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Anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 07:41:15 ID:4badaa No. 74115
What are some of the best books to read on indian history? I don’t like meme history and leftist types distorian authors like romila thappad, poopinder singh, memedutt patnaik, etc.
>>74115 Rajiv malhotra has a entire catalogue he made by bringing together independent historians in different field. Look up swadeshi indology books
>>74115 Read marx.
>>74115 >>74115 The authors you mentioned, though I personally don't find them good enough, are better than believing an RW twitterjeet. The thing is anon you need to read those books and develop your own thoughts, find biases and not get mad at them, instead try thinking why those biases could be true/false.
>>74125 >Read those books >Develop "OWN" thoughts >"Find biases" Librandu spotted. Maro sale ko.
(37.42 KB 662x400 HinduSocietyUnderSiege_SRG.jpg)
>>74125 Pisslam is not native to India .The attempt that LW sepoys has put to deny it makes them easy to discredit .When sense prevail most LW become RW like sitaram goel
(52.64 KB 556x552 images (49).jpeg)
>>74115 This
>>74115 Romila Thappar is actually good btw.
(259.87 KB 1214x1586 UYAAahVR.jpg)
(141.97 KB 400x400 image_proxy (5).jpeg)
>>74128 Cuck tales se yaad aya. Paki katue apni missile ka nam Babur rakhte h ,kek
(622.80 KB 1028x2005 57289929.jpg)
(827.26 KB 480x360 1522280949350.webm)
>>74129 Uska baap general dyer ki gand chat ta tha. They are actually good paltu kutte. Tu bada hoke kutta mat baniyo
>>74132 Uske baap se uska kya connection? Tera baap zaahil, neech, randwa hone se tu thodi ho jaega? Lol >>74130 Mughals n sheeitz saar not gangus
>>74134 >baap ka kya connection Kek, katua problems .Namaz Arabi me padhta h na aj bhi Hindi me to nahi na .Aur kitna connection lega randi ke pille .Jisne Teri ma chodi usse jese tera connection wese hi sepoyni bhi apne baap ki terah paltu kutiya h
>>74135 Aur tabhi tu zaahil, neech aur randwa hai, i get it?