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Anon 11/22/2022 (Tue) 06:37:53 ID:7be3ab No. 62793
Truth hurts. So why are Indians unhappy?
>>62793 Because majority of endia is not prsent on imageboards or are black white pilled. Most middle class indians live easy to go life, marry get kids then cycle continues.
>>62793 I'm unhappy because I don't have pussy. It's the sake reason you are unhappy poopali bro
>>62793 It is the social structure. We are always working for more while ignoring the essentials. We are in need to spirituality the most.
>>62794 >>62803 >>62806 I think the German flagging Indian bro is right. It is because of the society and social pressure. Happiness comes from freedom and we are not free. We will never be because of our society, religion, education system etc.
Because they have very little meaning in their lives. Most never experience true love, most are not passionate about their jobs, most never had any hobbies or interests. They're just a bunch of ants. Most NPC people in the world.
>>62850 >>62852 kind of but not exactly. 1: The current social structure is a response to colonial invasions. It is very useful if you want to prevent your kids from converting into the other religion or thought. But it is also disconnected from the world it has to work in. 2: Religion - There is nothing dharmic about current India. If we are to live religiously then we need to destroy India and build Bharat. This is the topic of another discussion, but its relevance here is Dharmics cannot live in an adharmic society. Period. The abrahmics too are unhappy, they have to live with idol worshippers. The political is opposed to the existence of ~80% of the population and the remaining doesn't fully have its way either 3:Political structures - We live in extended colonial rule. Law exists to keep top 5000 safe, to exploit the rest. --- TLDR; Indian republic needs to fall.
>>62852 Whose fault is it that kids are pushed to become NPC's ? do they choose it themselves ? Why do the parents believe this obvious lie ?
>>62858 communism is the way???
>>62868 Kek >>62865 No. Religion is not eliminated in communist countries. In case of communism and Islam, Islam wins. > Communism with hindu character You don't understand Hinduism and Communism both. > Hinduism with Industrialization Yes, but requires high IQ individuals to take control. India hates meritocracy. Will write a separate answer since this is getting off topic. Before discussing the "solution" we must be crystal clear what the problems are and their probable causes.
>>62865 >>62852 >>62850 You need the following for basic happiness and satisfaction. 1. Enough clean water and nutritious food 2. Clean and pollution free air and surroundings 3. Enough privacy and space 4. Enough economic activity to have potential options for growth. Whether you choose to or not is up-to you, but lack of options is depressing. Religion, even some abrahmic ones do support point 1 and 2. But the current political structure does not. Your public is anti wealth creation, so people who are pro economic growth, leave the country. We are responsible for our own misery and only we can drag ourselves out of it. No one will help us. Nobody cares. It is our burden to bear.
>>62962 A solution is something that can provide these. Whatever your preferred solution may be.
(50.11 KB 853x480 1668779437728218.jpg)
>>62793 >Elect Puppet Prime Minister with a task to kill all Low caste subhumans >Plan succeed.jpg >Main guy fake a coup , and become prime minister himself >Use Theocracy to rule india while having state-capitalism Or Just become next china and dgaf about your citizens
>>62968 Actually good solutions.
>>62793 >be lundian >sacrifice most of the school years only to Crack some meme exam >get in the desired college,but with no fitness or personality >turn away from spirituality and religion because cool lagta hai >take the emigration pill and go abroad >realizes he is viewed as the most despicable and unwanted race by everyone else,because all this time he had learnt that working on your personality and fitness is just a waste of time and cracking shitty exams is what you were born for >go back to lundia and get an illiterate poojeeta from his village via arrange marriage >have children >cycle repeats You have your generalized answer anon (ik this is not the case with every pajeet)
>>62794 cope pooojet
>>63159 kek i can't even even do what the poojeet in your story did.
>>63236 you're better off in all probability.
(39.97 KB 220x220 pepe-peppo.gif)
>>63159 >get in the desired college,but with no fitness or personality
>>63242 i don't even have a desired or good college kek
>>63245 Same scene hai tabhi roya
>>63159 This hits sala bachpan mein school tution ka chakra mein fas ke gand mara gaya bro
>>63236 If you're working on your personality, have a great fitness routine and you are not in the bhangineering field,then you are better off than the average poojeet
>>63242 >>63245 I'm sorry yaaro. Is it technically over for the 3 tier fags?
>>63409 Bhenvhod abhi 6th standard ke bacche IIT foundation coaching ko jaate hai fuck
>>62968 BASED solution we need holodomor level clearing of lower caste just like the Jewish bolshevist did during revolution in russia, we have to go on and repeat the same thing.
>>63422 >tfw mentally retarded after attending closed gulag of sri chaitanya.
>>62793 I am unhappy because i don't really fucking know even if i get pussy and everything i will be unhappy, germanon is right life is a chore and I want out, should i lay myself in train tracks or what?
>>62803 Well you said it. But don't be so blunt. It's a loving woman who won't run away that you're after. Just know she's out there, and make your money. Remotely if you're good enough. Even if you met her and she left, she's still connected. Make your money.
(60.33 KB 720x695 FB_IMG_1668983243842.jpg)
(206.66 KB 819x1024 yuga.jpg)
because everyone is poor. and those who are not poor are lodu.
>>62852 It's you who is a npc who fell for real teen love, it's you who fell for loving your job and muhh passion bullshit.
>>63420 No. Whatever big shekels you want to earn can earn irrespective of your college
>>63538 Love is not a "teen thing", it really adds purpose to life. Everything that gets in the way of that just feels computery and fake when you press hard enough. This is a computer simulation after all.