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Which castes are the elites in your state or city? Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 15:45:16 ID:38a684 No. 80821
When I lived in Bangalore, all the good property land was owned by Telugu speaking Reddys. Land equals power. Not even the Gujjus and Marwadis could dominate Bangalore like this. I know some Reddy mafia leader who used his illegal mining profits to invest in prime real estate near my place. Whenever the opposite party comes to power in Andhra, he flees to Bangalore and stays there until next election.
>>80821 Brahmin Baidya Kayastha t. Bengali
>>80821 Gowdas Shettys Lingayats Kurubas
>>80821 Reddys are Patel’s of South Indian. Brahminkike
upper class section from brahmins, rajputs, baniyas, jains, khatris, kayasthas and ashrafi muslims t.jaipurite
>>80938 there are not many jats here comparatively to the rest of the state
>>80821 Kayastha Bhumihar Rajput Baniya
>>80935 >Patels of South India What does that mean exactly?
>Christian liquor tycoons t. lived in Kerala
>>81039 Landowning castes who are also into politics, business and running their state
>>80825 What's a Baidya?
>>81041 There are no elites in Kerala. There is no wealth or economy in Kerala.
>>80821 Jaats, Rajputs and Baniyas
>>81041 real >t.christian
In any state landed caste are the most powerful they are the ones who must be accused of casteism but it's the gullible bruhmemes and other upper castes that are getting their assholes fisted every time