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Anon 11/18/2022 (Fri) 10:52:36 ID:76b6f3 No. 467
how to write resume? i dont want to look like i hired some professional to write a resume for me and present a polished shit
>>467 Go search it on YouTube or some globohomo site retard. Also jannies shift this to >>>/r/
>>468 they look too professional >globohomo site im worried if some boomer hr would think i hired some professional to write it and that im a fake
>>467 Bump Will be applying for jobs soon
>>467 Help your juniors chamar Bumprino and you can refer r/financialcareers even though that site is shit they have some good resources
sab bacche mera muh mai leke naacho
>>467 go on overleaf, pick any template (jake's or modern deddy preferably). the only imp sections in resumes are experience, eduction, projects, skill and achievements. don't fill it with non-domain related bullshit like hobbies, bio etc. every section you mention should be bullet pointed and relevant, have strong verbs. what you did and what did you use should be clear and try to quantise anything that can be quantised.
>>467 few tips: >don't write bullshit like "i want to leverage my skills and help the client to achieve the customer's success" as your career goal. >write things that you specifically want to achieve, and with little to no corporate lingo. >even if you don't know that right now, that's okay. you can always write something like, "i want to build expertise in machine learning by learning from the smartest/experienced in the field. i would like to keep up with the latest trends in my field and applying them at work to make meaningful impact to the company." i just wrote whatever came to my mind. remember to keep it short. but it has to be specific to you. >if you are experienced, adding tables of experience help rather than an essay of your achievements. >write down what are some of the things you're most skilled at >mention tools and technology you've used along the way. >mention interests: things that you're broadly interested in working on given a chance, learning opportunities you look forward to etc. >if you want to fill in the space, don't hesitate to mention your level of expertise in your area of work: expert, amateur, beginner, proficient etc. be prepared to answer tough questions when your rate yourself as expert while having 1-2 year exp and so on. >as your grow in your career, shorter the resume the better. >add github links to projects you've worked on. always a plus. >if you've got any awards at work, mention them. they're useless and nobody cares of your past achievements, but having them doesn't hurt. >more importantly, mention any courses you've underwent. even if it's a udemy course. >mention any self learning from your part. this will go a long way. i still prefer candidates who have the tendency of self learning. >remember that resume is your picture in a way and at the time of interview it should match your actual self. any mismatch in that creates a wrong impression about you. in short: >your area of expertise/area of interest should be clear in your resume >it should show some self learning on your part >it should show that in your X years of experience you've learned Y things and you're clearly better than before.
>>467 Use canva app anon! I use that
>>467 >Beat the ATS. >Aim for a something like this https://github.com/ianliuy/Resume
>>467 In any markdown programe # Name #### Email #### Tel ## Work Exp |Position|Firm|Duration| --- ## Publications List ## Education |Degree|Institute|Graduation| ## Skills ## Languages ## References --- Signature Date --- Anything more is bloat.