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Anon 03/17/2023 (Fri) 18:21:04 ID:5389a9 No. 80698
>>80698 Ye indiachan Wale hai kya jo Chandra chud par memes banaya tha
>>80699 nahi
>>80699 Haa chandraCHUD memes started on indiachan few months ago
>>80702 >few months ago NuFag spotted
>>80698 That American mutt president was pretty right in his own way to say that we have the least sexiest woman in the world I mean imagine looking at this draupadi murmu bitch whenever a statesman comes here yucks
>>80698 Is this because of something we did?
>>80698 Over for ChandraCHUD
>>80704 He said that after looking at Indira Gandhi kek
>>80698 >Be the CJI of Lundia do randi rona about trolling even tho I deserve it >Be a trandi do randi rona about trolling even tho u deserve it No difference between your cji chandrachoot and your average trandi choot kek
>>80698 Yaaro mujhe CHANDRACHUD Ki chaddhi ke ander saryia dalne se mt roko😔
>>80698 ling aadhar with facebook
>Chandra-chod Kek
Why are lundians like this? I rember a few years ago a guy had created a deep fake of Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar and made them say some goofy shit it was all over the news and these politicians were saying to hang that guy. Why can't lundians take a joke about themselves.
>>80699 kek jeeneetards aisa kuch nahi kar sakte. the days of inch being a center of controversy are over. ab sirf pregnancy aur neet pe memes banti hain
>>80712 >a guy Tanmy Bhatt
>>80712 Its part of handoo kulcha. Ive noticed on charchan that bhangis get triggered by the smallest of insults and start fighting. Its so much fun to trigger them. They just cant handle the bantz
>>80698 Kek, chandraCHUD has always been a faggot. Seethe moar
(811.50 KB 240x130 afraid_2.gif)
>>80716 He is allowed be a faggot by the system aka Indian CONstitution
(85.30 KB 807x1024 33385742322_d56930382f_b.jpg)
>>80707 >>80704 she was a stacy in her younger days, post-wall every foid looks like an abomination.
>>80941 Bitch met her well deserved fate in 1984 for imposing emergency and forced sterilizations. Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi also got a well deserved end.
>>80941 im going to go out on a limb and say that she looks like she has a fair bit of jewish ancestry. Pure speculation ofcourse but could be Persian Jewish ( yes there were plenty jews in iran till they were expelled ) / Armenian Jewish / Some other Jewish entirely but I def sense something there. Perhaps she has like 5 different distinct ancestries from either side of the family. We just dont know very much about their origins going back 4-5 generations do we? Has anyone speculated on their origins before?
>>80943 >forced sterilizations unironically would've been based if 10x were done. would've solved our bhangi, muzzie and poorfag problem. also it was the masterplan of sanjay, the only gandhi i've ever liked. i heard once he slapped her for disagreeing on with the sterlizations. >>80956 >she looks like she has a fair bit of jewish ancestry idk looks standard kp phenotype to me. >she has like 5 different distinct ancestries from either side of the family nehru claimed to be a pure kp tracing ancestry to some kaul guy in kashmir and kp's are very strong on endogamy that they don't marry broms of other region.
>>80705 People here did make ntr memes about him back when he made the statement that men should allow their wives to cuck them. Don't know why he's seething now though.
(126.56 KB 1179x1314 gandhis.jpeg)
>>80941 yeah.