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Anon 01/26/2023 (Thu) 12:09:34 ID:77586b No. 3013 [Reply]
What do you guys think sóma really was? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soma_(drink) In Rigveda Indra consumes it when going to war or during celebration? Some say it was some sort of CNS enhancing drug.
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>>3030 There was no greater info aryan culture. Vedas is the source which spread and influenced many . Its like saying reading Buddhism tells about greater indo chino culture. And even worse is the atrocious Buddhism will come out to be if someone starts back tracking Buddhism from indo chino culture. This is what is being done with Vedas and main reason why they are never going to get it
>>3036 There are manu Indo Aryan societies that had similar religions, there is one to one relation literally. You can find these similarities, in language, the Gods, across Iran (zoroastrian), even in Greece and Rome. Remember that Vedas were part oral tradition, similar to Greeks
(862.93 KB 1577x1609 bksvjsn.jpg)
>>3035 Aryans are not pagans .We dont worship just ancestors but the avatar that manifested in our blood and flesh once in time . Ram,krishna ,narsimhan ,varaha are all avtars of Vishnu that once manifested in our blood and flesh .we are not worshipping avtars but the creator through them. Most ancestors are revered for the traits they showed as avatr to be learned from. >Indra is the ancestor Dont know who told you that. There is entire history and lineage of vedic tribes available in vedas Indra is nowhere be is considered god. All the tribes of vedas can be traced to 11 children of Manu the first man. Manu was himself the man that was saved by first avatr of Vishnu. The word man comes from manu
>>3037 Vedas influenced them. pic relate is ganesha in Japan.One to one relation doesn't mean it some proto thing spreading across the region. Oral or not is still questionable that doesn't change where vedas came from

Anon 01/22/2023 (Sun) 04:42:13 ID:f69da0 No. 2957 [Reply]
I want to learn the teachings of advaita Vedanta. Suggest me some books on it and if possible give some pdf links too.
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>>2958 kys mayavadi
>>2960 What a self own. Noone preaches maya vaad except advaitins.
(1.95 MB 3108x2840 adi shankar.jpg)
>>2958 lmao
>>2957 not for plebs, sorry.
>>2975 based gatekeeper

(3.59 MB 2016x1080 Screenshot_20221219-132015.png)
I'm trying to get into Saivism/Vamachara tantra Anon 01/21/2023 (Sat) 21:04:44 ID:eda96e No. 2953 [Reply]
So I can become like Chad Ravana and be a Rakasha on my next life. I hate that here in the US most of the Vedas are limited to constipated vegan Vaishnavas like the self righteous Hare Krishna. I went to a real Hindu Temple once but I freaked them out because my interests are too Vamachara and they warned me that it won't give me peace but a boon. I think peace is an illusion. Pic related some of my library.
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>>2972 Mai abdul nahin hoon maa chuda saale
>>2974 Apni maa ke gastikhane ka address na baant
>>2976 >Apni maa ke gastikhane ka address na baant
>>2977 Apni maa ki photo na daal

(15.49 KB 189x267 pepe_buddha.jpg)
What do y'all think about Navayana Buddhism Anon 01/22/2023 (Sun) 22:38:30 ID:a9238c No. 2968 [Reply]
>>2968 Liberal scientism in disguise of buddhism

(192.95 KB 1080x628 IMG_20230120_222305.jpg)
Anon 01/20/2023 (Fri) 16:54:28 ID:abd13f No. 2919 [Reply]
Few words for him, /b/?
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>>2946 You can try to spread gossip and rumours about eachother this shivers any relationship
>>2948 My mom is also very religious, thankfully she never fell for these dhongis, because we don't have tv at home. She does a lot of fasts tho(ekadashi upvas) and puja-path, yagya-havan
>>2948 Baniya
>>2948 Father encourages but doesn't get too involved. It's like he knows it's mostly bullshit but still wants to cope with his life
(563.66 KB 853x480 he saw some shit.png)
>the underage redditors in this thread

(162.55 KB 720x900 mahadeva-shiva-vishnudas-art.jpg)
Anon 01/19/2023 (Thu) 21:45:59 ID:b16ece No. 2884 [Reply]
pls tell me how exactly Shiva opened his 3rd eye apart from being angry, how to astral project and become mahadeva, how to escape this shithole samsara and never return also, why Shiva is depicted blue?
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>>2901 Kali Yuga started way before the invention of Varna chamaroid
>>2916 Huh? What about Mahabharata? Give the source
Baed yaar muslim ki toh maa chod deni chaiye
>>2916 Ohh nononono. Why don't dindu Bros rope themselves if there's no point of living?

(183.61 KB 1080x1902 HarappanDildo.jpg)
Anon 01/18/2023 (Wed) 08:18:05 ID:cca403 No. 2873 [Reply]
Such a progressive religion. Feeling proud as a Hindu.
>>2873 Hindu aurtein tab bhi bhi trandis thi aur aaj bhi trandis hai
>>2873 Shiv"LING". Faggots and whores on the temples. >Inb4 I am a Katua. No.
>>2873 I don't think Harappan civilization follow Hinduism They used to workship trees and stuff
>>2876 >Implying that rindus dont worship trees KYS bhangi
>>2876 they have sacrificial fire altars and a 'temple'

(16.69 KB 498x427 images (64).png)
Anon 01/16/2023 (Mon) 07:47:53 ID:44b536 No. 2764 [Reply] [Last]
mah niBBa कर्ण dindu nuffin
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itt incelbhangjs discuss MB after watchign tv serials and without reading a single page of any edition
(309.08 KB 1440x1799 FmmPu37akAIg9-C.jpeg)
>>2837 >I dont regret anything i have done. Have you ever said sorry to someone genuinely? >I have empathy Everyone has empathy. In some people, it's "cold". For example, this is the kind of empathy, policemen or thugs beat you up while you cry in pain asking them to please stop beating you up. They know and understand that you are suffering, but that doesn't prevent them from stopping. >What type of narcissist i am? I can't diagnose you, lol. In the image I posted above: Duryodhana: Overt - Sub-type 1: Classic - it's easy to identify his traits and connect it to narcissism. Sub-type 2: Somatic - he gave importance to his physique. Sub-type 3: Sadistic - towards his enemies Yudhisthir - Covert - Sub-type 1: Communal - too much of a do-gooder Sub-type 2: Cerebral Sub-type 3: Inverted

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>>2868 too hot yaara
>>2864 Do you have a pdf by any chance ?
>>2878 which one do you want?

South east asia has upheld rigvedic traditions better than actual indians Rigvedic rabbi 10/18/2022 (Tue) 04:22:39 ID:8e4517 No. 2029 [Reply]
mfw the only symbolism of the Vajra from rigveda is on the Bhutanese and Thai emblems . >the royal palace of thailand actually has a havan pit in the courtyard just before the royal chambers in which yajnas for the king are done during some days >it is likely that the priests have brahman lineage and are performing the rituals correctly >every major city in thailand is covered and i mean covered with shrines of Indra and Airavata, >Siamese people often look down upon indians for not worshipping indra, they look down on puranic scripture for slandering and insulting Indra https://indiancolumbus.blogspot.com/2019/05/indra-shrine-of-bangkok.html?m=1 . mfw the only cultural artistic and architectural traditions that draw solely from the rigvedic pantheon are thai and cambodian: . >apsara dance of cambodia depicting the female age al of svarga - which btw is in accordance with yajurveda derived natsyashaastra >the royal palace of cambodia having a sword depicting indra and said to have been given to the royalty by indra >wall art on older temples depicting the goddesses ushas ratri rodasi and saranyu >the only surviving depiction of maruts from before medieval times is from cambodia . how did us indians get out-rigveda’d by secondhand chinese who wr civilized by tamils?
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Kys tullu haryanvi mutt.
>>2029 Bhutan isn't South east asian retard
>>2595 Telugu*
>>2030 No that twink stole my alias
>>2029 Based and bumpu. Food wise too SAE mogs India

(39.86 KB 400x300 65825554.jpeg)
Anon 01/03/2023 (Tue) 12:23:21 ID:2062e4 No. 2638 [Reply]
Are Hindu gods white?
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>>2638 No.
>>2638 Shiva is actually supposed to be white as camphor. Ram iirc was green and Krishna is black. Surya was said to have golden skin while Indra was said to have fair skin.
>>2638 Some are as white as camphor, some as green like the leaves, some blue like the sky, some blue like a star studded night sky,some dark like clouds during rain, some golden skinned like the sun, some dark as night. They are gods, their colors have iconographical meanings
>>2642 >Caucasian anon....I
>>2660 indra has a golden reddish hue