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Anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 13:29:21 ID:36e001 No. 74137
what will be the implications of russia losing in ukraine ? especially for india
>>74137 Nothing
>>74137 Pajeets will have to work overtime on the internet doing mental gymnastics to defend their supreme Vlad
>>74155 Nobody here cares whoever wins tranny, just because Lundians are neutral about this issue and don't want want anything to do with your zog wars between yourselves, don't mean we have a stake in Russia winning.
>>74155 Vlad should win to make you seethe
>>74137 You should be asking the opposite. Vlads victory is sure. The war is only getting prolonged and more people getting hurt bcuz of NATO faggatory of sending weapons. Victory will be for mother Russia
The latest tanks that are sent will only reach Ukrainoos after many months and it would require additional many months of training to learn how to operate them. Before that most of ukrops will be rekt lmao