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(65.54 KB 800x600 Lord Vishnu.jpeg)
Who is the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu? Anon 08/07/2022 (Sun) 15:51:46 ID:330cc0 No. 1095 [Reply]
Who is the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu? Many say it's Gautama Buddha but Buddha outright rejects the supremacy of Vedas the knowledge of which was protected by the other 8 avatars. Another popular view is that it is Balaram who is the 9th avatar but there are just as many who reject this. Did the ninth avatar even incarnate? Why are we waiting for Kalki when there's a possibility that the 9th avatar is yet to be born and we are getting ahead of ourselves?
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Some people claim Ayyappa of Sabarimala is 9th avatar.
>>1291 ayappa is avatar of shasta
Hitler was.
>>1307 The avatars of Vishnu always emerge victorious and this has been stated in Vishnu purana. They also tend not to shoot themselves in the head when the enemy is 1km away from your capital and would rather fight till the end.
>>1104 Based

(253.55 KB 1024x1001 Saura Afghan.jpg)
(321.26 KB 833x350 Pantheon of Saura Adityas.jpg)
(211.33 KB 1000x667 Saura Oantheon.jpg)
Extinct Saura Sect Anon 06/02/2022 (Thu) 07:24:45 ID:ee6f73 No. 8 [Reply]
Most Based & The perfect sect of Hinduism for modern times. This sect was mainly based in Afghanistan & Northern Pakistan before Islamic invasions. Many Indo-European scriptures mention this sect. The Maga Priests from Iran were specialized to practice this sect, before Brahmins assimilated it into Vedic culture. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Saura-sect https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saura_(Hinduism)
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>>959 Om Mitraya Namaha (Salutation to the friend of everyone) . Om Ravaye Namaha (Salutation to the lustrous one) . Om Suryaya Namaha (Salutation to he who sets everything to activity) . Om Bhanave Namaha (Salutation to he who brightly illumines the earth) . Om Khagaya Namaha (Salutation to the one who travels swiftly in the sky) . Om Punshne Namaha (Salutation to the giver of nourishment to being) . Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha (Salutation to the golden womb or the primordial matter from which everything else emanated) . Om Marichaye Namaha (Salutation to the Lord of the Dawn) .

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>>962 nice, if i were a girl i would've dated u for this post
>>962 Jethalal chants this Mantra every Morning while offering water to Surya devta from his balcony.
>>8 >Maga Priests from Iran were specialized to practice this sect, before Brahmins assimilated it into Vedic culture they were just settled here to revive it
(2.10 MB 3094x1687 IMG_20220830_103836.jpg)
>>8 Today I visited Suryadeva temple.

Anon 08/24/2022 (Wed) 16:16:15 ID:fc05c0 No. 1251 [Reply]
Is this true?
>>1251 10th avatar is possible because he may genocide and reset the world 11th is what a pussy bhakt would say to praise him without affecting the religion
>>1252 seeth pappu
seethe pappu

(569.89 KB 1280x787 harem.jpg)
Anon 08/04/2022 (Thu) 08:42:54 ID:79c5b3 No. 1057 [Reply]
Islam lets you have a private harem of sex slaves and four wives. Meanwhile low-test dindoos screech about wahmen's rights. Why haven't you converted yet? https://youtu.be/hSzNgvKbrZk
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>>1057 You are literally wrong. Deva Raya II of Vijayanagara had 12,000 wives and the residents of the Empire could marry how many ever wives as they wished to. The reformation movement mostly in Bengal during British Raj abolished these practices.
>>1127 wtf, 12k wives?
>>1127 How did he fuk so many? Some powerful ashwagandha
(27.84 KB 500x373 Lego-Mohammed.jpg)
According to the Lego distributed in Swedish mosques you can have up to 23 wives
>>1057 We are not pedo like you abdul. I guess you also marry off you 9 year old daughter to your maulana

(43.16 KB 613x1113 51oIZU-5hQL.jpg)
Anon 08/26/2022 (Fri) 08:19:10 ID:3b04ba No. 1264 [Reply]
People who raise the Kundalinis are NOT cremated in Hinduism. Rather they are buried in Lotus pose of meditation. The reason is that they are liberated having achieved moksha from the endless cycle of births and rebirths. The female Shakti has now found blissful union with the male Shiva– a great union of spirit and matter. A overwhelming bliss is felt , which mystically represents re-integration with Atman or the eternal essence of self. The soul finds itself free.
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(49.36 KB 640x640 download2.jpg)
>>1276 Chup bhadwe
Once awakened feminine Shakti is eager to mate with her male consort Shiva at the Sahasrara chakra on top of your head . Most human beings on this planet have never awakened the divine serpent of three and a half coils , and have led base , crude lives and passed on. What a waste.
>>1272 Captain sahab ki jai
>>1277 Sauce

I am muslim. Anon 08/26/2022 (Fri) 01:09:25 ID:6dec54 No. 1258 [Reply]
Ask me anything.
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>>1283 Islam is right about women.
(78.89 KB 540x648 mo_in_hell 1.jpg)
You are going to hell, but you might still be on time to renounce to evil and convert to something else
>>1258 WHy do many Muslims have that beard without mustache look?
>>1258 How does it feel banging your own biological mom and sis pussy?
>>1294 shut up

(777.94 KB 1080x1673 Screenshot_20220828-141015__01.jpg)
KathoUpanishadPill The enlightened One 08/28/2022 (Sun) 08:43:31 ID:cd561a No. 1296 [Reply]
When are you inchels taking the katho upanishad pill?
>>1296 Didn't read. Now post your Mom panties.
>>1296 English takes away the meaning that's why euronigs never understood anything about India even after 600 year of indology departments in every major country. Read translated version of your own language if not direct Sanskrit

(69.16 KB 495x619 images (1).jpeg)
Anon 08/27/2022 (Sat) 09:19:49 ID:e7b21b No. 1285 [Reply]
Why do heendus love sucking cocks of Sikhs and Jains. "Saar we are all sanatanis united" But they hate Brahmo Samaj?
>>1285 Brahmo Samaj is unironically cringe though. >Jains Their first Tirthankar was one of the 24 avatars of Vishnu as per Bhagavata Purana. Jains are far more pro Hindu than Hindus themselves.
>>1286 The reason brahmo samaj is disliked because they are anti varna system. But sikhs are also anti varna. Why is no one bothering them?
What's the diff between Arya and Brahmo Samaj? Always thought they were same.

(7.25 KB 362x355 31buJXQrZFL._AC_SY355_.jpg)
Anon 06/30/2022 (Thu) 17:59:11 ID:5afe79 No. 453 [Reply]
Someone explain the difference between all these Islam groups. >Hanafi >Hanbali >Shafi >Maliki >Deobandi >Wahabbi >Barelvi
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>>453 Deobandi? More like Jiobhangi
>>1209 None of them tbh, but if i had to choose then definitely shafi'i
>>453 they all disagree on petty shit like hurr durr this insignificant thing is makruh but then stricter one says this is haram and blah blah blah muslims are really stupid >>455 >hanafi based revivalist movement seeking to stamp out innovations and heresies in the muslim traditions of the subcontinent huh funny that you'd say that about heretics >The Deobandis adopt the Maaturidi beliefs and some Sufi methods, such as Qaadiriyyah and Naqshbandiyah. They are fanatic to the Hanafi School of jurisprudence anyway on a final note, i testify there is no allah and no messenger called muhammad, i reject allah with my whole heart and will curse his name for all of my days
>>1257 obviously you know nothing about sunni sufi relations i am just answering questions btw no hostility
>>1281 Sufis are heretical enough for me to like them On which note I'll reject Allah with all my heart and dedicate my life to idolatry

God like communities Anon 08/26/2022 (Fri) 23:45:58 ID:3aab92 No. 1282 [Reply]
Have you guys noticed the community of gods or messengers being hated? Christians hate Jews ( jesus) jatt Sikhs make fun of bhappas ( all gurus could be categorised by some like that) and Hindus making fun of bimarus ( Lord ram, krishna bring from there).