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(104.12 KB 623x593 IMG-20220109-WA0019.jpg)
Resources megathread Anon 10/17/2022 (Mon) 17:33:24 ID:fcffab No. 4 [Reply] [Last]
Post useful tools, resources, guides and other stuff. I'll scrape the links from the previous archive and post it in a bit. PIN this, puranavid
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/r/ Admin Board owner 10/17/2022 (Mon) 17:30:02 ID:095046 No. 1 [Reply]
/r/ is a board meant for requests of any kind: resources, tools, torrents, art creation, video editing, schoolwork, writing, etc. All new threads must either be: 1. specific requests/questions (e.g. "ELI5: What is a sigmatic aorist?" or "Someone please photoshop a strawberry on this glass of milk"), or 2. resource threads for a specific subject (e.g. "Sumerian cuneiform resource thread"). Unlike 4chan /r/, this isn't a NSFW board. All requests for pornography will be deleted.

(332.15 KB 600x583 acd.png)
Anon 12/05/2022 (Mon) 13:06:07 ID:5cdbcf No. 676 [Reply]
Are skillshare courses worth it? Drop some good courses which I will later pirate Thank you
>>676 What kind if retard obsesses over a company. If you want to learn something you can try and compare courses available in different platforms. Stop "learning" just because it's your favourite platform.
>>677 Just do what I asked instead of this nonsense
>>678 >retard expects to get spoonfed after being an ungrateful cunt kys
>>683 What did he even offer for me to be ungrateful?
>>687 With this behaviour look up courses on how to treat retardation

(172.13 KB 600x600 f65.png)
Javascript message board Anon 12/04/2022 (Sun) 02:38:49 ID:79692d No. 634 [Reply]
So I was locked out of my Groomcord account so i cant ask anything there. Are there some forums/message boards/alternatives to Groomcord where i can post my code and find where the problem is? Thanks.
>>634 since no one replied, i will just post my code here for now. https://pastebin.com/V1L6derm please help i got exams coming up next week. thanks
>>634 stackoverflow, don't post the direct code, but the snippets that you think are problematic.
>>635 This is a poorly structured question. what do you need help with exactly? what all have you already tried?
>>635 poo tier code
>>686 bro did you come out of your mom's vagina knowing how to code JS? just in case you didnt know, im not shipped with javascript language when i was born.

Open Directories thread Skeleton Sama 12/04/2022 (Sun) 07:01:07 ID:01a5d6 No. 657 [Reply]
ITT : post open open directories links you use. just google index of "xyz-movie/tvshow/song/" you can find many open directories here is some of it I use : Anime : https://storage.kanzaki.ru/ANIME___/ Web Series : Udemy Courses : http://s28.bitdl.ir/Compresed/Udemy/
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>>657 Thanks anon. Found some rare french animation here.
>>671 its fine pyaare
(46.58 KB 231x431 The_Kung_Fu_Master.jpg)
>>657 index of The Kung Fu Master 2020 doesnt get you the movie. are there any source for this movie? searched far and wide, torrents either dead or the movie itself is not available to download :(
>>682 This movie was funny

Anon 11/30/2022 (Wed) 15:59:13 ID:42d936 No. 613 [Reply]
How do i get fake burner number and emails?
>>613 hushed.com temp-mail.org
>>614 Any more?
>>617 why do you want more, chamar? They're more than enough for your use case
>>613 Anon there were few free options for fake number wonder if anyone's got because the ones is used to use don't work anymore

(216.67 KB 1024x707 Screenshot_2022-12-03_17-58-49.png)
Anon 12/03/2022 (Sat) 12:29:58 ID:6379df No. 636 [Reply]
https://hastebin.com/xoluwosiqe.rb i created a scraper that gets all the media files on inch/b. you can download the files by running wget on the json file obtained
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i want to sex sanjana randi
if anybody wants a simpler way of downloading gifs from 4chan, then just reply to me, i am gonna write it in bash and you just need to run the code on a website, it will get you the links of all the files and you can mass download it by running wget on it or view it one by one
>>636 BLOAT BLOAT BLOAT I could have done it without using scrapy >t. I have made various manga downloader scripts in the past
>>647 pata hai chodu, sirf demonstration tha,
>>644 Nice

(6.49 KB 225x225 download (12).png)
Anon 12/04/2022 (Sun) 05:59:56 ID:d192bd No. 650 [Reply]
How to be good at influence manipulation persuasion charisma and funny?
>>650 charisma on wheels
>>650 Post all the resources
>>650 Bunperino
>>650 Robert Greene - Art of seduction It will teach you the principles of seduction and the psychology. Better than the pickup artist bullshit. Once you understand that, you can work on yourself with your target in mind.

(713.97 KB 1200x1830 1447772e26709e7e7001ad3ecd31053a.png)
Anon 12/04/2022 (Sun) 07:36:39 ID:5488f2 No. 659 [Reply]
How to download Old pc games(GTA , project IGI , Battlefield) on windows 11
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>>660 vm kyu? compatibility mode me bhi to install ho jaata hai.
>>662 buy a cheap hdd. or spend 5usd on a vps and complete the games
>>663 yeah but the textures do not work properly for older games, according to some people
>>659 >How to download Old pc games(GTA , project IGI , Battlefield) on windows 11 just get them from steem/GoG like usual?? or just get them from torrebt trackers >Its takes like 50gb. a normal shindoze installation shouldn't take more than 15GB you absolute mongloid >>660 >vm kyu? compatibility mode me bhi to install ho jaata hai. this. >>663 >yeah but the textures do not work properly for older games, according to some people kuch problem ni ayegi mn bhot old games kheli h dindoze p koi grapix ki dikkat ni ayi ab tak

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(377.74 KB 970x1370 IMG_20221203_094611.jpg)
Anon 12/03/2022 (Sat) 04:16:46 ID:d62edb No. 623 [Reply]
>koi Spotify mod apk dedo yaar pls
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>>626 >>627 thank you
>>627 This is v good for ads, but it doesn't let us download does it? is there one for downloading and ads both or smth?
>>631 >smth Spotify premium plan!
>>631 downloading directly from spotify is not possible atm, the drm has not been cracked. use the resources i posted in >>>/r/4 to download music. and stop typing in the abbreviated chamaroid lingo
>>623 I use Balatan's mod on mobilism.org. It's stable and I haven't faced any issues.