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A former American Buddhist monk who lived in caves in Burma for 30 years recently put out a video discussing the oldest known Buddhist scripture, and throughout the talk he makes the connection that the oldest Buddhist ideas are in many ways heretical to the Buddhist religion and are tightly aligned to many of the ideas of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

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Is this good?

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did you guys have any spiritual experiences yet? please do share them

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Who will do your antim sanskar

Brahmachari Hanuman Bhakt, you are not officially a sanyasi. You dont have a guru or Shishyas. Once you die, ever thought who will light your pyre? Even if I accept all your arguments for brahmacharya, the thought of there being an ambiguity over who will light my chita scares me.

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Redpill me on the reptile. What's its endgoal?

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This is what Shri Krishna would have looked like. He has been described as a handsome twinkchad in his youth right?

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Semenretention/Brahmacharya general

Come in. Hanuman Jayanti on 6 April. We defeat the coom for good this time. Jai Hanuman. Jai Bhishma.

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religion hate thread

only bhangi manlet with 3 braincell would believe in existence god ,and even if he exist fuck him

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Based tantra

परस्त्रीयोनिमासाद्य विशेषेण यजेत् सुधीः।वेश्यायोनिः परा देवि साधनं तत्र कल्पयेत्॥५९॥ parastrīyonimāsādya viseṣeņa yajet sudhiḥ/ veśyāyonih parā devi sādhanam tatra kalpayet //59// The Sadhaka will get the vagina of the best wife or the wife of other and worship her vagina. Oh Goddess! the vagina of a harlot is the best. The Sadhaka will worship the vagina of a harlot (prostitute). (59)

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Mere parents ne bola aaj hindu nav-varsh hai? Aaj vikram samvat ka pehla din hai? True hai kya? Just wanted to confirm

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I unironically know that Islam is the true religion. But I continue being a kaffir just out of the love for my country and people.

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bhagavad gita quotes thread

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How many of you hate pisslam but secretly enjoy watching him bash liberalism?

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Is this theory true that Shakuni hated the Hastinapur regime because Bhishma put his family behind bars, also Shakuni ate his family bones to survive?

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Heckin love this dude Do recommend fasting on Tuesday

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Whoever is krishna, is Kali Whoever is Shyam, is Shyama.

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gita BTFO

>In Chapter 4, Verse 24, Lord Krishna says that he is the creator of the four castes (varnas) based on their qualities and actions. However, in Chapter 18, Verse 41, he says that the division of the castes is based on the individual's qualities and actions and not birth. >In Chapter 5, Verse 5, Lord Krishna says that the renunciation of actions is superior to the yoga of actions. However, in Chapter 18, Verse 7, he says that the yoga of actions is superior to the renunciation of actions. >In Chapter 18, Verse 66, Lord Krishna asks Arjuna to abandon all forms of religion and surrender to him alone for protection. However, in Chapter 7, Verse 21, he says that those who worship other deities also worship him, but with less knowledge. >In Chapter 2, Verse 47, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna to perform his duty without attachment to the results. However, in Chapter 3, Verse 9, he says that he created the four castes according to their actions, implying that the results of actions matter. >In Chapter 6, Verse 5, Lord Krishna says that yoga is the means to attain the Supreme. However, in Chapter 12, Verse 6, he says that those who are devoted to him with steadfast faith and single-minded devotion also attain the Supreme. >In Chapter 11, Verse 54, Arjuna asks Lord Krishna to pardon his earlier familiarity with him and to speak to him as a friend. However, in Chapter 10, Verse 12, Lord Krishna says that he speaks only to those who have devotion and who constantly practice yoga. >In Chapter 3, Verse 17, Lord Krishna says that one who rejoices only in the self and is satisfied with the self is a perfect yogi. But in Chapter 5, Verse 6, he says that one who is not attached to external objects and is satisfied within the self is a perfect sannyasi. >In Chapter 7, Verse 19, Lord Krishna says that those whose knowledge is stolen by material desires worship demigods, while in Chapter 9, Verse 23, he says that even those who worship demigods with faith ultimately worship him alone.

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I will not go dowm without a fight

Recited hanuman chalisa 5 times yesterday. The chudhails/pisachini came in my dream night before yesterday, what a terrible form it was. I saw her clearly. It was a monster. I btfod her with hanuman chalisa. If needed i will launch Bajrang Baan. I will not go down without a fight The pisachini has left me. I will not go down that easily

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Indra idol

Where to purchase Indra idols like picrel Non Aryas and mlecchas please dont reply Especially Purancucks, Punjabi Muzzchamar , chinks

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Islam >>> Hindupooism

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Who said islam is conservative?

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Incel to Islam pipeline is real???

I just noticed something, there is a sudden influx of anti-heendu posts on lundiachan. Inchbhangis are genuinely appreciating Islam and Muslims. Some even go as far as to throw the tagline "musleem hai, to chad to hoga.." It's unbelievable.! Several researches have shown the tendency of white incel man to convert into Islam increases by 375% after pandemic. Many famous incels like Andrew Tate, Christianity Ronaldo, Jordan Petersen, etc. have already converted to Islam or deciding to convert in future. Hindu incels have deep fascination with Islam as they are 24x7 indulging in bashing it, they deeper they go, the more they are attracted to Islam. This may be the worst thing to happen in Indian history. I'm wondering how far we can go. What can be the response of our community? Is this a way to save our community from destruction? We have to find a way to counter this. Is this the only way we can save our community? We have to change this mentality. If incels can't resist their attraction to Islam, Hinduism is doomed. Inchbhangis have been recent victim of their own culture. They get attracted to Islam in the hope that there is nothing to counter it. That's why they see no difference between Muslims and Chads, Hindus and Cucks vice versa. tldr : it's over for us.

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Any series like this but for Hinduism?

Is there anything like this but for Hinduism? Tangentially related question: Why do Lindus think that barking Ram's name on TV is doing any good to their faith?

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Shukla yajurveda

>The lost recensions of the White Yajurveda, mentioned in other texts of ancient India, include Jabala, Baudhya... What happened to them? I say neti neti to Vajasaneya's samhitas

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Hindu men are like flies. Human flies. You get annoyed by them but cant get rid of them because they look human. Hindu men exist to annoy other races. Another reason the abrahimics don't get rid of hindus is because they are simply not a threat and hence not worth the time (unless when they're in huge numbers). Hindu men are the most below average and amongst the most common type of people on earth who, despite their numbers contribute almost nothing to the world except save a few billion dollars for the American companies. Hindu men are known to be exceptionally weak morally and physically. They critic the blacks and the Muslims by calling them violent but don't realize that they themselves are simply incapable of violence unless it's directed towards their own women and the oppressed lower castes.Hindu men are smaller and weaker in comparison to Black/Nordic white women. Blacks and Muslims have an intimidation quirk added to them because they are genuinely a threat to the white race. The intimidation quirk and the strong physicality of Muslims and blacks attracts Hindu and women of other races towards them. Hindus on the other hand are shamed for their perverted nature. The only proof of manhood that Hindu men have is their penises which are amongst the smallest in the world. No wonder Hindu men frequently disrupt disrupt inter-faith marriages and perform honor killings so that their women don't leave them for muslims. O Hindu men! You poor souls! The only humans who are scared of you are Hindu women. Your very smell and gaze threatens them. You are not good at anything, you claim to be good at STEM subjects but hate what you study, you are good at a sport that only 7 countries in the entire world take seriously ( even then youre not the best at it.) , the food you are so proud of , most of them have middle eastern and persian origin , you litter and shit in every place you visit. You rape in the very temples that you pray in...... God made Hindu men for other races to defeat them and save Hindu women from them. Hindu men are the plague of this earth. But despite all this you are not racially profiled. Guess why? Because youre not a threat and your women are not beautiful enough to fight for.

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why havent you read srimad bhagavad gita yet?

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I heard you guys needed me to help you with tantra problems? What is it?

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जयतु अर्जुनकृष्णाभ्यामिन्द्रविष्णोः समान भ्रातृभावः। वज्रसुदर्शन धारिणौ धर्मं संहरतो निःस्वन्तः॥ नारायण शरणं गत्वा अर्जुनः समभूत् इन्द्रोऽपि तथा। संसारव्याधिविनाशं प्रयाति निर्भयः प्रणीतः॥ Victory to Arjuna and Krishna, who share the brotherly bond of Indra and Vishnu, Wielding the Vajra and Sudarshana, they eliminate adharma fearlessly. Surrendering to Narayana, like Arjuna and Indra did, One attains freedom from the afflictions of samsara, becoming fearless and enlightened.

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[Discuss] shankara vs ramanuja's debate is a continuation of the more ancient debate between Vyasa/Badarayana and Baudhaya

Both Shankara and Vyasa emphasize on Jnana as a method to moksha and latter wrote Brahmasutras from a non-dualistic pov (incoming vaishnav cope) on which former had established his system and works on. Whereas Ramanuja and Baudhayana both emphasized on Upasana for mukti and Ramanuja had written his Shri Bhashya on Vedanta sutras using Baudhayana's Vritii (which isn't extant now). How fair would it be to conclude that Shankara and Shrauta-Smarta tradition is descended from Vyasa's tradition and Ramanuja's shri vaishnavism from Badarayana's.

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Imagine being so Sexy and Handsome that you are literally named Attraction (krsna) and all the ladies sing pic rel for you. I am jealous of Krishna yaar. I want to give instant orgasms to women too.

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Satyug was so kino yaar wish I could live in it . And can't even see no avatar of vishnu irl

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Do you believe in a soul?

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As a hindu celibate how do you cope with whorification of hindu women?

Chanakya neeti "Women are four times more stupid than men and eight times more sexually perverted than men" Hindu women of India and Nepal have historically be chastised by Hindu men who bounded them my vedic laws and hindu morality However, post the westernization of the society Women have been corrupted by the perversive notion of feminism and sexual freedom As a hindu man it is really disheartening to see our fellow women wear short dress, see their sexuality as a commodity and practice of sexual relationship before marriage The puranas are clear about what happens to these whores after their death in the underworld However in this world seeing such perversion how do you react as a man who follows dharma? Do you revolt or do you succumb or do you take advantage of the kaliyuga?

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Is there any other way to pray to indra other than reciting vedic hymns as they should be done only under a guru

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Tantra Sadhana

I have been reading Tripura Rahasya, some Robert Svoboda on his views on tantra. But since I am not a practicing tantrik or have a guru yet, my knowledge of tantra is bookish. I went to pashupatinath to learn more about tantra from the nagas who are here right now for Mahashivratri. Most brushed me off, but one said he sees I am willing to learn, but I am not ready for dikshya yet. Anyone here has some interest in tantra or practices it? I tried to learn about mohani and summoning demons, Pishachini, Kichkanya from a ragtag guy some months ago and ended up having night terrors for a month or so. Do any of you have any experience on tantra?

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Why do you not accept Islam despite all the evidence?

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How I can learn sanskrit without getting bored? Is there any free, fun resource to learn my own language (i feel like shit asking this)? This is the absolute state now of indian youth, should i take offline course or you can learn it free online? i want to learn like i'm fluent in english and hindi? is that even possible at this age i'm 22

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Hoe to summon demons?

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Is Hinduism a religion?