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(204.94 KB 1600x2095 po9im33scwx71.jpg)
Old Inch Thread Anon 03/12/2023 (Sun) 14:24:51 ID:b0aaa3 No. 1590
this is an old inch ss thread. post your old screenshots
(852.16 KB 1277x567 Screenshot 2021-03-16 140529.png)
(91.60 KB 1061x317 Screenshot 2021-03-16 230359.png)
(167.16 KB 1896x923 Screenshot 2021-04-02 124245.png)
(67.75 KB 1746x355 Screenshot 2021-07-31 195939.png)
(232.40 KB 1871x537 Screenshot 2021-08-16 121258.png)
(125.97 KB 1866x422 Screenshot 2021-08-23 142455.png)
(151.20 KB 713x385 Screenshot 2021-09-12 001500.png)
(577.04 KB 1080x1635 ye.png)
(622.66 KB 719x1349 IMG_20230312_200455.jpg)
(589.62 KB 1080x1706 inchu.png)
(662.15 KB 719x1420 IMG_20230312_200820.jpg)
(212.29 KB 1080x1802 opp.png)
>>1590 >>1590 so many screenshots and not even a single screenshot of my thread
>>1602 i was there when this thread was posted, location is noida.
>>1593 spooky if true
>>1606 Same yaar never began for us
Ek CO poisoning wala bhangi tha uska kya hua? Did he ever tell reason of sepukku?
>>1590 Kekkk that picrel
>>1593 Spooky yaara I am alone at home and this has inspired me to take a stroll with some lovecraftian esque music
>>1595 Mat rula
>>1600 did he do it
>>1614 General dong Groomcord pe dm ya sever me msg ka reply kyu nhi de rha hai chamar tu?
(2.87 MB 498x280 koharu_too.gif)
>>1599 This is such a weird feeling. I completely forgot it but just remembered from reading that this was made by me. HAHAH
>>1615 I have ascended Most scary yet exhilarating experience The world is nothing but a illusion , take time anons and live however you want ,this world is your randi The gods wants us to win
>>1590 there was a screenshot from /pol/ floating around in around 2020, why BJP was doomed to eventually become Congress lite the moment it actually won an election, because that's how Indian politics is structured. Anyone have that?
>>1617 bruh
>>1619 This sounds high IQ, someone post
(155.54 KB 1153x481 Screenshot 2021-09-06 013410.png)
(390.10 KB 1771x905 Screenshot 2021-11-12 175425.png)
>>1622 Fag