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Anon 01/24/2023 (Tue) 15:35:27 ID:95886e No. 74056
What if india had to fight a full fledged war against pakistan and the islamic world supported pakistan? Where would put indian muslims? Would they be loyal to the hindutva goverment or the ummah? Would there be the threat of a talikota tier betrayal from muslim army generals?
>>74056 Depends on caste of muslims.
>>74056 Indian Muslims will likely betray India if whole Muslim world unites against India, but tbh this is very very unlikely, the ummah is largely a meme.
India already had 4 wars with Pakistan, no one apart from maybe US came to their support. The reality is that Muslims States in Gulf can at best provide $ to Pakistan which they are already doing. Even the Khilafat chusalmans were deluded retards, what they did proves that they had no relation to the then Turkic politics, or society at all.
Basiclally the idea of ummah is too subjective and ideal, the Islamic history itself proves how unsuccesful it is, but remains popular among Jihadi Mullahs nonetheless.
Full war would be stupid for India. We benefit from non-involvement, soft power, and diplomacy. Plus jihadis will just go suicidal attack since they have nothing and India has more.
>>74056 As an Indian muslim I would be loyal to my ummah. Quran has predicted war between India and Pakistan (ghazwa-e-hind).
>>74056 pajeets only have themselves to blame if they think indian muslims will support the hindu majority army.. idk what it is with room temp jeets always jerking off to unlikely shit. a full fledge war against pak is not possible unless a ww3 scenario happens. otherwise the US, EU etc will force both to stop within days. islam strictly prohibits nationalism and emphasizes the fact a muslim ifrom anywhere is closer to you than your own brother if he doesnt follow islam.
>>74069 Yep. India would only be hurt globally by war with Pak (even assuming India doesn't get nuked into oblivion) Ironically I think SL is probably the most receptive to joining a great Indian union (something along the lines of the EU, phasing into all out absorption later)
>>74056 also muslims have a very small presence in the indian army, considering theres no martial muslim race in india, British indian armys muslims were pathans and pakjabis. either way in my opinion the more real question is what would paki and afghan muslims do when muslim genocide starts in India.
They will betray just like they did to gorkhas.
>>74070 >>74074 Kek lamo Check out how well the Arab union has coordinated with each other in times of conflict - they are all a bunch of backstabbers & selfish deal makers. Why was ISIS ( which they claimed was a foreign entity ) able to basically run roughshod there? Arabs can't even coordinate OPEC prices without each nation deceiving the other & undermining the cartel power. . Unity among Arabs / larger Muslim world is a joke. See how many of their own internal problems they make a mockery of because of lack of cooperation.
>>74087 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoHHvhs6nm8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoHHvhs6nm8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoHHvhs6nm8 . Leaked recording between Qaddafi and Hamad al-Thani, Qatar's Former Emir Leaked recording between Qaddafi and Hamad al-Thani, Qatar's Former Emir Leaked recording between Qaddafi and Hamad al-Thani, Qatar's Former Emir . A recording leaked in 2014 (believed to have taken place in 2003) between Libya's Qaddafi and Qatar's Jasim bin Hamad reveals the Qatar's plans against the Saudi Kingdom
>>74087 op was asking about who indian muslims would specifically support. Arab and overall muslim society is very tribal still hence totally divided. there should be at max 5-6 arab countries not 30. but to answer OP, in case of india vs pak war, muslims would obv phully support pakis who r their muslim brethren over the idol worshipping hindus. If u ask a indian muslim whats wrong with pakistan he will say 2 things: creation of pakistan weakens Indian muslims and unifying kanglu and paki will make india have 600 mil muslims which will turn india into an islamic state and 2: pakis are not radical enough and dont follow shariat and the gov doesnt stone women and execute men
>>74087 Idk why you responded to me.