 I wish Kerala had its own pan-state Dravidian party like DMK or TDP.
stop with this fantasizing. this shit will never happen. if you guys had the gumption to make it happen it would have already happened in some form. and delhi would have taken notice by now if such a thing started to take shape. delhi doesnt want a smaller country. so at the very least theyd have thrown you a few more bones in the way of appeasement politics. you guys just lack the ability to unite behind a common cause. the same malaise that plagues all large diverse countries. bottom up organic change is hard. top down forced is easier. at the end of the day true change requires a lot of sweat and sacrifice. all we have now is incrementalism. people will settle for incremental shit no matter how microscopic those increments. until and unless someone decides enough is enough. again easier said than done. go watch a physics defying stunt filled gulte / dumeel movie instead. again no one wants a smaller country. you think you do but you dont.
>>62680 Tamil Nadu: Cocaine Worth Rs 360 Crore Seized From DMK Councillor; Plan Was To Smuggle It To Sri Lanka
>>63190 Niqqer other than chennai other states have little to nothing especially the kongu region
>>63062 And also this. Christcuck conversions are a huge problem under these parties' regimes
>>64190 Coimbatore, Trichy and Thanjavur are all industrialized areas of TN. They do a good job on spreading out development towards Tier 2 cities.