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Which religion should I follow? Anon 02/02/2023 (Thu) 18:14:01 ID:2eb6cd No. 3102 [Reply]
I recently started turning towards Jesus Christ and God during times of great adversity in my life. Simply watching videos about God and Jesus Christ on YouTube has given me so much peace and comfort. I genuinely believe Jesus Christ can save my soul. He gives me the strength to forgive people who have wronged me (something I could never truly do before and still struggle with). However, I have some difficulties believing in things that most Christian's believe in. I'm from a Hindu family so I've believed in reincarnation my whole life and I still believe in it. I also have difficulty understanding the point of eternal hell/damnation for non believers. What's the point of punishing a soul for all of eternity if they're not going to be given a chance at redemption? Also what about the souls of people who were born before Jesus Christ? Are they meant to go to hell for eternity when they didn't even have a chance to hear about Jesus Christ? There are so many people even today who live in remote parts of the World and go through their entire lives never having heard about Jesus Christ, are they destined to go to hell for eternity? Why would God create humans and not give them a chance to know God? In Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, etc the end goal is still salvation and these religions teach us that through devotion to God we can attain salvation. Those who don't realise god will be stuck in the cycle of rebirth but if you do good deeds you will be born privileged in the next life and have a better chance of finding God. This way you will not be punished for eternity if you do good deeds but don't believe in God. The bad people will be born as lower creatures to pay for their bad karma. This idea of birth and rebirth makes more sense to me because there's no eternal punishment which seems pointless and everyone gets a better chance at salvation because of rebirth. However, following Eastern religions hasn't given me any peace of mind or strength. I genuinely found a lot of strength through Jesus Christ through subjective experiences. I also believe that God has certain laws because God is pure, righteous and perfectly just and we shouldn't break them. What am I supposed to do? Can someone help me? Should my subjective experience with Christianity be enough for me to take a leap of faith in Christ or should I only surrender to Christ if I 100 % believe everything that Christianity teaches us? I cannot go back to being an atheist. I need God in my life but I don't know which God to worship. I've read Bhagwat Geeta but it's teachings haven't helped me in my life and there's a lot about hinduism I don't like. Idk what to do
>>3102 Literally join ISKCON.
Islam is the way

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Thread dedicated for greatness of Indra Anon 12/03/2022 (Sat) 13:12:28 ID:810476 No. 2532 [Reply]
Can someone please give me verses from Vedas and other religious texts which mention Indra as the supreme God, the king of the universe or as Brahman. Believe it or not some verses do mention Indra as Brahman. Please share verses which praise Indra as the supreme ruler of the universe
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>>2756 Based
>>2537 which place are you preparing to shill him on anon ?
>>2871 Through his blessings, the whole world. Physical and digital world
Indra is just a deva. Supreme lord is not a position to be held. Supreme lord has no qualities, no name nothing. Its not a parliament of gods over there.
Jai Indra dev

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Anon 01/30/2023 (Mon) 17:11:25 ID:23991c No. 3086 [Reply]
Islam is 100% the true religion. Every other religion has holes and inconsistencies in it except Islam. No wonder it is the fastest growing religion. Islamic nations i.e Gulf countries where Muhammad lived are the richest countries in the world. Allah is real.
>>3086 Im shia and all sunnis hate us prove me wrong
>>3086 Abrahamicism gets btfod by simple logic

Islam general Anon 01/31/2023 (Tue) 16:15:52 ID:bd2f3f No. 3090 [Reply]
There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.
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>>3090 >>3095 Why do sunnis hate shias so much man we're just a little weird
>>3095 Pagal vagal hai kya. Kek. Roman empire. Gupta Empire..palas Rashtrakutas. Kitne saare the. Sirf arab warlords se nahin chalti bhaisaab baat. in sab main aana chahiye
>>3098 Accha
>>3096 There is no sunni, shia etc. There is only Islam.
>>3099 Haan abdool puncturewala, messenger nahi aya to hame lawda lassoon allah se fark nahi padta

(39.10 KB 368x550 nzl067.webp)
Anon 01/29/2023 (Sun) 16:01:11 ID:8d2e08 No. 3083 [Reply]
If my primary aim is to read (and enjoy) the plays of Kalidasa, and works like Natyashastra, etc. How (and from where) should I learn Sanskrit?
>>3083 My primary aim is to savor the legacy of Vedic creativity, something that flourished in our post-independence auteurs (Ray, Mani Kaul, etc) and has been fucked over-and-over in the present era by katua-wood.
>>3084 >Ray Very difficult, very few of his movies are subtitled. Bhangalis like to kang about their culture a lot but dont actually do efforts to preserve /spread it. Oscar academy had preserved/found some lost Ray movies that india had lost. Absolute state of this nation

(110.10 KB 720x720 EaNamM6UcAIQ8DB.jpg)
Is there any online community/forum dedicated to Indra Bhakts? Anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 13:46:56 ID:df97b4 No. 2984 [Reply]
I am looking for a community of Indra Bhaktas where we discuss Rig Vedas and other religious scriptures regarding Indra? If it is not there, would any of you be willing to create a forum? Any community dedicated to Indra I can be a part of is appreciated.
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>>2984 why are indra fags the most cringiest thing on this board ? do you even know sanskrit ?
>>2988 Why do you need to know Sanskrit? Is it a prerequisite to worship Indra?
>>3078 Yes.
>>3078 Yes. You can worship Vishnu or Mahesh or Shakti in your own regional language but the worship of Indra is only possible through Yagna and Havan which requires extensive knowledge of Sanskrit.

(59.43 KB 691x444 kali_yuga.jpeg)
On Kali Yuga Anon 01/12/2023 (Thu) 11:13:32 ID:3d00e5 No. 2665 [Reply]
In Shrimadbhagavatgita, God says 12 human years equals to 1 year of the devas. This makes duration of Kaliyuga (which is 1200 deva years long) 4,32,000 human years long. The civilization of Kaliyuga is primitive compared to Satya yuga. The current Kaliyuga has just began and the arrival of Kalki avatar is not any time soon. These beings👆 aren't humans. Their time range and our time range are different. Like the afterlife (as Yukteswara Giri after his death, told his disciple Yogananda) time passes differently there. OTOH, Tripura linga Swami told his disciple Pulinbihari Das that Deva-Asura-Rakshasa-Danava are all humans who belonged to different deshas in the past. He's right ofcourse. My point here is that the word 'deva' used in two different contexts here means two completely different people.
>>2665 >1200*12 = 4,32,000 kaise
>>2880 it is 360 not 12
>>2665 > these beings aren't humans lmao they even look creepily uncanny.

(436.04 KB 750x799 OneStruggle.png)
Pinduism is fake pagan religion Anon 01/26/2023 (Thu) 14:23:50 ID:3c2256 No. 3046 [Reply]
"We WuZ UnCut N ShEEt" said no lundian cutlund ever Christ is king btw
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>>3072 >>>/librandu/ udhar hai 15 saal ke edgy commie chamar
>>3073 >>>/instagram/ udhar hai. Jake khatta hindu edits bna
>>3074 Kek absolute state of underage bihari atheists. Madarchod instagram wale thread se mera reply copy karke mujhe hi chipka raha hai
>>3075 Maa chudaale blaady
>>3076 Chud to teri maa rhi hai

(614.65 KB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20221025-131731_Brave.png)
Islam solved society problems Hyderabadi Miya Bhai#kEPYJN 10/25/2022 (Tue) 07:52:10 ID:055e0c No. 2150 [Reply]
How will my haando friend cope? Remeber Islam didnt need tate, tate needed islam
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(857.99 KB 1600x1197 Average muslim.jpg)
>>2150 Person behind that account.
>Disha Chatterjee >Reverted to Islam >Still has profile picture with lipstick and uncovered hair. >blah blah and copy paste of Quranic verses from google. Believable bro!!
>>2150 >andrew tate >muslim great, just few months more until women start associating mullas with incels and zoomie mullas start larping as atheists trying to fit in

Anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 10:28:23 ID:bdaed0 No. 2979 [Reply]
Unironically thinking about converting to Islam. Tell me pyaron, why I shouldn't and why Hinduism is better?
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>>3009 >context Where ? Is that posted to convince or throw you out I dont get it >and fight for the cause of par brahm parmeshwar against who fight against you >and kill all Muslims wherever you find them ,and eject them from whatever place they have ejected you
>>2993 >obviously if there are RSS/Bajrang goons using jai sri ram to harass people and communal media stoking the religious cord to distract from other issues, then you will feel less inclined to study ramayana, if you have Pancasila like indonesia then communalism would be banned and everyone would be forced to respect national components RSS/Bajrang dal are based. Pooslims in india deserve worse.
>>2995 >only if hindus attack them or drive them out, otherwise it's advised to deal kindly and fairly with other religions and respect their gods Kek, stop getting your news from Al jazeera >>3002 >how did bihar go from buddhist to hindu ? For someone who doesn't know the name of Hanuman and Varaha yiu really shoulsnt
>>3043 *really shouldn't debate indian history with hindus k2we. Read up on shankaracharya
Go convert to pooslam. Nobody gives a shit