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Indian forums/imageboards Anon 10/19/2022 (Wed) 11:15:33 ID:590701 No. 68
what are some based indian forums/imageboards? Imageboards :i know of inch and the subsequent indian boards on famous imageboards. Forums: forums.bharat-rakshak.com - has a very good defence section, and allows political talks, is mostly a rightwing discussion hub. defenceforumindia.com - good resource for defence enthusiasts but other topics aren't permitted. >Inb4 quora and reddit i don't want soycel media recommendations POST MOARtm
>>68 https://www.skyscrapercity.com/forums/india.450/ to check out pictures and news on latest infrastructure projects going on in india. Pretty good updates. Also news, details and first hand pics on latest property/real-estate projects/key infrastructure projects like airports, metros, shipping ports etc.
>>68 I want the one with funny people and indian demographic
>>68 How do I get into bharat rakshak forum? But I want to access their general discussion forum which requires registration, but it doesn't allow free email providers. How do I register anon? Please help if you have registered there.
>>68 https://forum.irfca.org/ - Indian railfan forum. Comprehensive discussion on Indian railways and related news.
>>71 yaara you need an invite to get in , or you will have to use an obscure email service and tell them it's paid. the admins are very friendly, try contacting them if you still can't get in
>>68 this looks good yaara...kis chiz ka hai ye?
>>73 > obscure email service like? I used proton mail and I did manage to submit the registration form, but never received the confirmation mail.
>>74 which one?
>>75 an edu email or a selfhosted one. you could also try some invite based mail services which offer a lot of domains
>>76 flag
>>77 I don't have an edu mail, currently unemployed. Do you know any way to obtain a free edu mail? >Self hosting isn't an option for me, I don't know programming and requires money. >invite based email services same problem, who is gonna give me the invite?
>>79 uggh greentext got fucked.
>>79 I'll try to find something for you, I have many pvt email services. Give me a few days.
>>81 I'll make a thread on /r/ when I get it, keep lurking
>>82 Thank you very much fren.
>>68 Indiansforguns.com : another great forum
>>68 Some comfy indian forums please?
>>85 xbhp and team-bhp if you're interested in cars and bikes
Any good website to discuss hinduism and indology? Never found a good website.
>>94 try r/hinduism i guess, i don't think other forums are popular enough
>>98 as mentioned in the post, I already frequent them, they're dead
(77.34 KB 719x541 Fe4Q2n2aEAEpxJv.jpg)
(42.23 KB 719x313 Fe4URUJaYAAUUnU.jpg)
>>97 No thanks.
>>100 kek
>>100 trannies tend to hijack everything there is for attention, why should this subreddit be an exception
>>79 send your email anon, I have an invite
>>106 abc.xyz.buttlicker[at]gmail[dot]com
>>79 >>100 >>107 These are the same anon BTW. Janny banned me, so had to resort to vpn.
just putting up a trip.
>>106 Have you sent it anon?
>>110 will send it before 5 30, at work rn
>>112 check your inbox
>>113 Dhanyevaad mitra.
>>114 lmk if it works on brf
jatland.com jaat wiki and forum mostly dead but wiki is kino
>>141 inhone indian history ka bhi section banaya tha na
>>72 This forum has been dead for a long time
>>68 The flag of merged Roman & Mauryan empires
>>68 Bump
>>301 Bum0
>>187 It didn't work for me. I chose the firemail.cc domain. What did you chose?
>>409 set up your trip
>>411 I guess it's this.
>>411 are you the one who gave me the invite?
>>416 yes. i used the default cock.li domain and got into brf. try contacting them through their faq page, basically reminding them to enable your account while sucking their dick and providing reasons to get in there. they'll do it within a week if your essay is good enough
>>426 fuck. I actually sent them a mail through my gmail account too, in case the firemail one gets thrown into spam, but to no avail. Can you give an ss of the forum? I want to see kind of discussions happen there.
(322.89 KB 1080x1842 20221116_001505.png)
>>428 did you use the contact us page on the website? it directly pages you to the sysadmin. try it, should work. the discussions are mainly technical, related to various military topics. a few threads are focussed on foreign policies and other non mil stuff. picrel is a random sample from a discussion about a specific missile engine. can't post more, on mobile atm.
>>428 dude, your cockli account will get 4 invites. Can you email one of them back to the email I sent you yours from? Need to invite someone
(74.68 KB 1448x537 Screenshot 2022-11-22 160351.png)
>>516 I don't have any invites.
>>533 trip
>>426 >providing reasons to get in there I am interested in military tech. What more should I write?