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The Orator of Absolute State 03/17/2023 (Fri) 20:56:43 ID:168444 No. 80844
It's over.
(34.77 KB 1200x900 acp_1482142289.jpg)
>>80844 kya hoga iss desh ka behenchod
>>80844 Lundia ko nuke kardo 🥺
>>80844 Based guy
>>80844 Tell Indians about the crookedness of the Indian bureaucracy, and they will tell you that these people don't get decent salaries. Ironically, they get much better pay than the private sector. Ironically, with the increase in their salaries, their demand for bribes has increased.
If a simple Gujarati man could outsmart government, army and world. He can live without fighting and have this entire world to himself. If only these Gujaratis had better health, and muscular body, no one would mess with them and they would be dominating everything incl, army.
>>80847 As India's institutions fall apart, with the bureaucrats interested in nothing but bribes and Indians in nothing but what non-Indians think, India is looking more and more like sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, India is worse than sub-Saharan Africa on most metrics. These Gujaratis are fighting their own governments by showing reality, how can anyone with triple digit IQ can social engineer themselves anywhere. Indians are too dumb to under this, they call whatever suspicious and whatever they aren’t capable of; a con. I’ve seen many posts especially by Congressvis, South Indian and Bengalis generalizing his entire ethnicity over this simple man. Indians are the most hypocritical and racist people, they will point at you and when you point at them, they’ll cry sheep.
>>80850 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_engineering_(security) Shitskin only Whites can be social engineers, Indians are fraudsters and 82IQed. They can’t fool anyone
>>80849 >gujjews and army kek. pichhle 150 years ka record utha ke dekh le, gujjew bhangis ka kitna participation raha hai army me. gujjews pigs just lacks moral compass, that's why it's so easy for them to scammer bhangis.
>>80852 there’s many reasons why they weren’t in army. After 1857 Rebellion, more people were chosen from Punjab, Rajasthan and Afghanistan. Look up criminal tribes acts too. They would need to reform Indian army and bring in more reforms and proper resources
>>80852 Colonial Empire did not grant India Independence. They “transferred power” The Indian Constitution was largely a codification of the British India Act of 1935. “British Indian Army” were transfer to post independence army, It was not reformed. 1947, the total strength of the British Indian Army was amounted to 1648772 solders. Of these, only 32677 were British. In WWII alone, 1.3 million Indian soldiers employed. About 72,000 Indian soldiers and 6000 sailors laid down their lives and 11 received the Victoria Cross. Many Muslim soldiers left to Pakistan to create the army of Pakistan while the four Gurkha regiments present in the British army decided to remain in India. January 1948, 3500 gurkhas had opted to remain in British service, and were shipped to Malaya to serve Malayan Emergency began. British Indian Army consist of Gurkhas, Gharwalis, and Kumaonis, Mazhbi Sikhs, Mahars and Biharis. 1.3 million troops from the Punjab and Northern parts of India. Least number of Gujaratis were in British Indian Army, the region mainly followed Gandhi, Sardar patel and Subhas Chandra Bose. Not to serve the British was much propagated agenda. Serving Brits was anti patriotic. Dandi march, Quit Indian movement or Swadesi movement had countless followers in the region compared to other parts of the country. "After independence, army took the stand that regiments will not be named after any caste, community or any such other identity. There have been many demands from several quarters, But the army has been very firm on this and rightly. "Single class" regiments like the Sikh, Gorkha, Dogra and Garhwal were raised by the British prior to 1947. Since then, the Army has gone in for "fixed", "mixed" and "all-class" regiments. In post independence Gujarat, very less family had military background. Hence awareness of military career was least known. Even after 60 years selection rates of Gujaratis in army increase from 0.98% to 2.5% only ! In 2015, 29150 boys who appeared, only 722 were selected by the Army (2.48%) Sikhs make up10-15% of army, 20% of its officers. The legacy is running from British Indian Army. Subhash Chandra Bose formed Indian National Army (INA) from Indian POW of about 70,000. Indian POWs from British forces in Singapore, Malaya and Hong Kong. INA, had force of about 50,000 fauji. The first encounter happened between British-Indian soldiers and INA troops. As the military were merely career option, accounting patriotism by amount of solders in army of the region had been solely delusive. Infact evaluating Military services by caste or region is political poison. For 339 years not more than 30,000 British soldier ever lived in India, 300 million populations enslaved by buttress of 2.5 million Indian soldiers of British INDIAN army. Field marshal Sam Manekshaw got 3 bullets in WWII fighting from British Indian Army, survived and lived for 105 years. While Subhash Chandra Bose martyred at the age of 48 fighting against British Indian Army. Every year largest no of Gujarati prisoners are suffering in Pakistani jails, they never get media attention or candle-march parade like Sarbajit or Jadhav.
>>80852 Most scam call centres are in Delhi or Calcutta. Tell me about it.
>>80852 Plus you idiot don’t try to teach me what a moral compass is, don’t be a Jayant Bhandari. Who talks a lot but doesn’t have balls to say anything, and is self hating and most backwards minded. You need a good upbringing and previous family history. A young British Indian boy has made his family proud by joining the Royal Armed Forces, following his grandfather's footsteps. Pte Arjun Anilkumar Patel of Kings 4 Platoon has become a member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces as a front line. Following his grandfather Chunibhai Becharbhai Patel of Piplav Gujarat, who was a soldier in WWI from Kenya. Arjun has currently been deployed in Cyprus, private infantry division of Royal Anglian Regiment. He completed his initial Training Course at Catterick on 17th November 2017. 23 year old Arjun was born and educated in Leicester and attended Swansea University to study Maths. He left his course after completing 2 years of study to follow his dream of serving in the British Army. His father Anil and mother Jayshree Patel of Leicester and brother Kishan Patel speaking to Asian Voice said, “We are very proud that Arjun is following his beloved grandfather's footsteps.”
>>80936 >Anglophile Hindu, Constitutional Monarchist, RW Liberal. INCian and Tory