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Anon 09/12/2022 (Mon) 11:04:34 ID:5aca21 No. 1699 [Reply]
In Kerala the Vamachara Tantriks have meat, fish ,liquor and sex. The Tantrics wear the 9 gem ring. Recently when the Russians excavated the Arkaim Stonehenge they found this Navagraha ring and the Swastika ( a Tantric energy vortex sign ) .
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>>1706 madarchod even hentai is less pixelated
>>1699 Who's the person in webm?
>>1699 Can't stop cooming
>>1699 glittermaxxing
>>1722 Angel Rai

(30.42 KB 220x314 220px-Khandoba.jpg)
Family deity/Kuldevata Anon 09/20/2022 (Tue) 06:33:12 ID:a3c541 No. 1757 [Reply]
Do y'all still have a family god/goddess that you worship and who? Mine is a based warrior form of Shivji called Mailarling here in northern karnataka.
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(56.89 KB 338x601 jaishreeram.jpg)
>>1757 Yeah bro, I am from Rajasthan and we still worship our Kuldevta. Mine is a representation of Hanumanji, I have him as my phone wallpaper
>>1757 yeah. mine is tirupati venkateshwara.
>>1757 My family deity is Krishna /Tara/Smashan Kali >t. Bhangali Yadav
>>1767 hello bhangali bro. long time no see.
All Nairs have Bhadrakali as their kuladevi. Usually because kalari or war.

(46.58 KB 480x800 screen-0.webp)
Anon 09/04/2022 (Sun) 07:38:21 ID:e6bd6f No. 1339 [Reply]
the bhakti movement and its consequences have been a disaster for the hindus
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>>1339 I read about this one ____devi, whose name or existence in never in the Vedas but she was solely popularized through TV serial and movies. Does anyone know about this?
>>1777 Santoshi maa?
>>1777 she was some lok devta
>>1778 Yes. Unironically
What is bhakti movement? I heard it made Krishna devotion similar to Jesus.

(118.86 KB 684x631 image.jpeg)
(79.61 KB 690x389 image.jpeg)
(59.01 KB 710x315 image.jpeg)
Anon 09/07/2022 (Wed) 18:24:33 ID:89a88a No. 1408 [Reply]
>>1208 found it. From Devi Bhāgavata Mahāpurāna, Allah of Mehmet seems to be Dānava Bala who is son of Maya and ruler of Atala loka below Muladhara Chakra.
>>1408 Redpill
>>1408 i have read devi bhagwat, so i have some background. but i still don't get the comparison between Danava Bala and mehmetians.
>>1422 The luxuries and description provided of Atala resemble very closely to the ones provided in the heaven of Islam's Allah.
Hinthi nhi aati saar. Pls translate
>>1780 The people residing in these do not have any mental or physical diseases due to divine medicines, chemicals, juices, food and bath etc.; Wrinkles are not needed; They never get any kind of hair ripening, old age, disfigurement of the body, foul smell coming out of sweat, becoming euphoric and changes in physical conditions according to age, etc. never hinders them. Oh Brahmaputra Narada! Those welfare people have no fear of anyone other than the stunning Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Sri Hari; As soon as the chakra enters there, women of demons often get abortions due to fear. Shri Narayan Shri Narayan said - O Vipra! In the first supremely beautiful cave known by the name Atal, there lives a very arrogant demon named 'Bal', the son of the Maya demon. One who has created ninety-six types of illusions that fulfill all kinds of desires, some of which would soon be imbibed by elusive people. And as soon as the mighty demon force yawns, many women are born who enchant the people of the three worlds. They are known as Punschali, Swairini and Kamini, who, by taking their beloved person to a solitude in the house of Bilroop, make them full of power by making them drink the juice called Hatak. After that, those women attract them with their gestures, sarcasm, loving behavior, smile, hug, sweet conversation, love, etc., and enjoy with them. After drinking that hot juice, a person considers himself to be very big and considering himself as great as ten thousand elephants, I am God, I am perfect - like a drunken man, he starts speaking loudly. Shree Narayan said - The bottom of that twine has been called 'Talatal'. There lives a great demon named Tripuradhipati Maya. In order to protect Triloki, Lord Shankar made arrangements for his stay by burning all his three puris. He has got a pleasing kingdom here by the grace of Lord Shiva. For the emergence of all their works, the great and fearsome demons worship Maya, the teacher of that illusionary who is supremely proficient in creating many kinds of illusions.

(2.54 MB 854x480 1656583644315.webm)
Anon 06/30/2022 (Thu) 11:02:43 ID:050d4c No. 444 [Reply]
Sar tantana dharma most scientific oldest religion saar
>>444 Yes, even rats are above muslims to us. Cope.

(36.51 KB 400x400 images.jpeg)
Anon 09/14/2022 (Wed) 14:37:37 ID:743c70 No. 1725 [Reply]
Would they be friends?
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>>1725 Isn't budhha pure anti non veg?
>>1725 christ was about conquering the material world buddha was for denouncing the material
(88.85 KB 602x727 image.jpeg)
>>1735 opposites attract
>>1735 >christ was about conquering the material world ?
At some point and time, they'd sweet-talk each other into kissing their dicks. But what's the point fag. Easygoing people can never understand the excruciating pain of going through that "timeless" journey. What are you going to compare huh? the way they talk to each other? the words they'd use? fuck off

Madhwas are the most based V1 community Anon 09/18/2022 (Sun) 08:08:38 ID:8bee53 No. 1748 [Reply]
Madhwa Vaishnavs are more based than Smarths since most of them acc follow what they are supposed to follow. Most Smarths today are degenerates who pray to sai baba one day, the next day to lalitaa, then switch gears to shiv chidambar before settling down on ayyappa worship. Won't be long before they start worshipping buddha mahaveer or jesus because of this we pray all attitude. The ones who rlly follow what they are supposed to are far and few. Most smarths have no clarity on what they follow and end up just mish mashing everything.
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>>1755 Where is kashi?
>>1755 kailash in North, mathura and vrindavan in gangetic regions and ayodhya is in UP too
>>1755 >>1755 Shiva was worshipped all across India. Vindhyachal range has been considered to be Mt kailash by some
>>1755 ram krishna have been all over india since at least 2500 years. shiva is pan indian.
>>1769 >Vindhyachal range has been considered to be Mt kailash by some those some are schizos

(6.01 KB 225x225 358.jpg)
Anon 09/11/2022 (Sun) 09:29:12 ID:c80a82 No. 1628 [Reply]
Kya aapke gaon me koi daayan thi?
>>1628 Haa wo meri mummy ka anal rape karti thi aur papa ko peg karke murder kar di 😭😭
>>1628 Mera koi gaaon hee nahi:( Sab vacation aur break mein apne apne gaaon jaate hai aur maine kabhi gaaon jaana experience hee nahi kiya:(
>>1630 Ghar ke opposite me hi thi. Ek baar meri dadi unke ghar sone gayi to dekha ki wo kuchh aatmaon se baat kar rahi thi. Aatma log usse khana maange the kaam hone ke baad. Usne mere family ke bahut logon pe black magic kiya tha . Mere sabhi cousin bhaiya (including me) ko kuchh na kuchh hua tha (I'm number 19)

(355.70 KB 956x640 genpei.jpg)
What makes historical epics reliable or not reliable? Anon 09/19/2022 (Mon) 13:52:44 ID:411df3 No. 1754 [Reply]
In japan, an epic written in poetic form called the heiki monogatari(平家物語) tells of a massive war between two clans for control of the country. The genpei war described in the tale led to the defeat of the taira clan by the minamoto and establishment of the first military goverment called shogunate/bakufu. This epic is considered a genuine source of history written down at the time of the war and gives us most of our historical knowledge about the period and what the war was like. In india, most epics are considered completely mythical with no consideration of some parts being eyewitness accounts. How do historians decide which epic accounts to trust and how much?
>>1754 Chronology (internal and comparative) and plausibility (e.g. exaggerations, excessive depictions of mythological creatures or divine interference)

Signs of kaliyug Anon 09/20/2022 (Tue) 15:39:55 ID:e276ad No. 1761 [Reply]
What are some signs of kaliyug? One sign i've noticed is the attack on dharma from asurs of various kinds. The rule of asuras over large parts of bharat. Globalists, capitalists, elites, everyone to seek to destroy dharma are in positions of power and control.