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(104.12 KB 623x593 IMG-20220109-WA0019.jpg)
Resources megathread Anon 10/17/2022 (Mon) 17:33:24 ID:fcffab No. 4
Post useful tools, resources, guides and other stuff. I'll scrape the links from the previous archive and post it in a bit. PIN this, puranavid
>>4 For better organization, this will be the only generic resources thread; all others must be topic-specific or they'll be deleted.
>>4 I have the link to the previous archive.
>>7 Can we do adult requests like in the /r/ board in 4chan?
>>8 I'm compiling all links into a paste, will post in a bit
>>10 No. See >>1
>>4 Cricket live streaming websites: criclive.art , ipldekh site , jiotv.cf , https://pakcric.net/ , https://t20.webcric.com/ , https://touchcric.com/, https://mob.livecricket.is/ , cric7.net
>>14 Tell me one reason why doesnt this chan allow porno?
>>36 >chan this is not reddit. plenty of porn is available on 4cuck, plebbit and pvt trackers.
>>20 Add watch.cricstream.me The streams are from australian network
>>38 replies are non editable. Just keep dumping resources here, anyone who wants to find something will use ctrl+F
>>4 I want useful 4chan archives. Someone must have a directory or mega link to it.
>>40 >>4 also feed me some resources to learn about computer, its history and how it works. Some series or lectures, anything you can think of
>>4 >>42 Great but i wanted the archives sorted out. Like all the useful stuff filtered out
>>43 good luck with that, no one is going to do it
>>44 4cuck gets 1 million threads daily
>>45 >>44 Some do it. like there was a thread of all the useful charts and stuff. Was pretty useful
>>46 No thread. Mega link
>>41 jewgle is your best friend. go to charles babbage's wiki page, find related links through it and dive into the rabbithole
>>4 >>48 Got it
gay board
>>4 >>62 Anon i.... I feel really small after seeing all this. Really shows me i know nothing about internet yet. From where do you gather all this stuff?
>>63 lurk on the internet and use a search engine
>>64 >>64 Hey anon, https://github.com/Clemensss/TeachYourselfCS-PT/blob/master/TeachYourselfCS-PT.md Iss tarah ke teach yourself wale links ki hi talaash hai mujhe. Aur links share krna agar mile toh
>>67 search ossu github
(53.65 KB 338x601 hey anon.jpg)
>>4 For self learning higher mathematics: https://realnotcomplex.com/#about To fulfil all your competitive programming fantasies: https://github.com/lnishan/awesome-competitive-programming
>>126 Sites to find mega links?
>>146 >mega links be more specific, retard
>>152 I mean mega links just like open directories with movies, games, anime and shiet I found one 18TB link yesterday with tons of shit. Thought if i could find more
EBOOK DRM REMOVAL GUIDE https://pastebin.com/KwTBSjrK
>>155 >the Linux tutorial will be revived in the future, if things change. :'(
>>4 Please make a board for Hindu trandi posting
>>188 Lub you pyaare
>>4 http://forum.doom9.org/ the go-to place for DVD RIPPPING and ENCODING
>>200 shit-ton of miscellanous resources, use archive.ph to archive them for later use, since they can be taken down
>>203 the first link is a revolt server where people dump resources the second one is from the repo in >>202
>>204 Yeah got it. Can I request for something too in the chat?
>>205 #questions
500gb cloud storage Get pcloud 500gb for free [3months] ‎ step 1 : Register https://u.pcloud.com/ ‎ step 2 : Verify your email ‎ step 3 : go to https://www.pcloud.com/promo.html ‎ step 4 : use promo code : PHOTOMANAGERS
>>207 Worked. Should i make multiple accounts just in case for future use if the code is gonna expire?
>>211 of course
https://www.reddit.com/r/opencalibre/comments/votvuh/calishot_202207_find_ebooks_amongst_246_calibre/ https://gitlab.com/toolbox-resources/toolbox trakt.tv – can integrate with various piracy add-ons for Stremio/Kodi, etc, to automatically keep track of what you've watched. Also provides recommendations, curated lists, etc. real-debrid.com – they resell premium hosts and have a cache of most popular torrents that can be downloaded or streamed over https. This one isn't free though, couple bucks a month. Considering they need to pay for the premium accounts and the bandwidth to cache those torrents, something like this is never going to be free. Best used with Kodi/Stremio/etc. Webtor.io It'll torrent the files for you using their servers and let you stream the video through your browser or just download the files. https://leechall.com/ For downloading files from file hosting sites (extmatrix etc. https://unblockit.nz/#books
PS4 stuff: https://www.psxhax.com/tags/psx-place/ downloadha.Ir https://www.reddit.com/r/PkgLinks/ (private, you need an invite to get access) https://sailorvgame.org/
>>215 enough posting for today, although i bet no one reads this shit
>>216 I do anon. I do
>>217 Although I think I have way more info than i will ever probably use.
>>221 the quest never ends :)
>>222 True dat
>>224 nevermind, it got messed up in the markdown formatting use the source-repo, it was copied from that
(230.33 KB 1011x935 JzkxfdA4.png)
>>4 A BEGGINER'S GUIDE TO STAY ANONYMOUS ON THE INTERWEBZ brought to you straight from a pvt tracker, picrel https://anonfiles.com/L5G2icFdyb/Henderson_Lance_-_Darknet_A_Beginner_s_Guide_to_Staying_Anonymous_2012_epub
>>4 80TB Mega link with 4k movies and anime some other shit https://mega.nz/folder/iYQ3SYbA#_o9eO4o1eiCd8QsCTU7iUw
>>231 https://www.reddit.com/r/Scholar/ https://sci-hub.se/ archive.org for scientific articles and research papers
>>4 https://vmbot.fsirc.net/ irc.fsirc.net/6697 (TLS) #vmbot :0 (((TOR is blocked))) freevps
>>265 lmk if anyone needs a guide for irc,xdcc,dc++,emule or any piracy platform,really. >t.veteran
>>4 https://pi-hole.net/ network wide ad blocking
>>267 Just dump all of it here.
>>274 no, i won't put all the effort of making them for no one to read. I've been the only person actually adding resources ITT, not sure if anyone else even looks at them apart from a couple of people
>>275 Aight. btw may i ask what did it took to be an expert in all this?
>>276 I have been pirating and surfing the internet for more than a decade now, and I have a brain,knowledge about all kinds of internet cultures.
>>277 You did a course, got a degree or something? Or all by yourself? And you got a job?
>>278 ghar ki chaabi bhej du mail karke?
>>282 I am genuinely asking. I am the one who made the very first resource mining thread a month ago and i am following this thread all the time. i know you shared most of the resources >>224 I am this guy with vpn. Just give a vague idea about what do you do for a living if you can?
>>284 I work in cybersec
>>286 Nice. I am also thinking about pursuing this line. How much do you earn? Must be a good sum
>>287 Also if you can give me an overview (precautions) before getting into cybersec
>>4 https://automatetheboringstuff.com/ must read for beginners, 10/10 would recommend
>>4 >>35 I can't find Millennium Actress FLAC OST anywhere. Not on these sites not on torrent sites.
>>316 well, you'll have to a either a) use a private tracker or b) contact other weebfags and make a request on places like /r/ in 4cuck. i can't help you with this since i am not a weebfag. however, if you find it on a music streaming/paywall locked website, hit me up
>>317 >>317 Found it. Just required a better Google search along with vpn. Thanks for the advice tho anon
>>4 My sim has been shut down. I had a telegram account linked with it. Is there a way to log in to that account? or a way to know where is that account logged in right now cause i dont remember that.
>>4 http://pastebin.com/uF0NV5Nf 4chan's /k/ newest mega torrent, The Ar/k/ -- over 300 GB of military manuals, weapons manuals, hundreds of gunsmithing videos, weapons training, explosives, book, board culture, etc. PSA: THIS IS ILLEGAL INFORMATION(LOL) SINCE IT CONTAINS ACTUAL GUN BUILDING TUTORIALS, HAVE FUN! Fuck you ajit doval
>>375 Anon link showing some texts only...
>>375 Its a magnet link...but anon no seeders! :(
>>378 https://imgur.io/UcJFww4?r diy bomb tutorial, use it in your next anti muslim riot
>>378 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f4294ed6278a78be6200131044a7e058017c2dbf&dn=The+Do%2Fk%2Fument&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.publicbt.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.istole.it%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337 this one has 4 peers, should be about 96% complete
>>385 https://tpb.party/torrent/13561569/ that's about it for the do/k/ument
Any moneymaxx guides or forums
https://piracy.vercel.app/ all websites related to piracy
>>403 12ft.io for reading news behind paywall other things you can do is by disabling javascript by downloading noscript
>>404 oh yes, fantastic website. some news outlets are censored from it though. archive.ph is another way of doing it, although it rarely works nowadays. i have full guudes for paywalls, will post them later
>>4 https://pastebin.pl/view/f19e4e48 list of major P2P release groups
>>4 intext:"Search Term" intitle:"index.of./" (flac) -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) https://www.google.com/search?q=intitle%3A%22index+of%22+%2B%22last+modified%22+%2B%22parent+directory%22+.flac http://palined.com/search/
>>4 teamos.xyz , teamos-hkrg.com , rutracker.org , filecr.com , m0nkrus ws, 1337x.to , rarbg.to software piracy
>>4 avaxhome.ws
My beloved anons use these apps and sites to make your life easier. >https://skillshare.heckernohecking.repl.co/ Just paste any skill share link, and download ! >Blackhole Free music app with good ui >Simple login Highly recommended this >1DM This download manager can download any video from any streaming site. >Seedr.cc Torrent downloader.! >https://tinywow.com/ Everything in one place >https://zetflix.zone/ Best Netflix alternative >Bitwarden Manages your password, also has browser extension! >Use this trick to find any content °go to Google search for any new movie or series °if you can't find it, then go to bottom you will see something called DMCA complaints,tap on DMCA complaints,there you can see all the sites which used to host the file, so mostly you can find that movie there.! >Fooview app Just use it anons! Have to attend class anons..will post some other sites and apps later.
>>491 I'd recommend jdownloader2 and yt-dlp over idm
>>492 Why? IDM works great to me.
>>493 For Android pyaare.! Use 1DM
(658.50 KB 1080x2400 Screenshot_20221121-115655.png)
>>492 For Android use 1DM
>>495 >>494 >>495 Yeah For android, IDM is perfect.
>>493 It's not open source. Jdownloader2 and ytdlp are foss and have more functionality. I'm talking about desktops
Requesting Football and all other sports stream links
>>511 BASADO. that github link is kino yaar
>>513 Yeahh. How come something so kino was hidden for so long?
>>514 i don't post most of my stuff since no one even reads this thread, it's been just ne screaming into the void for the past week
>>515 >Imlying there is even more stuff like this Whaaaaaaaat
>>517 not for you disgusting leeches, won't post anything till i see actual activity and contributions here
>>518 You will post. I know you will. You always do
My beloved anons use these apps and sites to make your life easier. >https://skillshare.heckernohecking.repl.co/ Just paste any skill share link, and download ! >Blackhole Free music app with good ui >Simple login Highly recommended this >1DM This download manager can download any video from any streaming site. >Seedr.cc Torrent downloader.! >https://tinywow.com/ Everything in one place >https://zetflix.zone/ Best Netflix alternative >Bitwarden Manages your password, also has browser extension! >Use this trick to find any content °go to Google search for any new movie or series °if you can't find it, then go to bottom you will see something called DMCA complaints,tap on DMCA complaints,there you can see all the sites which used to host the file, so mostly you can find that movie there.! >Fooview app Just use it anons! Have to attend class anons..will post some other sites and apps later. Remember fuck apple!
>>531 BASED. Post moar on Stem topic if you have
Every Paid chess course and chess resources like chessbase , video courses on Chessable by GMs etc here https://t.me/ChessDVDBooksProg
>>538 Its really hard to find good tele channels and bots like these. Post moar
https://mega.nz/folder/kj5hWI6J#0cyw0-ZdvZKOJW3fPI6RfQ/folder/suBSiKYI /sa related. Not very high quality but can be useful
>>564 It's already been shared
>>579 What's this?
>>580 teri ma ke rape ki samagri
Deepfaking 1. Learn the basics of stable diffusion from r/stablediffusion or /g/ or yt (should just take a couple of days) 2. Find about 40 highres pics of the person you wanna deepfake 3. Train a model on her pics using dreambooth [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ravETUa84P8&t=7s] (many more vids on this) 4. Now you can make simple body shots from text2image by just typing 5. For porn,find some pics where the the girls has similar hairstyle and body to your subject 6. Load the pics on img2img tab,use inpainting on the face 7. Generate square outputs for best results,also generate in the res of the original pic for best quality Useful links >Updates https://rentry.org/sdupdates3 >Local install Nvidia GPU: https://rentry.org/voldy | https://github.com/AbdBarho/stable- diffusion-webui-docker AMD GPU: https://rentry.org/sdg-link CPU: https://rentry.org/cputard >Cloud Hosted Install Colab: https://colab.research.google.com/d rive/1kw3egmSn-KgWsikYvOMjJkVDsPLjE Mzl Paperspace: https://rentry.org/865dy >SaaS Sites txt2img: https://huggingface.co/spaces/stabi lityai/stable-diffusion | https://beta.dreamstudio.ai | https://dezgo.com | https://pornpen.ai img2img: https://huggingface.co/spaces/huggi ngface/diffuse-the-rest | https://dezgo.com/image2image Inpainting: https://rentry.org/sdg-link >SD plugins for apps Krita: https://www.flyingdog.de/sd/en | https://github.com/sddebz/stable-di ffusion-krita-plugin | https://github.com/Interpause/auto- sd-krita Photoshop: https://github.com/Invary/IvyPhotos hopDiffusion | https://github.com/internationalTD/ defuser Blender & GIMP: https://rentry.org/sdg-link >Models, Textual Inversion & Embeddings https://rentry.org/sdmodels https://rentry.org/embeddings >Guides NovelAi: https://rentry.org/sdg_FAQ Animation: https://rentry.org/AnimAnon Inpainting/Outpainting: https://rentry.org/drfar Upscaling images: https://rentry.org/sdupscale Textual inversion: https://rentry.org/textard Training: https://rentry.org/informal-trainin g-guide Hypernetworks: https://rentry.org/hypernetwork4dum dums Model Merges: https://rentry.org/lftbl Dreambooth: https://rentry.org/sdg-link >Tools & Resources Index: https://pharmapsychotic.com/tools.h tml | https://rentry.org/sdgoldmine Artist Styles: https://rentry.org/sdg-link Prompt sharing: https://lexica.art/ | https://krea.ai/ Wildcard list: https://github.com/Lopyter/stable-s oup-prompts img2img skeleton: https://app.posemy.art/ Dataset: https://rentry.org/sdg-link
>>593 if you are deepfaking only run locally or you could get in trouble since it saves everything on your drive
>>593 Thanks anon
>>594 How to run dreambooth locally yaar? Is it possible? 8GB RAM?
>>4 https://hastebin.com/xoluwosiqe.rb a scraper that gets all the media files on inch/b. you can download the files by running wget on the json file obtained you have to install scrapy for this to work and place the file inside the app > scrapy newproject inch > [place the file inside inch and save it as inch.py] > run it this way: scrapy crawl inch
>>4 https://share.vx-underground.org/Conti/ leaked underground scripts and toolkits from the conti ransomware (xxxhaxxorxxx420 content)
Can anyone post any links related to gore mixtapes?
>>697 it's not allowed on this website, but go to 4cuck or liveleak or kaotic to find gore
>>702 Where to find gore on 4cuck?
>>703 apni ma ki burr me khoj, har chiz spoonfeed nahi karunga
>>4 anonib.com imageboard, predecessor to 8chan
>>706 Its a porn imageboard.
>>707 porn is allowed, yes, just like 4cuck and many other sites. but it also contains other boards.
>>708 It's all porn lmao. Very few non porn boards
>>709 you just described 4chan
>>712 Is this chan even alive ?
(65.06 KB 900x900 gan.jpeg)
>>4 huge list of resources on all sorts of ai generative tools https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N57oAF7j9SuHcy5zg2VZWhttLwR_uEldeMr-VKzlVIQ/edit
>>4 https://hastebin.com/ofimewogoh.yaml list of leftist imageboards
>>725 What is this ad infested cancer?
>>726 >not using ublock in 2022 >making retarded replies like the redditfaggot he is already over for you, kys
>>727 Phone pe hu bhangi mai
>>697 https://www.deathplz.com/ https://withkoji.com/@GoreSites DON'T DELETE THIS JANNIES, I'M JUST LINKING TO WIKIS, NOT ACTUAL GORE
>>800 absolutely based. every course is a mooc
>>4 https://www.newscon.net/d/ rapidgator link gen
>>809 What does this do? Does it download through premium speed?
>>4 https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/mod/25points.asp historical and political information source
>>820 Ram lalla ki kripa aap pe bani rahe
>>4 landchad.net selfhosting tutorials
>>4 Osint and people lookup resources: Anywho.com Spokeo.com Intelius.com Whitepages.com Yoursosteam.wordpress.com
>>849 Folder expired
>>851 That's why i posted the archives,look above you
>>850 Nooiiicceee
>>4 https://xprm.net/ Music requests
>>4 https://git.uhwot.cf/uhwot/dzunlock.git one of the best tools for music piracy, basically gives you deezer premium
>>4 https://ee3.me/ invite code: mpgh or 1hack
>>4 https://mega.nz/folder/DkMQxJhI#utn4PqArSxuQmuh1mB_mvg money making courses compilation https://songtostems.com/ isolate vocals from a song https://uhdmovies.org.in/ 4k movies https://gettyimage.7xm.xyz/ Gettyimages stock photos downloader
(1.62 MB 498x280 disgusted-no.gif)
>>4 anime and manga resources https://theindex.moe/ """""""""quality"""""""""" check https://sneedex.moe/
>>4 https://meet.jit.si/ a free and open source alternative to zoom, ms teams, jewgle meet etc. unlimited time and users for free
>>4 uselessweb.com
>>4 effedupmovies.com
>>4 Icebergcharts.com r/icebergcharts
rentry.co/oraclevps lifetime vps for free, needs a cc
>>4 https://www.blomp.com/ free cloud storage
>>4 https://fidloo.com/cinexplore/ Tv show tracker Likewise.com : multimedia recommender https://www.newscon.net/d/ : premium download link generator
fontsfree.net https://mrfreetools.com/ https://podcast.adobe.com/enhance ai audio enhancer https://github.com/wanam/YouTubeAdAway yt adblocker for the stock android app(revanced>>>)
https://sellthing.co/generator premium accounts generator https://github.com/krlvm/PowerTunnel bypass isp censorship on windows, mac and linux without using a vpn
>>4 rezi.one btdb.to btdig.com torrent/dht crawlers
>>4 https://rentry.co/voldy stable diffusion guide
How do I get football manager 22 yaaro? Don't say buy it
>>970 check if it's been cracked on r/crackwatch. if it has, download it from 1337x,rutracker,fitgirl, masquerade or dodi
>>971 Thanks for help pyaare
>>999 based trips, I'm going to GET the first proper get from /r/
>>4 https://vimm.net/ old games and ROMs
>>1001 Thanks.
>>4 Consyn.io p2p file sharing 15.ai https://skillshare.heckernohecking.repl.co/ Reddit-chan.vercel.app https://winmoes.com/ Opentodolist.rpdev.net
>>1018 thanks for that. do you have a complete and indexable /t/ archive?
>>1019 I just copied it from the anon who posted it on /b/. Ask this on/b/
>>4 http://astronaut.io/ petittube.com obscure/interesting jewtube vids finders https://walkccc.me/LeetCode/ solutions for all leetcode problems, including premium ones https://pastebin.com/Kgui74wd netflix ripper https://rentry.co/privatebotinvite a trick to invite private bots to any server https://github.com/dipu-bd/lightnovel-crawler https://github.com/anshumanv/awesome-anime-sources https://github.com/anime-dl/anime-downloader
https://flix.smashystream.xyz/ stream movies, series n shiet
Yaaro is there a way to access (download) stuff from Scribd for free? Does there free trial involve giving in your card number?
>>1037 jewgle karna seekh le chamar https://scribd.vpdfs.com/ https://scribfree.com/ docdownloader.com scfull.com https://scribd.downloader.is/
>>4 can someone tell me how to download premium slides from slidemembers.com
>>1039 By paying
>>1065 >>1065 Hmm what a nice resource, haina Jannie?
>>1162 >>1164 stop advertising your shit here chamar
>>1165 What is it?
>>1166 Teri ma ke rape ki samagri
>>1128 sank you
>>7 Collect Knowledge
>>1350 range ban these bots, retarded jannies. Roz is thread me bakchodi karte hai
Can I get access to Spotify premium for free (without making new accounts)? If yes then how yaaro? I have already tried blackstone it is fine but not good enough. Doesn't have songs that I want to hear
>>1353 you don't need premium, use these: https://github.com/xManager-App/xManager (android) https://github.com/amd64fox/SpotX (windows) >inb4 muh quality 320kbps is not "quality", just torrent the music and get FLACs at that point
>>1354 Thank you pyaare
Any ways to get latest pirated Magazines?
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