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(271.13 KB 1021x737 xxi85uahunia1.jpg)
Casteism in Gujarat Anon 02/19/2023 (Sun) 03:42:09 ID:a01d8a No. 76731
Saw this on Twitter and Reddit, r/India and r/Librandu.
>>76731 It’s always Ahmedabad, ofc it’s Ahmedabad
Based lmao
>>76731 are Aunties and Uncles ruining Gujarat from reaching it's full potential
>>76733 they're bigoted
>>76735 COPE
>>76737 Don't care about librandu seethe, tenants should follow rules or gtfo.
>>76738 Gujjus aren't really known for good education. This is what happens when you're priority is to ban onion garlic in schools instead of focussing on quality education.
>>76739 Librandu ka comment mat post kar idhar jhattu
>>76740 but they are right, randiaspeakrssbjpchaddi
>>76739 Gujjus are known to be rich, competitive and entrepreneurial, not everyone wants to be a jholachap commie with Mphil in African studies.
>>76731 This is a recurring theme all over the country. Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru etc
>>76741 Langot moment
>>76741 >chaddi >chintu Libbu (BTW I am a nigger)s can't even properly frame any kind of insult . Kek max to max you guys can just use those 5th grade insults muh chaddi muh potty muh chintu Chal time mat barbaad kar idhar Jaake naali saaf kar chamar
>>76734 >>76735 >>76737 >>76738 >>76739 >>76741 >>76741 >Mfw ,unironic chamars have infested this chappal making forum Cheap imternet and its c9nsequences. Btw based gujjus
>>76743 some girl on twitter said to remove gujarat from india and she got 30k likes
>>76739 >bhangali dalit chamar hides behind canadian vpn Caught hogyle chamar saab
>>76747 And?
>>76747 He was probably just copy pasting lmao. The problem with reddit chhapris is that they live in their own bubble.
>>76751 Yes, Reddit is more forward than 4Chan. North Indians shoot paan everywhere and make a huge mess.
>>76752 Teri maaa abhi mulle cock se chud rhi hai aur tu ye sab post kar rha hai?
(110.40 KB 875x583 ty20.jpeg)
>>76753 >Teri maaa abhi mulle cock se chud rhi hai aur tu ye sab post kar rha hai? Fed up of Indians spitting paan at public places, Leicester city in UK puts up signs in Gujarati. Villagers from Gujarat go to Foreign without any proper manners and act like UP/Biharis
>>76752 Reddit is the rape victim of 4chan lmao. > north indian le thook le heckin paan Who cares? do one thing, take a balti and clean it lmao, gandugiri or whatever.
>>76754 I have never seen a Gujju who eats paan.
>>76756 They go straight from Pind to UK
>>76757 Pind is a Poonjabi word.
>>76758 Bhangali bhangi hai Ise nahi pata kya bol raha hai
>>76747 those are not likes, bhangijeet chamarandu those are impressions i dont give a shit about muh casteism, even tho i am low caste now fuck off back to preddit and shitter
>>76758 This doesn't happen in our Maharashtra, Gujjus have to immigrate to eat any sort of meat. They call us backwards, but their entire state is backwards. Once these BJP Idiots die they will be FREE
>>76760 read the notice
>>76762 no i wont now piss off, self hating shitskin sepoy
>>76763 Bhangali hai ,sonagachi ka khoon to hoga hi. Gujjews are money minded and cunning but the way they r hated just for being vegetarians and demonised is hard to believe. If these faggots said anything about us being casteist we would have shown these rice farmers their place
>>76764 Gujarati people are cunning, but not money minded. They do below average to average in business. You idiots don't even consume enough protein, you've to start eating Onions, garlics and Meat
>>76764 Bhangalis hate Gujjus because they dominate business right under their nose in Bengal, Bhangali Jholachaaps can't do anything but SEETHE. Vegetarianism is sign of Civilisation, which Bhangalis don't have.
>>76765 Only Jains don't eat onion and garlic, and they BTFOd literal Orthodox Jews in diamond business in Europe, so...
>>76764 Islam and Population Jihad will fix Gujarat, everything will be in place. Imagine 200 Gujarati Muslims in North Western Indian. We will have a Gujarat Sultanate with a Bengal Sultanate in near future. Once Western Bengal gets Islamized and replaced with a Muslim population, It will be annexed
>>76767 But Jains oppress others, by creating shitty laws
>>76765 Chooslims got put in their place back in 2002. And your Gujarat Sultanate Pigs were raped long ago, early 18th century.
>>76769 SEETHE about it.
>>76765 >jaat >gujjew ratty Yaar ye bkl ab bakchodi kr rhi hai
(41.86 KB 825x552 FJHS2JQVcAUgCd5.png)
>>76770 >>76771 >>76772 https://mobile.twitter.com/SanatanFrog/ β€œLet us commit human right violations in peace you yeevil white western colonizer”
>>76774 Check his Twitter.
>>76773 > muh heckin pisslamist sultanate establishment > le hooman rights Are you mentally retarded? This 2 faced behaviour is exactly why chooslims get massacred. Fucking pig.
>>76776 https://mobile.twitter.com/SanatanFrog/with_replies All of you Dindoos get mocked everyday
>>76777 >liberal >hates hindu Every fucking time Fir koi puchta hai "u seem normal why do you hate katuas"
>>76773 Yeh toh tamil randi ka bacha hai
>>76777 Dude are you underage or what? Why are you posting random Reddit and twatter links? I can post twatter accounts that rape chooslims and chamars on daily basis, but I just don't care, grow up. Do you think it's hard to mock chooslims and chamars? Stay away from Reddit.
>>76780 Those People haven't seen that Dindooism is a cucked religon who worships cows day and night
>>76781 Bilkul teri maaa ki tarah worshiping mulla cock in her ass
>>76780 Because it's his account. He is a dumeel randiputra.
>>76731 Imagine thinking caste fagottery benefits Lundia. The genetic difference between a brahkike and a chamar in any Indian state is same as the difference between an Azeri and an Afghan, literally no fucking difference if you asked any gora to tell. Removing caste faggotry will help combating caste based AM, acceptance of LM, and most importantly improve our gene pool. Apart from that, end to reservation and chamar gib politics.
>>76785 Chal nali saaf kar ab
>>76786 This Baman-baniya veggie cuck team was destined to lose. Replace them with Beef/pork eating mallus, dalits and muslims in the team instead 😁
>>76786 A chamaaar won't talk about ending reservation
>>76783 Tamils live rent free in his head for some reason. Every time I see his tweet it’s about him seething abt some tamil.
>>76786 >Chal nali saaf kar ab
>>76786 Do you think it benefits?
>>76789 >Every time I see his tweet it’s about him seething abt some tamil. >Tweet You are that guy now confirmed. Wapas bhag apne designated shitting street pe.
>>76794 >Dumeel >Incel Like clockwork
>>76795 Most BJP supporters are subalt, low-income dumbfucks
>>76795 Bunch of religion/caste obsessed nutcases.
>>76731 Must implement this in bhangilore and katuabad coliving pgs
>>76787 >>76796 >>76797 Most Caste obsessed people in Lundia are OBCs and Chamars. Everything is based on Religion and Caste in Lundia. UCs must leave lundian shithole for good. It has no future.
The future of lundia is barbaric and animalistic, devoid of any moral values, full of corruption, dominated by mad Islamists and vicious, full of hatred Bhangis, it will be not much different than afghanistan or pakistan.
>>76731 I don't see any difference between this and reservations.
>>76789 Tamils are low IQ Hateful, abbos, Even that monkey Periyar hated them and their language.
>>76802 Periyarism was an OBC supremacy movement disguised as anti caste movement.
>>76801 Yeah, that is why you must accept it, that's how things work in Lundia, don't try to act superior by larping as le heckin concerned libchud or whatever. Caste is State mandated Identity in India.
>>76802 Can you tell more? He said that or write about it?
(338.65 KB 2048x613 IMG_20230219_123822.png)
>>76803 Who cares? Caste is a reality. Expecting one group to accept total servitude, defeat and humiliation is futile. Best case and most likely scenario is that in coming decades, Most UC Hindus and even some Muslims will leave this shithole. The cuntry will transform in South Africa-Zimbabwe tier 70 IQ Sharia-Bolshevik shithole. There is literally no place for real, honest hardworking and talented people in India.
(720.71 KB 1906x2048 chrome_screenshot_1676790708053.png)
>>76739 Gujjews are the only reason why engingher passouts in this cuntry which has no enginighering happening even have jobs. Education is more than just having a degree in South Asian Queer Studies.
>>76808 Lundia and Lundians aren't serious. These people have no idea how world works.Eventually all the productive people will leave. They are already leaving.
>>76749 >merit is a myth My god, retards like this is the reason Indian education and industries are bloated with reservation chamars.
>>76809 Nope, these people are just incapable of not imitating their whyte masters and the current crop of white people just happened to be the people who are incapable of knowing how the world works.
>>76810 Lundia is one lowest ranked cuntry in terms of productivity, comparable to subsaharan shitholes. These people who wrote stuff like this are basically kneegrows. They want Gobermint to Gib them evrything.
>>76807 Kek based
>>76808 even Marathi and Bengali have good businesses
(140.63 KB 1200x675 FgvJCrgUUAUprIA.jpeg)
>>76811 Hasan Minhaj disagrees
>>76810 The reason why I think chamars fight tooth and nail for reservations in state govt jobs is that there is nothing else left in this country. Nehruvian socialism meant no one came forward to create jobs in this country. Everyone depended on gubermint. And this autistic screeching for reservations is just a carry over of nehruvian attitudes
>>76816 >Nehruvian socialism wasn't bad, everything was much better than now under Modi
>>76813 Periyar was probably the first Black pilled schizo in lundian history. He knew the absolute state of Chamars and Bhangis. He in fact called 90% of Indians (pointing towards shudras) mindless retards, He wanted British to stay, because he thought High IQ Brahmins will Take over. He called lundbedkar a sell out (to Brahmins), he also accurately predicted that reservation will fail, because Bhangis are low IQ. He was so frustrated that he called for Hitler style Genocide of Brahmins.
>>76814 Nope, Mumbai was literally settled by sindhis, gujjus and marwaris. There was a huge battle for Bombay during state reorganisation. All Business in Bhangal is dominated by Marwaris and Gujaratis, Bhangalis suck at business.
(3.34 MB 450x506 035.gif)
>>76802 >Tamils are low IQ Hateful, abbos, Even that monkey Periyar hated them and their language.
>>76817 It was a total disaster. But Nehru was indeed a visionary, but he failed. He was also against rejerbhation, he wrote that India will become a second rate country because of it.
>>76814 Lol, like what? Abdool's Cycle Repair Shop and Manoos Bakeries?
>>76822 Laxmanrao Kirloskar – He build the First Industrial Township in India, founder of Kirloskar Group Vikram Pandit – CEO Citi Group USA, previously Founded Old Lane Partners D.S.Kulkarni – Chairman of DSK Group, Builder, Properties, schools, IT, DSK-Toyota. Vivek Ranadive – Founder & Chairman TIBCO Inc, USA (Silicon Valley) Dinesh Keskar – Chairman Boeing India Baba Kalyani – Founder & Chairman Bharat Forge Abasaheb Garware – Founder Garware group of industries Vithal Kamat – Chairman, Kamat Hotels India Limited Sanjay Kirloskar – Chairman and Managing Director – Kirloskar Group Chandrakant Morde – Owner of Morde Foods, Largest Chocolate Supplier in India N R Jagadale – Owner of Amrut Distilleries, makers of Amrut Fusion the 3rd best Single Malt in the world. V P Bedekar – Founder of Bedekar Masala Eshwarsa Khoday – Founder of Khoday Group Deepak Ghaisas – Chairman Gencoval Strategic Services Pvt Ltd & Former CEO I-flex Rajendra Pawar – Co-founder & Chairman NIIT Ltd Nitin Paranjpe – CEO and Managing Director, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Dr. Shrinivas Thanedar – CEO, The Chemir Group Kailash Katkar – Founder and CEO, Quick Heal Technologies Suhas Patil – Founder Chairman Cirrus Logic Inc, USA (Silicon Valley) Sudha Kulkarni Murthy – First woman employee of Tata Motors and Founder of Sudha Murthy Foundation, wife of Narayan Murthy & sister of Shrinivas Kulkarni Adwait Walimbe – Founder & chief executive officer, Socialdecks, United States, Silicon Valley Girish Paranjpe – Former joint CEO, Wipro Limited H M Nerurkar – Managing Director of Tata Steel Sunil Gaitonde – Founder of GS Labs, member of TiE Board of Directors Baburaoji Parkhe – His first large venture was Paper & Pulp Conversions Pvt Ltd (PAPCO) Kiran Karnik – Former president of NASSCOM for 2007–08 Gururaj Deshpande – An Indian American businessman and co-founder and chairman of Sycamore Networks and chairman of A123 Systems Virendra Mhaiskar – Chairman IRB Group Prashant Pansare – Founder, MD and CEO, Inteliment Technologies Manoj Tirodkar – Founder & Chairman of GTL Group Annand Sarnaik – Founder & Chairman of Glodlyan Technoserve Ltd Narendra Murkumbi – Founder & Chairman of Shree Renuka Sugar Ltd Ajay Ajit Peter Kerkar – Chairman of Cox & Kings, one of the oldest travel agency in the world Ramesh Chavan – Chairman of Parle Industries, Parle Buiscuit, Fruity, Hide&Seek, Mineral Water, Pet bottle & Packeging. P. S. Deodhar – Chairman of Aplab Limited, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Retail Banking, Retail Fuel Dispensing and Power Control & conditioning. Ravindra Prabhudesai – Chairman of Pitambari Group, Homecare, Healthcare & Agricare products. S.A.Patil – Chairman of Dynalog Group, Semiconductors, Electronics Instruments, Micro Processors, wholesale semiconductor market leader in US/Europe. Ranjit Dhuru – Chairman and CEO Aftek, IT Company & Winery at Dindori. G.K.Pendharkar – Chairman VICCO LAB, Ayurvedic consumer care products. Dilip D. Dandekar – Chairman CAMLIN Limited, Stationery. Vikas Y. Kolekar – Co-Founder & VP iDigitalise, Digital Marketing Agency, London & Mumbai. Kishore K Avarsekar - Chairman and Managing Director Unity Infratech Nitin Gadkari - Founder & Chairman PURTI GROUP Manohar Joshi - Founder & Chairman KOHINUR GROUP Shivaji Adhalrao Patil - Founder & Chairman of Dynalog Group - Dynalog International, Semiconductors Junction Inc. (SJI)& Elmatronic Devices Inc.
>>76817 Niqqer nehru literally belived profit was bad.
>>76820 SEETHE & MALD
>>76825 I Will bite your mom's nipples
>>76824 He was BrainFucked by English Fabian society Yaar, he was actually a good man, made a lot of mistakes though.
>>76826 > yo mama SEETHE even more
>>76823 CEOs are just glorified wagies chamar, not business founders. And Ramesh Chatterjee Foundation and anything named like those is not a 'business'.
>>76819 Gujaratis were too weak to take it. You will see how forward We Khalistanis are when we take Shimla and ride with our Horses around Eastern Panjab
>>76829 Padhna nhi ata kya chamar? Founder likha hai usme
>>76830 >Keklistani still in day dream mode
>>76832 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgZRMUZ8S4s Sardar Patel was our enemy, watch your Hindu 900 year old slavery.
>>76830 > ride with our Horses Cuckistanis are stuck in 17th century. Just a reminder that while you begged Pisslims not to rape your mother, we murdered every single Pisslim that dared to breathe in Dev bhoomi. I personally challenge you to come invade Himachal, we will rename Punjab to Chajab after we make a new river full of Pagchod blood flow.
>>76835 British were right, but we still got our independency. Under the British we had our United Panjab but the Hindu Baniya-Baman destroyed it
(90.91 KB 640x800 1659319818426181.jpg)
>>76731 By diff caste what he means is muslims.
>>76836 >>76835 We Sick are like a farming version of Jew, one day we will have our own country like the Jews have Israel. We will protect the Khalistan Prime Minister from any Dindoo assasins who want revenge for Indira Gandhi
>>76732 this >>76737 fuck them
>>77128 Pugchod,do you really think the ultra nationalist pahadis, and the haryanvis would align with you smelly cucks to join cuckistan? They will slaughter you langarjeet jatts,the best you subhumans can do is just vooote for some irrelevant referendum, but you are sissies in front of pakjabi pooslims,only because we Hindus are tolerant of you smelly towerheads. Keep living in your deluded fantasy of muh assi hindua nu Bachaya si peepeepoopoo
>>77128 Lol.
(101.91 KB 716x949 E6IuyLAVkAA1meS.jpg)
>>76790 >Chal nali saaf kar ab
>>76790 > Consider lungi abbos as human NGMI
>>76830 Pugchod, 84 se bura hal hoga, himachal me pugchodi ki to
>>77515 >>77169 See his answers. He is just a librandu baiting ypu and then posting "this is what CHaddIz thInK aBOut sIKhs""
>ID:225492 (32) Kekeda chamar is seething
>>76766 >Vegetarianism is sign of Civilisation All great civilisations were of meat eaters. Even Ashoka ate beef
>>76768 lol, based
>>76835 this is delusional
>>79070 Don’t worry Bhangali, a lot of Gujaratis do eat meat. I was eating Mutton and drink chicken soup for dinner today. Gujarat would be %70-85 Non-vegetarian if not for Hindu values, and only %8 of Gujaratis get into businesses and they end up seething everyone apparently. While rest of Gujarat is same as Balochistan/Sindh but Industrialized. Also everyone wants better access to nutrition and healthcare, you’ve to remember that India is a third world country you’re better of migrating. Raising your Kids away from radicals. Greater Gujarat, United Bihar/Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, United Punjab, and Whatever Nadu will be great.
>>79073 based
>>79070 >Ashoka ate beef only ate deer and peacock, which too he abandoned later in life
1994 ka date hai chamaar
>>79164 Society was established in 1994
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