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Feels bad for trans women yaaro Anon 03/14/2023 (Tue) 12:22:28 ID:bc66e2 No. 80180
https://www.change.org/p/drvirendrakum13-india-s-transgender-persons-need-horizontal-reservation-jane-ayesha-yashika-s-appeal-transpeopledeservespace?source_location=petitions_browse >We were only accepted as citizens of this country in 2014, when the NALSA judgement affirmed the fundamental rights of transgender people. But eight years after that landmark judgement, when I had my first shot at honourable employment as a trans woman, I was unceremoniously dismissed. >Why? >Because my students and fellow teachers had come to know of my gender identity. A few days before my dismissal, a student had called me a ‘hijra’ and smirked, as he passed me by in the school’s corridor. I had tried sensitising him about the rights of transgender people. >But with my dismissal within a week of joining, my students will go ahead in their lives without any exposure to the third gender. They’ll continue seeing us as ‘aliens’. This is even more brootal >For my friend Yashika, entrance examinations and job interviews are uncomfortable spaces where she struggles to explain the difference between her gender assigned at birth and the gender identity in her transgender certificate. By the time she’s able to explain the same, cis-gender candidates have been chosen over her. >My friend Ayesha achieved an All India Rank of 11 in the entrance exam for a postgraduate course in Embryology at AIIMS. Yet, she didn’t get through, because there were just six seats for the course. If even a single seat had been reserved for transgender persons, Ayesha would have joined the league of very few transgender people who’re in professional life and playing their part in changing our society’s attitude towards the third gender. This is the most brootallest >Ours is a community that’s trying to emerge from years of societal oppression and familial desertion, whose members have had to depend on begging and sex work for survival. Yet, our policymakers would rather first push for reservation for a new category of their own creation — economically weaker sections — even go to court for the same, since it’s their vote bank.
>>80180 I dont want trans reservations. Not because i failed my exam and now i bitter about reservations. I hate mentally ill peoples.
>>80180 >read this post >always wondered why they become hijra in the first place >jewgled and realized most castrate as a offering to some hindu god and some are forced OVER
>>80182 Then why don't they live like a normal person when they become adult?
>>80181 They are not mentally ill yaar. They are normal people living a brootal life just me and you. I support both trans and incel reservations. We don't need to fight, if trans and incels unite we can achieve everything we want. >>80182 Brootal yaar. They are thrown down that path for no fault of their own, disowned by family and mocked by society. And if they somehow work hard to get a job they are rejected in job interviews and entrance examinations because they are trans
>>80184 I believe in extermination. Every piece of retarded human must be removed from society.
>>80184 I think we need to use a better word than trans. T
>>80182 >most castrate as a offering to some hindu god nice headcanon muzzrat the modern tranny and gender menace was created by botched circumcision ancient trannies were trannies due to mental illness >>80184 >t. ranny
>>80185 A lot of trannies and incels are high IQ. Most of Mensa is either trans or incel We are not retarded, we are just treated badly by society because of how we look
>>80180 sale sab bhn ke lodo ko reservation chachiye ek kaam karo uc's ko coastal area mai shift krke sare bimaru states ka ek alag country bana lo bht sahi rahega
>>80188 Trannies do not contri ute to anything other than degeneracy and liberalism. They needed to be culled. Most incels despite high top don't contribute anything in todays modern world and are loser.
>>80190 Newton was a incel. Modern world wouldn't exist without him
>>80184 Based
>>80180 body dysmorphia is a mental illness, in the same way is gender dysmorphia.Tezpur mental hospital is reserved for them.
>>80180 Troonies ka samuhik sariya kiya jaana chahiye
>>80191 Modern world exist without him. He had achievements and he was a virgin not imcel. Stop it
>>80194 The people who say that also think homosexuality is a mental illness and will throw you in a mental hospital too. No need to be a terf. The people you are pretending to support hate you just as much
(12.07 KB 300x196 300px-Newton.jpg)
>>80196 >he was a virgin not imcel He was an incel. He was engaged to a woman but she left him because he was ugly. He was an incel through and through
>>80198 Even then he had achievements. Your answer?
>>80194 Behinchod nepali mera loda apne muh me lele
>>80199 What? You are the one saying incels don't contribute anything of value. I gave example of an incel who contributed more to the world than anyone else
>>80195 Based jaggu sariya anon.
>>80197 I don't support homos.I have seen them and they are not a tidbit like the characters I have read in mangas. Ultra promiscuous and a ticking time bomb of STDs. BODY DYSMORPHIA IS A MENTAL ILLNESS No amount of coping will change that. and I know you're rakulfag chamar.
>>80203 GENDER*
>>80203 You are neither an incel nor a tranny. Your opinion doesn't matter to me
>>80201 >bru that one incel from 300 yrs ago made achievement bro, forget about the 99% who are basement dwellers No. If you cant contribute you need to be out of civilization.
>>80206 Even basement dwellers contribute to economy so your point is baseless
>>80207 They contribute by providing cheap labour due to labor influx. Economy can run great enough without them.
>>80208 >They contribute by Rest of the sentence is irrelevant. We contribute to economy and i accept your concession
>>80180 Pehle greentext wali sabse gajab chutiya thi. Tranny ko bola tha ki identity disclose mat karna aur woh gayi chutiya jaise 14 sal ke chutiye se muh Marne. Phir fire hone par, randi Rona karne lagi. Had hai kutiya ki, ye nayi wali post bhi usi ne banayi. Accha hai kutiya ko fire kardiya, snow flake lawdi.
>>80180 If Lundia officially does tranny reservation I'm going to rope
>>80211 (Instead of trannies for once)
>>80194 Yes but being transgender and gender dysmorphia is not the same thing, randi
>>80211 Would you do the same for incel reservation?
>>80198 Would be a Slayer in Lundia yaar
>>80210 She's not the snowflake if others got triggered just by her gender and fired her
I'm not OP. I'm not active the past few days and won't be in any time soon.
>>80184 I've seen these hijra fucking small teenagers aka chintus and dogs so I'll always consider them mentally ill and they need to be genocided
>>80180 i feel bad for road accident victims when is the govt going to ban roads and vehicles
>>80180 Trans>>>>bheemtas
>>80182 >>jewgled and realized most castrate as a offering to some hindu god and some are forced That's a lie. I am pretty sure 99% are products of Mughal harem. Read K. S. Lal. Read this http://voiceofdharma.org/books/mssmi/ch9.htm Ancient Indian texts don't mention any LGTVs. So even if there was such a practice it probably started in medieval era.
😔im also identify as women when i go to metro, job or when i wanna fucked by my boss for high post
>>80556 Nice bhanglish