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for bhangali anon and other 'Aindra' autists Anon 07/20/2022 (Wed) 12:36:10 ID:f6ce60 No. 818 [Reply]
>Adi Shankara establishing Indra as Paramatma in his Chhandogya Upanishad commentary you can officialy convert to Smartism now.
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> Be to us, Viṣṇu, like a friend, the giver of happiness, the acepter of oblations, abounding with food, the granter of protection, and every way accessible; on which account your praise is to be repeatedly recited by the wise, and your worship to be celebrated by the offerer of oblations. > He who presents offerings to Viṣṇu, the ancient, the creator, the recent, the self-born; he who celebrates the great birth of that mighty one; he verily possessed of abundance, attains the station that is to be sought by all. > Hymners, propitiate of your own accord that ancient Viṣṇu, since you know him as the germ of sacrifice, cognizant of his greatness, celebrate his name; may we, Viṣṇu, enjoy your favour. > The royal Varuṇa associates himself with the sacrifice of the pious worshipper, assisted by the company of the priests; the Aśvins unite with it; Viṣṇu, with his friend Indra, possesses supreme heaven-conferring power, and sits upon the sky. > The divine Viṣṇu, the best of the doers of good deeds, who came to the pious instrumental tutor of the rite, to assist at its celebration, knowing the desire of the worshipper, and present at the three connected periods of worship, shows favour to te Arya, and admits the author if the ceremony to a share of the sacrifice. rv 1.156 > Expanding with a body beyond all measure, Viṣṇu men comprehend not your magnitude; we know these your two worlds, the earth and the firmament, but you divine Viṣṇu are cognisant of the highest. > No being that is or that has been born, divine Viṣṇu, has attained the utmost limit of your magnitude bywhich you have upheld the vast and beautiful heaven, and sustained the eastern horizon of the earth. > Heaven and earth, abounding with food, abounding with cattle, yielding abundant fodder, you are disposed to be liberal to the man who praises you; you, Viṣṇu, have upheld these two heaven and earth, and have secured the earth with mountains. > You two, Indra and Viṣṇu, have made the spacious world for the sake of sacrifice, genitive rating the sun, the dawn, Agni; you leaders of rites have baffled the mäya of dasyu Vṛsaśipra in the conflict of men. >Indra and Viṣṇu, you have demolished the ninety-nine strong cities of Śambara; you have slain atonce, without resistance, the hundred thousand heroes of the Asura Varcin. >Indra and Viṣṇu, you have demolished the ninety-nine strong fortresses of Śambara; you have slain atonce, without resistance, the hundred thousand heroes of the Asura Varcin. > The ample laudation is magnifying you two, who are mighty, wide- striding, endowed with strength; to you two, Viṣṇu and Indra, I offer praise at sacrifices; grant us food won in battles. > I offer, Viṣṇu, the oblation pluralised before you with the exclamation Vaṣa: be pluralised Śipiviṣṭa, with my offering; may my laudatory hymns magnify you; and do you gods ever cherish us with blessings. rv 7.99
> The mortal desirous of wealth quickly obtains it who presents offerings to the widely-renowned Viṣṇu, who worships him with entirely devoted mind, who adores so great a benefactor of mankind. > Viṣṇu, granter of desires, show to us that favourable disposition which is benevolent to all, unmixed with exception, so that there may be to us the attainment of easily-acquire, ample, all-delighting riches. > This deity, by his great power, traversed with three steps the many-lustrous world; may Viṣṇu, the most powerful of the powerful rule over us, for illustrious is the name of the mighty one. > This Viṣṇu traversed the world for a dwelling which he was desirous of giving to his eulogist; firm are the people who are his praisers; he who is the engenderer of good has made a spacious dwelling for his worshippers. > Resplendent Viṣṇu, I, the master of the offering, knowing the objects that are to be known, glorify today your name; I who am feeble, praise you who are powerful, dwelling in the remotest station. > What is to be proclaimed, Viṣṇu, of you, when you save, pervaded by rays? Conceal not from us your real form, although you have engaged under a different one in the battle. > I offer, Viṣṇu, the oblation pluralised before you with the exclamation Vaṣaṭ; be pluralised, Śipiviṣṭa, with my offering; may my laudatory hymns magnify you and do your gods ever cherish us with blessings. rv 7.100 Vishnu is the greatest of gods ~ KYV
>>862 >>863 >>864 >>865 >>866 >literally grasping on straws of verses to proclaim vishnu as superior repeatedly ignoring the rest of rig veda that attributes vishnu as a subsidiary/extension of indra and indra as foremost of deities Kek truly vaishnavcucks are messed in head
>>867 i am smarta and there is no verse which >>attributes vishnu as a subsidiary/extension of indra
>>868 theology is not your cup of tea underage zoomerfaggot

(30.97 KB 554x554 Indra idol.jpeg)
(22.29 KB 425x425 Indra.jpeg)
Vedic deity vigraha Anon 07/21/2022 (Thu) 07:05:37 ID:8e693e No. 830 [Reply]
Where can i find vigraha of vedic deities like picrel
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>>830 femboy twink hnnngggg
>>830 Was the name viagra inspired by this?
>>830 Anyone who claims to be a Vedic dindu and still uses the internet is a larping faggot
>>836 Abdul ki ma chodo

(46.35 KB 664x461 images.jpg)
Anon 07/04/2022 (Mon) 15:34:58 ID:20028e No. 541 [Reply]
Link/suggest me a good copy of Bhagavad Gita (PDF Preferred) and does pic related moment has any name? I like this picture very much
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>>570 there are various conflicting interpretations in indian languages itself
>>574 based, need to make the english ones mainstream among fagsterners
>>541 buy from gita press costs 30rs hard binding
>>541 Geeta press

(79.24 KB 720x1201 FVaX0ulXEAAdJTt.jpg)
Anon 07/20/2022 (Wed) 15:22:36 ID:a709df No. 808 [Reply]
What race is the christian devil?
>>808 Cleopatra was a slut
(75.09 KB 772x574 yakub.jpeg)
>>808 embrace the truth
(1.90 MB 851x1024 1657716849540.png)
>>808 it's unclear
>>808 >What race is the christian devil? Canaanite (Semitic speaking civilization of middle east).

(43.73 KB 670x458 images (1).jpeg)
Anon 07/20/2022 (Wed) 08:25:44 ID:2e3a97 No. 794 [Reply]
What are the consequences of intercaste marriage.
>>794 if you are UC, your son will hate you for degrading your genes
>>794 Your progeny's caste would be mixed and different that both of the spouses (e.g brahmin fem + kshatriya male = soot) see manusmriti chapter 10 on origin of mix castes for more info pratiloma marriages (low caste man+ high caste woman) are absolutely prohibited and incur various doshas for your descendants , anuloma (low caste woman + high caste) is discouraged but not punished, ultimately its where you stand in the heirarchy.
>>796 I guess this explains why I am a retarded manlet
>>794 Your kids would have an identity crisis and become a libpoo

(5.07 MB 1888x2312 rfecg2kokyt81.png)
im leaving hinduism Anon 07/15/2022 (Fri) 14:05:14 ID:63175f No. 688 [Reply]
No, Im not going to turn Muslim and christian. Atheism is the way. With broader internet i thought most young people with a brain would go atheist. But there's only 2 million of us in India. I cant believe muslims live in 7th century till now. Mohammad is a huge pedophilic cunt. But where was Maa Kali when Aisha needed help? Why are all islam prophets in Middle east? Did allah not care about the rest of the world, esp India cus hindus are polytheists? Hindus literally believe in praying for everything they own, from house to car to kitchen. Kill the wife in the cremation of her husband (justified in hindu scriptures) Muslims literally kill and die for a man who lived thousands of years ago Muslim women report of sexual assault in Hajj. Iranian women fight against burkha everyday. People in malaysia buy drugs from blackmarket to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Religion is for boomers yaar. Why are we following this? Do you really fucking believe gods sent down some fags to teach about him? Wo bhi teach things like Lobster goddess and gods Worship a black box and own and rape sex slaves sun revolves around earth puberty=ok for marriage

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>>708 There was nothing in his statement that had an emphasis on faith, schizoid. >>710 >exttensive ontology and metaphysics 🤣🤣 LMAO BRAINLET MOMENT >the only book that is concerned of the soul, afterlife and ultimate reality is upanishads. There are literally 100+ Upanishads, also to say that there are no other texts dwelling in philosophy is fucking retarded considering there are 196 Yoga Sutras 526 Samkhya Sutras 555 Brahma Sutras 370 Visheshika Sutras 528 Nyana Sutras 2700 Mimamsa Sutras Yoga Vasishta https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dvaita_literature https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adi_Shankara_bibliography Just a name a few that comes to my mind.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>721 so If babies are born from rape so it’s not rape ? (I’m asking question please chadh mat jaana) And smritis ke hisab se toh most Hindus chalte. I know damn well 90% Hindus don’t meditate or do yoga or “find their soul” and smritis get downright absurd sometimes ://
>>727 many of the things mentioned is smritis are only advised for devout brahmins
Nobody cares One less subhuman. At the end your kind is going to be slaughtered by kalki
>Consequences of having a low IQ. Midwits always flock to atheism to feel a false sense of superiority.

(307.12 KB 600x600 full time retard.png)
Anon 07/20/2022 (Wed) 00:17:34 ID:dd5eac No. 781 [Reply]
I don't get the point of jainism. it comes across as esoteric and confusing buddhism. What am I missing?
>>781 >>781 Its an extreme take on non violence and anekantvaad.

Anon 07/06/2022 (Wed) 12:37:33 ID:06460b No. 556 [Reply]
short and began balding too. Tell me again, why shouldn't be an atheist? Wait, i think i SHOULD believe in a chamar up above in the sky, at least i'll have someone to blame for my pathetic existence >inb4 look at this ugly rich bhangi ik who has a harem of 10 10/10s shut the fuck up behen ke lund
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>>579 most women of current gen have had premarital sex, so all of them in their next lives will have miserable lives? Now you know that your reasoning is flawed >>571 they have no answer
>>578 me being a pathetic loser is not a result of my own actions. I'm what i am because your god handed me shitty cards
>>773 Most don't have stop projecting subhuman get out of your tier 1 randikhana
>>775 Yes cope kar ya rope
>>776 every girl in my clg has a boyfriend. live in your delusions idc

Advaita vedanta enjoyer 07/19/2022 (Tue) 11:17:53 ID:46f03e No. 767 [Reply]
https://youtu.be/lUzaGydvjto Is it true that many concepts of Advaita vedanta is taken from nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika Discuss
>>767 nah, these ideas trace back to upanishads. ackshually it wuz the boodhists who being crypto vedantis took these ideas.
also there is a very fundamental difference between vedanta and boodism which overwraps all their similarities.