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Anon 11/28/2022 (Mon) 12:06:20 ID:1840ec No. 2475 [Reply]
Why Cows are sacred but Rats aren't?
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>>2486 Chup Jhaatu
>>2475 Cows used to be sacred because every household had one and gave milk for sustenance for the family. So they were revered as 'second mothers'. Now with industrial milk production and everyone drinking packaged milk from Jersey cows, this cow worship makes little sense. Hindus should move on from it.
>>2476 >>2477 >>2475 >>2479 >>2480 >>2482 >>2483 >>2484 >>2485 >>2486 >>2487 >>2488 rats aren't sacred because rat isn't some holy animal and a sawari of Ganesh Ganesha is squashing the rat with his weight Mushak means thief Ganesha is punishing him the ganesha loves rat is a retcon by some retard

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what a dead fucking board
>>2487 Twri bhains jaisi maa ko kaat ke khajaunga chamar ki aulaad larper madarchod kutiya ki choot ka pissu

(4.00 KB 219x230 shiva-lingam-250x250.webp)
Anon 11/25/2022 (Fri) 15:02:41 ID:e0fb6a No. 2291 [Reply]
What does the shiva lingam represent? What does lingam means?
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>>2291 https://youtu.be/KCtF9eX7Zts Kannad(BTW I am a nigger)s are so funny
>>2291 >What does the shiva lingam represent? It's represents BIG BLACK COCK of Shiv Ji
>>2515 Based
>>2291 The design is very based

(54.22 KB 1024x768 1649609077773.jpg)
Anon 12/04/2022 (Sun) 08:59:32 ID:a3f90a No. 2539 [Reply]
Are there any secret societies in India? Where can one find them? There is even freemasonry in india.
Valmiki Samaj

(2.53 MB 3507x4962 nft.jpg)
Thread dedicated for greatness of Indra Anon 12/03/2022 (Sat) 13:12:28 ID:810476 No. 2532 [Reply]
Can someone please give me verses from Vedas and other religious texts which mention Indra as the supreme God, the king of the universe or as Brahman. Believe it or not some verses do mention Indra as Brahman. Please share verses which praise Indra as the supreme ruler of the universe
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(33.37 KB 680x475 image.png)
(14.96 KB 688x260 image.png)
>>2536 >>2535 >>2534 >>2533 Thank you so much anon. Could give me links/sources for this as well? Also do you know any good translation of Rig Veda I can read? Something that properly honours Indra the way a supreme ruler should be honoured.
>>2533 Also do you personal beleive Indra to be Brahman? The Supreme lord of the Universe? What's your view on this?

Anon 12/01/2022 (Thu) 17:43:27 ID:fa8cf7 No. 2516 [Reply]
>Rakhi Sawant converts to Islam for her Muslim boyfriend Masha Allah bht khubsurat h mera Islam dekho ek muslim ki mohabbat ne kese nikhaar diya Rakhi ko
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>>2526 Sage 🗿🗿🗿
>>2527 lmao retard
>>2528 Stop biting dead baits faggot
>>2528 >lmao retard go back to tier 3 college faggot

(32.52 KB 640x791 when men cried.jpg)
Anon 11/27/2022 (Sun) 15:10:00 ID:1f232e No. 2307 [Reply] [Last]
After reading about life of Ali, I dont think anyone who has a soul can stay a christian, Jew, Hindu or any other irrelevant faith. Shi'a Islam is the truth. We pledge adherence to the wali, Our wasil, Our Imam, Imam Ali (a.s.) and all the ahl al-bayt.....
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(451.35 KB 739x1068 IMG_20221201_110042.jpg)
(427.26 KB 758x1054 IMG_20221201_110029.jpg)
(434.27 KB 916x1045 IMG_20221201_110059.jpg)
>>2504 >shiqshiqya sermon is not accepted by shias LMAOOOOOO YOU MORROCCAN DIPSHIT. IT IS WIDELY ACCEPTED YA CUNT... OVER 20 DIFFERENT CHAINS DONT LIE... ITS NOT WEAK WHEN 20 TIMES IT HAS BEEN MENTIONED BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. 💀💀 >Why did he name his sons Abu Bakr and Uthman His name was Abdullah not abubakr, Abubakr is an epithet given to him based on circumstances... Lmao. And, what these are just names. Lots of followers of the Ahl Al-bayt had named themselves Yazid, does that mean we have started supporting that vile infidel? For ex. One companion of Imam Sadiq(a.s.) was named Shimr Bin Yazid. You know, who Shimr is right??? Also, Uthman was a common name of that time.. around 26 companion of our prophet(saww) had that name. But if you still have some doubts, I would quote imam Ali(a.s.) in his own word for you: "‘I have given him this name after my brother (close friend) Uthman bin Maz’oon.’ (Al Isfahani)
>>2504 And related to A'isha, let me quote your sources. And lets not talk about how Aisha talked about cleansing semen from Prophet's (saww) clothes.. such vile disrespect talking about his personal life..Isn't this strictly prohibited to in the Quran, defaming them? >Shaykh Kamaluddin Damiri also records in his famed work Hayat al-Haywan, Volume 1 page 43: When Ayesha (ra) was informed about the murder of Ali (ra), she said: ‘And she threw down her staff and settled upon her place of abode, like the traveler happy to return home’ Al Imama wal Siyasa, Volume 1 page 45 we learn that: “Following Uthman’s murder Zubayr approached Ayesha in Makka and said ‘Look they have made ‘Ali Khalifa. She said, What right does ‘Ali have to rule over our necks? I will not stay in Madina as long as ‘Ali is in power”. Now, wait a min, thoda sabr karo: "Ali observed: By Him Who split up the seed and created something living, the Apostle (may peace and blessings be upon him) gave me a promise that no one but a believer would love me, and believe none but a hypocrite would nurse grudge against me." (Sahih Muslim 78: Book 1, Hadith 146). I won't say anything more about that vile woman. She literally waged a war against the rightful hier, just so one of his sister's husband became the caliph.

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>>2508 Rekt lol. You made this thread worth reading anon
>>2509 I'm OP
(5.76 MB 640x360 fly.mp4)
>>2507 >>shiqshiqya sermon is not accepted by shias who said it's not accepted by shia ? we know you accept it despite the fact that the chain of narration is weak if you check what your biggest scientists like khoei say about the narrators, there is not a single authentic sanad for this sermon all of them are weak or mawdu', shias simply don't care about authenticity they just pick and choose what they like. >Abubakr is an epithet however abu bakr was the name he was people called him and what he was known by, the sons of ali are literally named as abu bakr, umar and uthman pure coincidence right ? >>2508 as for bukhari 4914 and other hadiths narrated by umar about aisha, first of all we don't believe 'umar or aisha or anyone except the prophet is infallible unlike you, in our belief a muslim can do wrong and be forgiven through tawba, however we do find that ali disobeyed and angered the prophet in your own sources (we don't say ali was unjust in what he did btw, he had the right to do what he did, but the prophet was hurt) >It is narrated on the authority of Abu Abdullah Jafar Al-Sadiq: A miserable of the miserables came to Fatima, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah, and said to her: "Did you not know that Ali proposed to marry the daughter of Abu Jahl?" She said: "Is it true what you say? He said three times: "What I say is true." Jealousy entered into her to an extent she could not control it, for Allah has ordained that women be jealous and that men perform Jihad, and He has made the reward of the patient (woman) similar to that of the Murabit and Muhajir in the way of Allah. And Fatima’s anguish became severe and she remained thinking about it until night time…she moved to her father’s residence. Ali came to his residence and did not see Fatima and his anguish increased and became great on him, even though he did not know what happened, and he was ashamed to call her from her father’s house so he went to the Masjid and prayed as much as Allah willed, and he collected some of the sand in the Masjid and laid on it. When the Prophet saw how sad and anguished Fatima was, he poured water over himself and wore his clothes and entered the Masjid. He kept praying, making Rukoo and Sujood, and after every time he completed two Raka he made Du’a that Allah remove what Fatima had of sadness and anguish because he left her turning over and breathing heavily. When the Prophet saw that she could not sleep and could not rest he said: "O daughter, rise!" So she rose and the Prophet carried Al-Hassan and she carried Al-Hussain and took hold of Umm Kulthoom’s hand until they reached Ali (AS) while he was sleeping. The Prophet put his foot on Ali, pinched him, and said: "Rise Abu Turab! You have disturbed many a resting person. Call for me Abu Bakr from his house and Umar from his Majlis and Talha." So Ali went and got them from their houses and they gathered around the Messenger of Allah. The Messenger of Allah then said: "O Ali! Do you not know that Fatima is a piece of me and I am from her. Whoever disturbs her, disturbs me and whoever disturbs me has disturbed Allah, and whoever disturbs her after my death then as if he has disturbed her in my lifetime and whoever disturbed her in my lifetime then as if he has disturbed her after my death." Source: Ibn Babveh Al Qummi’s "Ilal al-sharayi'", pp.185-186, Al-Najaf Print; also narrated in Majlisi "Bihar al-anwar" 43/201-202 >Aisha talked about cleansing semen from Prophet's (saw) clothes there is nothing najis about anything coming from the prophet, it's all tahir and mubarak >Al Imama wal Siyasa we don't accept this source and it's considered apocrypha tier to ijma', the author is completely anounymous and uncertain for one, most narrations in it are completely lacking any isnad, Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi, Mashhur ibn Hasan a-Salman, Abdullah ibn Abdurrahim Usaylan, Ali nafi' Al-Alayani among others have all dismissed it entirely as a shiite fabrication.

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(55.95 KB 820x480 manyu.jpg)
Daily वे॑द Quote #52: 2022 December 1 द॑स्यवेवृ॑क 12/01/2022 (Thu) 03:05:59 ID:665868 No. 2506 [Reply]
अ॑तीहि मन्युषावि॑णम्। सुषुवां॑समुपा॑रणे। इमं॑ रातं॑ सुतं॑ पिब॥ —ऋग्वेद॑ 8.32.21, सामवेद॑ . Translation: "Pass over him who presses (sóma) in anger, who presses (sóma) in sin. Drink this gifted pressed (sóma)!" . Word-by-word: अ॑ति इहि < अ॑ति इ "pass over", मन्यु < मन्यु॑ "anger", सावि॑नम् < सावि॑न् "presser", सुषुवां॑सम् < सुषुवा॑न् < सु "press", उपा॑रणे < उपा॑रण "sin", इम॑म् < अय॑म् "this", रात॑म् < रात॑ < रा "gift", सुत॑म् < सुत॑ < सु "press", पिब < पा "drink". . Meter: गायत्र॑ . Author: मे॑धातिथि काण्व॑ . Ritual context: This verse is possibly used in the महाव्रत॑, but I don't know the details of it. . Significance: (I found this verse while seeking other instances of सुषुवा॑न् from yesterday's verse.) Addressed to इ॑न्द्र, this verse asks Him to not to visit the sacrifices of those who perform the sóma-pressing angrily or after committing a sin, but instead to visit the reciter's own sacrifice to drink the sóma gifted to Him. This is interesting, because it implies that one who merely performs Vedic rituals for the sake of doing them, without genuinely "meaning" it or having honest intent (e.g. doing it while angry or to avoid the consequences of a sin), runs the risk of his sacrifice being ignored by the Gods. Actions and intent alike matter in the Vedic religion. .

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(216.35 KB 800x600 adrayas.jpg)
Daily वे॑द Quote #51: 2022 November 30 द॑स्यवेवृ॑क 12/01/2022 (Thu) 01:57:52 ID:0ed962 No. 2505 [Reply]
सुते॑ अध्वरे॑ • अ॑धि वा॑चमक्रत। आ॑ क्रीळ॑यो न॑ • मात॑रं तुद॑न्तः। वि॑ षू॑ मुञ्चा • सुषुवु॑षो मनीषा॑म्। वि॑ वर्तन्ताम् • अ॑द्रयश्चा॑यमानाः॥ —ऋग्वेद॑ 10.94.14 . (This is the metrically restored version. The सं॑हिता has a deficient syllable with वा॑चमक्रता॑ क्रीळ॑यो. Note the extra syllable in the first line: theoretically it could be changed to सुते॑ऽध्वरे॑, but this probably wasn't the original form, as this line genuinely resembles a 12-syllable ज॑गती.) . Translation: "Over the pressed (sóma) sacrifice (the stones) raised their voice, like playing (children) annoying their mother. Release then (the stones) that have pressed and (release) the thought (of the sacrificer). Let them roll away, regarded as stones." . Word-by-word: सुते॑ < सुत॑ < सु "press", अध्वरे॑ < अध्वर॑ "sacrifice", अ॑धि "over", वा॑चम < वा॑च् "voice", अक्रत < कृ "do", आ॑ "here", क्रीळ॑यस् < क्रीडि॑ < क्रीड् "play", न॑ "like", मात॑रम् < मातृ॑ "mother", तुद॑न्तस् < तुद॑न् < तुद् "annoy", वि॑ मुञ्चा < वि॑ मुच् "release", सू॑ = सु॑ "well", सुषुवु॑षस् < सुषुवा॑न् < सु "press", मनीषा॑म् < मनीषा॑ "thought", वि॑ वर्तन्ताम् < वि॑ वृृृत् "roll away", अ॑द्रयस् < अ॑द्रि "stone", चा॑यमानास् < चा॑यमान < चाय् "regard". . Meter: Mostly त्रिष्टु॑भ्, but the first line is ज॑गती-style like most of the rest of this hymn . Author: अ॑र्बुद काद्रवेय॑, a serpent slain by इ॑न्द्र using snow . Ritual context: The hymn containing this verse is recited primarily during the मा॑ध्यंदिन स॑वन (midday pressing) of sóma: according to शाङ्खायनश्रौतसू॑त्र 7.15.17, after the previous verses have been recited during the actual pressing, this last verse is used to conclude the ceremony.

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Anon 11/26/2022 (Sat) 07:22:29 ID:2c525e No. 2296 [Reply]
What if krishna is a prophet of allah?
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(71.53 KB 640x640 muslim brainlet.png)
(75.73 KB 908x336 adult breast feeding islam.jpg)
>>2303 >only Quran remains in its original form the verse where Allah says stone people to death and Muslim women can breast feed adult men was eaten by a goat, Abdul
>>2303 Fuck you Saracen (BTW I am a nigger), I will make sure every last one of you either accepts Christ or go to hell.
>>2298 >t. Coping abdul
(166.67 KB 1024x1024 FheawqvXgAAh1Dh.jpeg)
>>2306 >>2303 Cope abrahamcucks
>>2497 where's the lie ahir?

(192.40 KB 900x599 manifest.jpg)
Daily वे॑द Quote #50: 2022 November 29 द॑स्यवेवृ॑क 11/29/2022 (Tue) 03:52:56 ID:04c37e No. 2494 [Reply]
कुवि॑त्सु॑ नो ग॑विष्टये। अ॑ग्ने सं वे॑षिषो रयि॑म्। उ॑रुकृदुरु॑ णस्कृधि॥ —ऋग्वेद॑ 8.75.11, सामवेद॑, तैत्तिरीयसं॑हिता, etc. . (This is the metrically restored version. The सं॑हिता has a deficient syllable with ग॑विष्टये॑ऽग्ने.) . Translation: "Will you indeed in war, O अग्नि॑, obtain treasure for us? O room-maker, make room for us!" . Word-by-word: कुवि॑द्, सु॑ "well", नस् < वय॑म् "we", ग॑विष्टये < ग॑विष्टि "war", अ॑ग्ने < अग्नि॑, सं वे॑षिषस् < स॑म् विष् "obtain", रयि॑म् < रयि॑ "treasure", उ॑रु < उरु॑ "room", कृत् < कृ "make", उरु॑ "room", नस् < वय॑म् "we", कृधि < कृ "make". . Meter: गायत्र॑ . Author: वि॑रूप आङ्गिरस॑ . Ritual context: This verse seems to have been used in a variety of ways, but the most common case was as part of the संवर्गेष्टि॑ (आपस्तम्बश्रौतसू॑त्र 19.25.12), a special sacrifice to अग्नि॑ in order to seize the strength and wealth of one's enemy (तैत्तिरीयसं॑हिता 2.4.3). .

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