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Anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 14:00:10 ID:a73600 No. 74139
Is Modi really a competent administrator? I can't believe that some OBC chaiwalla villagefag is capable to be a manager in an MNC let alone rule a country.
>>74139 Hindu hatao desh bachao
>>74139 He seemed to be for Guj, he isn't for India because state capacity is still in many areas, rule of law is not uniform and chamars still hijack the country using anarchy in the streets. But then the comparison is Manmohan, so Modi still wins in relative terms.
>>74139 >some OBC chaiwalla villagefag Still is doing a far better job than Harvard educated thieves.
>>74139 Not going to comment on the competence of Modi but why do pajeets think that the only measure of competence of a person is via his participation in academia? Academia in actuality stifles creativity. None of these MNCs during their early growth stages were led by Ivy League post graduates but by college dropouts and random roadside chamars. They only became led by the professional-managerial classes later once they became a corporate and their growth slowed down.
>>74139 Upper middle UC seething. Warms my heart
Better than Manmohan, Vajpayee, Rajiv, and Nehru. If not Indira, Shastri, or Rao, rest are memes.
>>74166 Why is Vajpayee a meme?
>>74164 Not about academia but about background. I have noticed in IT industry, the bhillagefag lower caste poorfags are always terrible at their job. They can only pass meme exams and somehow get their positions, but that doesn't translate to real world performance in the job because they simply lack the IQ to objectively analyze problems and solve them.