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Anon 01/16/2023 (Mon) 08:29:29 ID:7f8e49 No. 1024
Requesting MATLAB courses from the original MathWorks website. Apparently these money-hungry fuckers have even made their courses locked behind a paywall, and my university is so low tier that they force us to use pirated copies of the software. Pretty please my dear pajeets
>>1024 Why the fuck do people use Matlab in 2023 ? Learn Scilab or R or Python with pandas. Anyway, many torrent websites have the course you are looking for.
>>1025 already did python, doing this now for uni syllabus and the extra skillset. also i did look for torrents but didnt find anything
>>1024 >>1026 link the course retard, I'll look for it
>>1027 https://in.mathworks.com/learn/training/classroom-courses.html?q=&page=1 anything from this catalogue would help a lot especially the fundamental ones
>>1029 neither of these links are useful, you fucking troglodyte. one just links to the course page (that means its STILL PAYWALLED) and the other's just some literal who course with a broken link. so maybe use your fucking brain next time and leave a thread be when you don't know what you're doing.