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Anon 01/23/2023 (Mon) 11:54:11 ID:bf7aef No. 1074
Any websites out there to get classifieds for job advertisements of local newspapers for free?
>>1074 archive.ph also, kys rakulposter
Newspaper costs like 1rs and has somewhat decent resale value. Start with that if you want to be productive.
>>1075 What do I look up in there? >>1076 >if you want I don't have the choice anymore. I have to, lol.
>>1077 randi ke bache chamar madarchod nufag, pura search promt likhke nahi dunga, khud dimaag laga bhangi.
>>1078 This is /r/ though. Spoonfeed me please.
>>1079 abe yaar, absolute state of underage brainlets. Make a list of newspapers that have what you're looking for, type "newspapername e-paper" on your search engine, find the epaper link and search it on archive.ph or 12ft.io
>>1080 >underage Raqulcel is an Unkil kek
>>1080 >underage >doesn't know rakulfag is closing 30 years Kek another newfaggot outs himself
>>1081 >>1088 Please guys. I get crippling anxiety every time someone reminds me of my age.
>>1089 Hey be happy that you'll die sooner