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Anon 03/17/2023 (Fri) 15:33:10 ID:e51241 No. 80619
When pajeets say stuff about jeet history like this why do they get called chudcel nationalists?
>>80619 Because we are still alive. We are the LAST great civilisation. NO civilisation still continues from before 3000 BC . Baghor Kali Shrine is atleast 11,000 years old which has tantrik Yantra. Non hindus hste that we still live and proudly display our culture. I can write entire threads on how the Indus Valley civilisation practices, and practices from even before live in hinduism. Be proud of what your ancestors gifted you, every hindu can claim 5000 years history atleast, an average white cant claim anything before 1000 AD at most if they have records preserved Jai Hindu dharma
>>80620 >Non hindus hste that we still live and proudly display our culture least delusional indian
>>80623 Calm down shitskin sepoyjeet. Let the bimaur have his moment.
(108.93 KB 1080x1084 FrMmo8nWIAEZKO0.jpg)
(98.82 KB 700x400 shastra-puja.jpg)
>>80640 >bharat mata Bharat is a male ruler, and any personification of india is a man,i prefer raja bharat or indra
>>80643 least braindead comment on inch
>>80643 Bharat mata is not the ruler but the land.
>>80619 >>80620 write some then
>>80643 bharat and bhaarat are different twittrbhangi and personifications of nations have always been feminine as earth itself is feminine.