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I don't understand Anon 03/19/2023 (Sun) 02:12:48 ID:daadd8 No. 80945
I look at facts sometimes and Russia is winning but then I look at the current map of Ukraine and I feel NATO has won. This is so confusing to determine, some days media says it's going to be hard for Ukraine and then it says Russia is about to collapse. All military analysts keep shifting goalposts. Whom should I believe? What is the truth? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
>>80945 You should just concentrate on your life and be happy that it is just whitoids killing whitoids.
>>80949 But I wish to hear the truth and for that I must know who is lying On one hand >Russia has nothing but nukes and natural resources >They failed to capture bakhmut >They lost alot of tanks But on the other hand >Sanctions haven't done anything to Russia >War of attrition is technically working for them >Putin might be a bandit but is definitely a reliable leader This is confusing
>>80950 Capture kyiv*
(6.47 MB 464x848 5_6100505632375310502.mp4)
Battalion commander call sign Kupol gives brutally frank interview, saying Ukrainian army training is virtually non-existent, with fresh recruits not knowing how to fire rifle or even throw hand grenade. 🗣 I get 100 new soldiers. They don’t give me any time to prepare them. They just drop everything and run. That’s it. Do you understand why? Because the soldier doesn’t shoot
>>80961 A lot of CIA agents and delta force guys are in Ukraine.
>>80979 ukraine mai kitni ladkiyo ka rape ho raha hai?
>>80979 Yeah. NATO is losing most of its fighting force. Syrian commanders came to Ukraine and many died. After this is done, China can walk into Taiwan and pick it up. Either way, this is good for India.
(7.91 MB 1280x720 Grenede.mp4)
>>80987 Not a lot cause your maa is taking all the lunds
>>81047 Wtf did he just get his hand blown? Is that a russian helicopter the bomb was being dropped from?
>>81052 It is a drone. Russia is using small drones to drop grenades on groups of soldiers.
>>80945 Kek that image
>>81074 I hope it's azov instead of some holhol chud forcefully conscripted. Things are looking too brootal.
>>81109 It is sad for normal Ukranian's and they don't deserve this. But they did support this bs enough to go along with it. The neo nazis are absolutely mental. Germany is iimporting them openly now.
>>81123 Sad yaar