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Dhruv rathee expose thread chadtrad 03/06/2023 (Mon) 13:38:20 ID:2ed72b No. 79117
https://www.reddit.com/r/indiadiscussion/comments/9w1j8o/dhruv_rathee_after_having_being_caught_ban/ Attach resources and links we can use to dig up his past. Been a while since inch did something. So help me . Thank you /b/
>>79117 He still got a White Wifu I kneel.
He was a haryanvi richfag and his parents sent him to germany for his studies and later he decided to step in the political commentry started as a central right but shifted to left as soon as he saw the opportunity in it and blew up during demonetization or currency married to nazi waifu and rest is history
>>79119 Life hi toh aisi
>>79117 pajeets are salty he got a aryan gf
>>79121 >>79120 >>79119 >>79118 Aight this Chan is useless Imma go to sneed now
>>79122 Can't believe it took you this longer to realise
>>79118 >>79123 Bhai tu bhi chal waha
>>79124 post link
>>79124 That place is dead
>>79125 Bhag sale tum log barbad kardoge
>>79126 It's not,it's slow posting with higher quality Unlike this place
>>79126 Also waha pe onsit or baaki resources hai
>>79127 i wont, trust me, im one of the rare good posters on this shit forum
>>79122 Good Bye 😚👋
>>79121 fauxryan. she looks jewish.
>>79135 My brother in Christ she is Jewish
>>79136 Big Jewish Milkers
>>79121 Germongoloids will never be Aryan. Nor will be any plastic eyed pisshaired cumskin
>>79136 >>79136 Interesting so Jewish women do crave Hindu cock🤔
(489.98 KB 1080x1261 IMG_20230307_044741.jpg)
>>79136 Are we sure she is Jewish. Her surname is LBR. She clearly seems like a German intelligence plant. Plus she gives me the East German commie vibes to her. Could very well be Soros agent. Wierdest part is Rathee actually joining hands with DW for a documentary https://youtu.be/FJB7vfPy4DM This guy has lot of German intelligence funding. And his wife is definitely a handler or something. No way. Plus she doesn't have a surname. LBR is not a surname. Also interestingly bitch was actually born in Austria.
>>79162 kek. if true he's fugged in multiple ways. can't wait for her to leave him.
>>79162 All good points. More needs to be dug up on this. . Whats really badly needed is a nice primer on Who is Who - whether they be Jews, Gentiles, Mudslimes, Mutts or Others we have ignored historically There are a whole host of people seeking to stunt our growth and singling out one group ( I agree I agree the optics dont dispute it but bear with me a while ) doesnt serve us well and is stuff of 4chin tier research. . We need to dig on the Micks / Paddys, the Taigs, other Fog breathers, the Wops / Dagos, Krauts, the Swamp Krauts, rest of the Europoors, the Zipperheads, the Slopes, the Crapauds, the Bogans and a whole host of others ( the Saffers , the Mestizos / non-Mestizos, the Camel Jockeys etc) . Basically, if the shoe fits, wear it. . Identifying & separating these peoples is key to disentangling these large groups which have this facade of unity & solidarity. They are anything but unified or monolothic. We should exploit their differences and not make them one whole unit, when theyre clearly not. Something that doesnt ring true doesnt stick for very long. . Its not how they look that matters as much as how much bile they spew on all things India. Its the actions that count. . Speaking of this Juli Lbr person being Jewish or non-Jewish, who the fuck knows. Its even rumored that Diana's a mischling herself. In the end what counts is the character & the actions. So keep your eyes on the ball. ( This is not to suggest anyone is above ridicule. No one is. ) . https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/was-goldsmith-really-princess-dianas-father-lets-hope-so-26224028.html https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/was-goldsmith-really-princess-dianas-father-lets-hope-so-26224028.html https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/was-goldsmith-really-princess-dianas-father-lets-hope-so-26224028.html . Was Goldsmith really Princess Diana's father? Let's hope so Anne Harris August 29 2004 12:11 AM
. Currently theres a swift bonhomie underway between the Brits and the Irish. . Since the chips are down the Brits are all about embracing the Irish these days. . "Oh you are not so different from us after all" type bs is thick in the air. . We should seek to drive a cleaver through this crap. And others like it. . Again what's the truth is the truth. We are only seeking to expose the malarkey and fuckwittery of our enemies. If it aint true it wont stick. We are not making things up here. Muzzdogs & low sloped foreheads make up shit all the time. We arent them and we dont want to be like them.
>>79162 Also isn't the only way for a goyim to convert to Judaism is by marrying a Jewess?
>>79200 Nah their child will be 100% Jewish under Jewish Law. But she doesn't seem to be a Jew. More like an Eastern German commie plant. These creatures are truly soulless
>>79245 >child She's a WEF funded sex doll for the good work he's doing to subvert lundia. They are not going to have a child. It will be taken away from him and given to someone else once his usefulness is complete.
>>79261 She is definitely a sex doll. Fucker is being taken for a ride by the germoids
>>79119 >started as a central right elaborate, he was always anti dalitendra, bhajipao iirc or this was before he got femus
(11.11 KB 300x302 sham-sharma-wife.jpg)
>>79121 getting a white gf isn't the biggest achievement of life bhangi, even this literal bihari kallu Sham Sharma marries a snownegress.
>>79308 Abe manlet chamar he's an absolute unit. He's 6'4" and weighs 240lbs
>>79308 TBH , he mogs dhruv raathi. he is tall and built like a tank, plus his brown skin makes him exotic
>>79313 >brown skin makes him exotic
>>79313 Dhruv tatti is a vegan so he has very low muscle mass.
>>79306 Yes before he got famous then he made video on demonetisation and gained huge audience from left so he decided to be full time liblund
>>79308 He is tall and has that bronze skin that is considered exotic in the West
>>79319 That isnt bronze skin.
>>79319 Bhadwe, That kallu looks like a proper Tamil Abo. The bronze skin is much lighter, I have a Punjabi friend that has bronze skin and is much lighter than this Abo sham sharma. Only thing in his favour is that he is tall.
>>79343 He uses lights so bright for his jewtube videos to appear less dark. If i start doing the same i will look paper white.
>>79343 How do you know his height?
>>79313 >He actually thinks brown skin is exotic Kek
>>79343 he is not kallu, it's just bad lighting. he mogs this entire board
>>79308 Based Bihari
Move to 8 c h a n
>>79481 Already did buddy, waha puran ki cuck fantasies nahi pahuch sakti
>>79117 He used to be the admin for AAP it cell pages on fb long ago. Then changed the page nane and later deleted the account
>>79495 source vagera de page ke