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meditator dong 03/26/2023 (Sun) 05:17:25 ID:149924 No. 3782 [Reply]
A former American Buddhist monk who lived in caves in Burma for 30 years recently put out a video discussing the oldest known Buddhist scripture, and throughout the talk he makes the connection that the oldest Buddhist ideas are in many ways heretical to the Buddhist religion and are tightly aligned to many of the ideas of Jiddu Krishnamurti. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlQvnxQeU64
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>>3782 don't click on jewtube links. Text source / nonglowie-video or btfo
>>3789 Kyu ?
>>3789 Iski mummy sleeveless aur bottomless pehen ke supermarket jaati hai
>>3782 >Lodu Krishnamurti pass

Anon 03/28/2023 (Tue) 15:51:39 ID:e20904 No. 3800 [Reply]
Is this good?
>>3800 Use the aurobindo one.
>>3800 The best
>>3807 Bangali (BTW I am a nigga)

(60.11 KB 497x617 images (5).jpeg)
Anon 03/28/2023 (Tue) 02:15:23 ID:7d68aa No. 3796 [Reply]
did you guys have any spiritual experiences yet? please do share them
>>3796 Closest thing was doing breathing techniques and realizing some funny inner itching in my head.
>>3796 Saw a blueish glow when I was doing meditating
>>3796 I remember playing Max Payne 3 and listening to some edm music Most of the time really , I don't some kaleidoscopic visions or talking to a entity but a clarity of superhuman level that's sooooo blissful Just pure awareness, happens to me when I start to think really badly while doing walks and just trying to understand myself and all the amassed experiences
>>3796 Also after intense exercises doing pranayama made me feel light and i felt like I was on ganja
>>3796 I had a relationship end, afterwards I was in a deep despair, depression, saddness etc. I was all the lowest emotions on the consciousness map combined and I felt like I was going to die. I was ready to die of emotional pain. And that was for some weeks. But there was always a little part of resistance in me that tried to push the pain away, but once I gave up to that and was ready to surrender then at that moment I decided to ask help from the universe. Before I thought spiritual people were dumb but the pain cracked that part of my ego and I was ready to recieve. When I asked for help, my body went into meditation and I lost all control of it, I was simply observing what was happening. I did a standing meditation with deep strong breaths and started to dry vomit and tearing up, for 5-10 mins, then there was a surge of electricity in my brain and I was enveloped in deeeep bliss. With my eyes I could see love, my body was so light I felt I was walking on clouds, almost levitating. At that moment I forgave everyone everything, I could see how everyone has been trying their hardest to live their lives and my pains and hatreds for people dissapeared, I could see their perspectives. For 3 days I was just soo deep in bliss, and when I went to sleep I went straight into samadhi, I was conscious but only of consciousness. I was completely detached from the body. I was a deep darkness, but it wasn’t scary, but complete wholeness. Afterwards my ego death started, I have been crying every day for 1+ years now because of the heart opening, past months I have relaxed and stabilised. Sometimes at night my body gets fully electrocuted when kundalini tries to pierce the egg in my head, one time it almost managed and my body started to fill with the liquid light, which was sooo sothing and blissful but it went back down. My nervous system is doing healing to hold more consciousness, it goes in waves.

(530.00 KB 500x200 darth-vader-pyre.gif)
Who will do your antim sanskar Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 18:17:36 ID:451d91 No. 3756 [Reply]
Brahmachari Hanuman Bhakt, you are not officially a sanyasi. You dont have a guru or Shishyas. Once you die, ever thought who will light your pyre? Even if I accept all your arguments for brahmacharya, the thought of there being an ambiguity over who will light my chita scares me.
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>>3767 I will do it
>>3780 Very nice of you anon
>>3760 Being a sanyasi requires the most ambitious soul contrary to their goals Based
>>3756 No one should care about what happens to their body acter their death. I can understand the relatives' concern, but you should not fret over your body after your death.
>>3797 *after

(57.72 KB 299x448 adam-eve-and.jpeg)
(37.13 KB 539x405 images.jpeg)
Snake Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 04:02:36 ID:b21999 No. 3719 [Reply]
Redpill me on the reptile. What's its endgoal?
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(46.50 KB 516x595 naralion.jpeg)
>>3725 नरसिंह ??
>>3728 As per this theory, our souls are a part of the Ultimate consciousness but we were separated from it and enslaved in the physical world by these reptilians who feed on our suffering and negativity caused by this physical world. Reptilians pretend to be our dead loved ones or gods in afterlife and convince us into reincarnating again so that we can never be free.
(50.81 KB 500x500 images (7).jpeg)
>>3766 So in gnostic terms >Ultimate consciousness Monad >Reptilians Agents (like in the movie Matrix) of demiurge I really hope that Hinduism is correct on moksha.
>>3719 Being killed by Indra

>>3257 Janny ke peeche chhupke report maar poosmanda chamar
>>3268 Maarega hi katuwa, phattu to hai hi
(209.55 KB 234x406 Profit (2).png)
>>3257 Abdool yaar
>>3784 Abe bhosadcuckLindu kab tak ye same post karega
>>3785 Jabtak tu apni ammi nahi bhejta

(54.69 KB 512x640 IMG_20230221_132000_787.jpg)
Anon 02/28/2023 (Tue) 08:23:58 ID:fe0219 No. 3354 [Reply]
This is what Shri Krishna would have looked like. He has been described as a handsome twinkchad in his youth right?
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>>3425 My ex
He was kallu. >yashomati Maiya se bole nandlala Radha kyo gori mai kyo kala
(1.24 MB 2506x1800 E178-Griffith_Unmoved-Manga.webp)
>>3435 I always thought Krishna would've been like Griffith (of the golden age arc) for some reason. Maybe it's the way both of them are depicted personality wise too, smart, cunning, idealists, beautiful, strong and courageous and all the while innocent like a child.
>>3422 >Krishna was a god of pre vedic adivasis of gangetic plains Where do i read more
>>3437>>3437 Abso fucking lutely But I do think Griffith parallels with more of a dark ram

Semenretention/Brahmacharya general Brahmachari Hanuman Bhakt 03/12/2023 (Sun) 15:28:15 ID:9df78c No. 3607 [Reply]
Come in. Hanuman Jayanti on 6 April. We defeat the coom for good this time. Jai Hanuman. Jai Bhishma.
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>>3607 Mein toh kar sakta hu, rakha hi kya hai fapping mein
>>3610 Pleasure
(63.81 KB 220x220 pepe-cry.gif)
>>3607 I'm on day 2 bhrata. But I can't help myself from edging and I fear that I'll loose control and coom myself
>>3607 Aaj raat ko coom karunga yaar, 2 din se try kar rha hu lekin time nhi mil raha
>>3607 Indeed yaara. Sex and coom are just annoyances for me at this point. So many times just stopped mid wank cause I don’t feel nothing no more. There was a time when I was a fiend for the same. This is the time to burn it all down once and for all.

(511.53 KB 1200x1628 Nietzsche187a.jpg)
religion hate thread god is dead 03/07/2023 (Tue) 23:29:13 ID:5c6ee0 No. 3569 [Reply]
only bhangi manlet with 3 braincell would believe in existence god ,and even if he exist fuck him
>>3569 You dont understand what Nietzsche meant when he said God is dead. He was a fanboy of hindu scriptures btw
>>3768 He meant that god has died in people or faith of people in god has died But chutiya people won't get it
>>3770 And he also goes on to say that it is a BAD thing, without a higher power humans are orphaned children, Nietzsche himself says his philosophy is an attempt of bandage at a fatherless(godless) society
>>3777 he reject the morality and value of religion impose on society ,he want to reject every value impose on individual and replace it by there own ,read the concept of Übermensch ,bangimensch

Based tantra Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 02:19:02 ID:0f2ce0 No. 3718 [Reply]
परस्त्रीयोनिमासाद्य विशेषेण यजेत् सुधीः।वेश्यायोनिः परा देवि साधनं तत्र कल्पयेत्॥५९॥ parastrīyonimāsādya viseṣeņa yajet sudhiḥ/ veśyāyonih parā devi sādhanam tatra kalpayet //59// The Sadhaka will get the vagina of the best wife or the wife of other and worship her vagina. Oh Goddess! the vagina of a harlot is the best. The Sadhaka will worship the vagina of a harlot (prostitute). (59)
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>>3731 Translation of the first verse
>>3718 From which book
>>3755 Google translate 😭
>>3764 It's correct 70%of times
>>3771 Cope Mleccha