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Anon 11/27/2022 (Sun) 15:10:00 ID:1f232e No. 2307
After reading about life of Ali, I dont think anyone who has a soul can stay a christian, Jew, Hindu or any other irrelevant faith. Shi'a Islam is the truth. We pledge adherence to the wali, Our wasil, Our Imam, Imam Ali (a.s.) and all the ahl al-bayt.....
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>>2435 Yes, when we say Allah, we mean 1. Not 3 different things, which you worship. Jesus was not a trinitarian btw.. he was a monotheist. He only worshipped the father. Read the bible..bye
>>2438 The real bible (not the fake apostle ones)
>>2438 I do read the Bible dumbfuck, Jesus himself was part of the Trinity. No matter how many times I tell it to you, you keep following the words of the irrelevant Qur'an and the heretical Muhammad.
>>2439 and what would that be? the Peshitta? The Hebrew Bible? King James? Orthodox Greek?
>>2437 Yes /b/ is adharit sena we only discuss Hindu theology here rest are not welcome specially foreign setllers
(11.72 KB 306x306 507.jpg)
>>2438 Saracens are so hard to reason with. They keep strawmanning.
>>2442 I unironically used to want to join Aadharit Sena kek
>>2444 Back when I was Athiest fascist
>>2441 The quran (it contains everything that was in the bible). Peace Im out.
>>2446 katwe ye to btade tu hai konse shejar ka. Avoid krna padhega jaana
>>2446 I will not accept Delusional hereticisms of the Qur'an. besides I have cemented the fact that Muhammad was a false prophet. What kind of shit religion has to promise material and sexual pleasures in heaven to make its believers do good kekek.
>>2448 >What kind of shit religion has to promise material and sexual pleasures in heaven to make its believers do good kekek Heaven ,cuckstianity Kek kek kek
>>2449 Christianity doesn't offer material pleasures in Heaven, only spiritual satisfaction, Of course you a pagan wouldn't understand.
>>2447 Dont go to delhi, mumbai, or any metropolitan. Hyderabad, lucknow etc..Lol we are everywhere if you think like that. Dw, we dont bite
>>2450 >There will be every pleasure and excitement you have ever experienced on Earth, only FAR BETTER! All the beautiful love, the joys of sex and children, as well as variety, change, the challenges of new horizons, new work, new tasks to perform, even the adventure of pioneering new Worlds! Every heart's desire will become a REALITY in that HEAVENLY CITY! And every thrill, every excitement, every beautiful love or fulfilling work that you heard about and longed for in THIS life, but were never able to have, will be yours in THAT Heavenly Realm!- Accha
>>2451 >he thinks we r afraid Bsdk abhi katne walo ho ,ya to hosh mein aa jao
>>2452 >t. I made it the fuck up because this is not a biblical verse Which Book of the bible is this?
>>2453 >Afraid Lll come down big boy, it was a joke about you avoiding me
>>2454 Bro had to make up false information kek
>>2455 See you in the battlefield, Saracen. Let's repeat 1187 again. ☦️ God is with us, Amen ☦️
>>2455 Adress de behan ke lodhe katwe kr ek baao or allah ko maanne wala ho to miliyo wahin Naa teri gend todh di to baat hai Sali kati lulli hoti nahi khadhi Baat choddein badhi badhi
>>2456 Tujhe bible poori yaad hai smellu kalwe. Le iss website se li hai https://deeptruths.com/treasures/heaven_pleasures.html
>>2459 >deep truths that's not a bible verse.
>>2459 poo in the loo, bimaroo
>>2312 Even Shia wants to kills Hindus? I thought only Sunnis did
>>2362 Kyunki ye katwa Shia hai. Despite being muslims, Shia's still have a little brain and can act rational and civilized but Sunnis are just monkey's who start screeching like retards everytime you say something that goes against their beliefs
>>2380 >>2366 >>2382 >>2384 >>2391 This >>2386 tbh. Look at these abrahacucks, they worship the same God but believe the other person won't go to heaven because of minor symbolic and philosophical disagreement. Same shit with Shia and Sunni. Both of them literally have the same holy book but kill each other over disputes about the successors of a Prophet. What kind of God would send you to hell over minor disagreement about Prophets? That's how retarded Abrahamics are. Hinduism and other religions have the concept of one supreme God as well but I'm not retarded enough to think that God will send me to hell or reject me over minor disagreement such as the status of a prophet. Retarded clowns all Abrahamics >>2390 Not all Hindus engage in idol worship. >>2399 For you the cross is a symbol of God, for the Jews the Ark of the covenant, and we symbolically portray God in a human form and worship him. What's wrong with this? >>2406 Based and true
>>2422 Assuming what you're saying is true, why would God not accept you into heaven if you only worship part of him? If someone is born a Muslim, they're told all their lives that God is 1 and there's no way for them to know definitely that God is made up of the holy trinity. How would it be fair to send them to hell? >>2423 Same question for you. If a man is born Christian and he thinks of Jesus as the son of God why would God send him to hell? He's been told all his life that Jesus is the son of God and there's no way for him to know definitely that Jesus was a prophet. So how would it be fair for God to send him to hell? You both worship the same god. Isn't that what matters?
>>2424 Very true yaar. They're buttfucking both Muslims and Christians
>>2448 >What kind of shit religion has to promise material and sexual pleasures in heaven to make its believers do good kekek You actually bring a very valid point. These people can't comprehend beyond materialistic pleasure
>>2450 Even Hinduism offers spiritual satisfaction as the ultimate goal retard. You don't know what Hinduism even is. We're not all ooga booga idol worshippers. Our ultimate goal is the attainment of Moksha (salvation) . Moksha is a state where we become one with God (Brahman) and our liberated from all earthly and material attachment. Liberation from material attachments is the ultimate goal of hindusim.
>>2464 It is in the Mosaic Covenant to not engage in Idol worship, it is forbidden in our faith.
>>2467 See, Muhammad was a delusional pervert who used the abrahamic faith to convince arabs that he is a prophet while he was a nobody. Gabriel didn't approach him, Satan did. Muslims don't do good for the sake of doing good, they do good to meet their 72 virgins.
>>2468 Good for you, yet you offer your gods gold, money, and other material.
>>2464 They are literally slandering and tarnishing the word of God. How do they ever hope of going to heaven?
the shia religion is based on emotion, dogma, revenge and fabrication the sunni faith is based on solid foundations which is the quran and sunnah
>>2471 It is said in the Bhagwat Geeta that if a devotee offers even a leaf with devotion, God will accept it. Ik there are many people who make lavish offerings to the Gods but they are ignorant. We must make sacrifices and offerings to God as a way of showing our devotion to him, it doesn't have to be gold or money tho some ignorant people do it
>>2473 >Solid foundations Like killing the prophet's family... Yeah
>>2490 Ali was killed by kharijites, hussain was killed by ubayd allah ibn ziyad, it is unclear wether his murder was ordered by yazid or not, and even if yazid did order his murder, yazid has no special status he was just a random king not sahabi, some sunni sources curse him and others are neutral because there are no reports on his reign with an authentic chain of narration. Ali himself was sunni, if you want proof look at the names of his sons, hasan was also sunni, look at the names of the sons of hasan.
>>2307 Daily reminder that abrahamcuckism is brootally mogged by esoteric vedic aryan theology
>>2495 >Ali was killed by kharijites This is not even the point here. Are you purposefully forgetting when Umr tried to kill Ali(A.s.), when the prophet's (pbuh) dead body was laying down, and cuz he wanted to slurp everything from ahl al-bayt. He only stopped cuz fatimah stopped him saying: "You have left the body of the Apostle of God with us and you have decided among yourselves without consulting us, and without respecting our rights. Before God, I say, either you get out of here at once, or with my hair dishevelled I will make my appeal to God." And what did Umr say before his speech, "And Ali and Zubayr with their companions withdrew from us." Woah, how sunni of him. There's more : "In the end, the third of them ['Uthman] stood up shrugging his shoulders arrogantly. and there stood with him the sons of his father, eating up the property of God as the camels eat up the springtide verdure, until what he had twisted became untwisted. His destruction was complete, and his greediness made him fall to the ground. Then all of a sudden I was frightened to see a crowd of people around myself, thick as the hyena's mane, thronging towards me from every direction until [my sons] Hasan and Husayn were mobbed and my two sides were split, gathering around me like a herd of goats." "How strange indeed a strangeness in which God makes the hearts dead and brings grief is the gathering of these people [Mu'awiya's supporters] in their falsehood and your standing aloof from your right. Woe unto you, and fire upon you, for you have become a target which is shot at; you are raided and you raid not; you are attacked and you do not fight back; and God is disobeyed and you are content to see that." || And behold, 'Hasan' (a.s.) "the sunni"|| "We were shocked to see that some people snatched away our right from us even though they were men of excellence, virtues, and merits, and were the forerunners in Islam [reference to the first three caliphs]." You are a liar fucking idiot.
(89.71 KB 502x602 IMG_20221130_150058.jpg)
>>2499 Adding
>>2499 >a bunch of weak fabricated garbage If umar tried to kill ali when the prophet died in 632, then why did ali name his son umar in 635 ? Btw sunni muslims believe that ali was more deserving of caliphate than muawiya and this is why he is our 4th rashidun caliph and muawiya is not considered rashidun, however we don't make takfir on muawiya like you because he was muslim otherwise ali and hasan wouldn't have abdicated rule to him if he was kaffir Also the quran literally says that the earliest muhajirun (abu bakr and umar and ali) are in heaven
>>2502 >NO, THAT IS Weak.... Weak, doesnt mean false first of all lmao... You are a dumbass. Also, what is 'shiqshiqiyya" sermon. Read more Why did he name his son Umar >Who is Umar Ibn Ali Salama Ra And, I have already shown you how much hated Mu'awaiya was by Ali and Haasan in previous post. >however we don't make takfir on muawiya like you because he was muslim otherwise ali and hasan wouldn't have abdicated rule to him if he was kaffir Wow, they just abdicated.. bruh, if you wanna be seen as something of a threat atleast get your history straight. Its a complex issue and you are handling like its a lego set he abdicated. Okay, this one is to seal it, Imam hasan (a.s.) in one of his speeches said, as narrated by Ibn A'tham: "O people of Iraq, what should I do with your people who are with me? Here is the letter of Qays b. Sa'd informing me that even the nobles (ashraf) from among you have gone over to Mu'awiya. By God, what shocking and abominable behaviour on your part! You were the people who forced my father to accept arbitration at Siffin; and when the arbitration to which he yielded [because of your demand] took place, you turned against him. And when he called upon you to fight Mu'awiya once again, then you showed your slackness and lassitude. After the death of my father, you yourself came to me and paid me homage out of your own desire and wish. I accepted your homage and came out against Mu'awiya; only God knows how much I meant to do [i.e. how full of zeal and spirit I was in facing Mu'awiya's challenge]. Now you are behaving in the same manner as before [with my father]. O People of Iraq, it would be enough for me from you if you would not defame me in my religion, because now I am going to hand over this affair [the caliphate) to Mu'awiya."
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>>2503 >shiqshiqiyya sermon which has a notoriously bad sanad ? in the chain of narration you find Aban ibn Uthman, ibn Majlaweyh and Abu Abdullah Burqui narrating from his father Muhammad ibn Khalid ibn Abdurrahman. source : https://lib.eshia.ir/15257/1/361 let's see what shia scholars say about these people : >From Nuqad ar-Rijal of Tifrashi (1/#14) : The investigator said in Al-Moatbar in the descriptions of those entitled to zakat: There is weakness in Aban bin Othman >Al-Kashi narrated on the authority of Muhammad bin Masoud on the authority of Ali bin Al-Hassan: that Aban bin Othman was from the Nausiyyah and the closest to me is the acceptance of his narration, even if he was a corrupt sect of the aforementioned consensus >Fakhr Al-Muhaqiqin said: I asked my father, may God have mercy on him, about him, and he said: The closest thing is that his narration is not accepted because God Almighty says (If an immoral person comes to you with news, verify it) and there is no greater immorality than lack of faith. >Muhammad ibn Ali Majilawayh mentioned by al-Tusi in his Rijal in 'mentioning the names of those who did not narrate from one of the imams and did not explain his condition', In the translation of Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Nu’mani, he said: “As for his trustworthiness, it has not been proven, and it is not to the satisfaction of al-Saduq (fadeh) that is a sign of good deeds, let alone trustworthiness.” Lexicon Rijal al-Hadith 15/231. The man is unknown, even if al-Saduq is satisfied with him, as al-Khoei sees it. >Ahmad b. Ali al-Najashi said in his Al-Rijal [898] : Muhammad bin Khalid bin Abd al-Rahman bin Muhammad bin Ali al-Barqi Abu Abdullah, the mawla of Abu Musa al-Ash’ari, is attributed to Barqa Rud, a village from Sawad Qom on a valley there. He had brothers known as Abu Ali al-Hasan bin Khalid and Abu al-Qasim al-Fadl bin Khalid. And Ibn Al-Fadl has a son known as Ali Bin Al-Ala Bin Al-Fadl Bin Khaled Fakih. Muhammad was weak in hadith, and he was well-versed in the news and sciences of the Arabs. He has books, including: The Book of Revelation and Expression, The Book of Days and Nights. lol even according to your own shia scholars the sanad chain of this shiqshiqiyya is extremely weak, with multiple bad links >akshually he named him after Umar Ibn Ali Salama kek then why did he also name his other sons abu bakr and uthman, just a coincidence that he named them after what are supposedly his worst enemies and kuffar right ? also hasan did the same, even though abu bakr was an uncommon name lmao first of all let's look at what hadith scientists say about ibn A'tham : >Al-Safadi said Ahmed bin A'tham Al-Kufi, Abu Muhammad Al-Akhbari, the Shiite historian. according to yaqut : he is weak according to the people of hadeeth. His fashionable book. The book of al-Futuh is well-known and mentioned in it to the days of al-Rashid and its history goes back to the days of al-Muqtadir. He started it with the days of al-Ma'mun >Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani in lisan al-Mizan bascally says the same thing about ibn A'tham >Al-Alusi said in Rūh al-Ma'ānī : He defended the Mother of the Believers, Aisha (ra): And what the Shiites claimed that she (ra) was the one who incited people to kill Othman. source : https://al-maktaba.org/book/31621/28078 kek even your own weak shiite source is defending Aisha, also no where does it say that muawiya was kaffir, let alone abu bakr or umar. if hasan abdicated to a kaffir, this would go directly against quran 4:59 that tells muslims to obey those in authority among you (muslims and not kuffar). shia can only debate strawmen, keep slapping your chest, praying to dead people, practicing temporary marriage, and giving up 20% of your wealth in khums
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(427.26 KB 758x1054 IMG_20221201_110029.jpg)
(434.27 KB 916x1045 IMG_20221201_110059.jpg)
>>2504 >shiqshiqya sermon is not accepted by shias LMAOOOOOO YOU MORROCCAN DIPSHIT. IT IS WIDELY ACCEPTED YA CUNT... OVER 20 DIFFERENT CHAINS DONT LIE... ITS NOT WEAK WHEN 20 TIMES IT HAS BEEN MENTIONED BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. 💀💀 >Why did he name his sons Abu Bakr and Uthman His name was Abdullah not abubakr, Abubakr is an epithet given to him based on circumstances... Lmao. And, what these are just names. Lots of followers of the Ahl Al-bayt had named themselves Yazid, does that mean we have started supporting that vile infidel? For ex. One companion of Imam Sadiq(a.s.) was named Shimr Bin Yazid. You know, who Shimr is right??? Also, Uthman was a common name of that time.. around 26 companion of our prophet(saww) had that name. But if you still have some doubts, I would quote imam Ali(a.s.) in his own word for you: "‘I have given him this name after my brother (close friend) Uthman bin Maz’oon.’ (Al Isfahani)
>>2504 And related to A'isha, let me quote your sources. And lets not talk about how Aisha talked about cleansing semen from Prophet's (saww) clothes.. such vile disrespect talking about his personal life..Isn't this strictly prohibited to in the Quran, defaming them? >Shaykh Kamaluddin Damiri also records in his famed work Hayat al-Haywan, Volume 1 page 43: When Ayesha (ra) was informed about the murder of Ali (ra), she said: ‘And she threw down her staff and settled upon her place of abode, like the traveler happy to return home’ Al Imama wal Siyasa, Volume 1 page 45 we learn that: “Following Uthman’s murder Zubayr approached Ayesha in Makka and said ‘Look they have made ‘Ali Khalifa. She said, What right does ‘Ali have to rule over our necks? I will not stay in Madina as long as ‘Ali is in power”. Now, wait a min, thoda sabr karo: "Ali observed: By Him Who split up the seed and created something living, the Apostle (may peace and blessings be upon him) gave me a promise that no one but a believer would love me, and believe none but a hypocrite would nurse grudge against me." (Sahih Muslim 78: Book 1, Hadith 146). I won't say anything more about that vile woman. She literally waged a war against the rightful hier, just so one of his sister's husband became the caliph. https://ashqayaan.blogspot.com/2014/11/aisha-is-not-mother-of-believers.html?m=1
>>2508 Rekt lol. You made this thread worth reading anon
>>2509 I'm OP
(5.76 MB 640x360 fly.mp4)
>>2507 >>shiqshiqya sermon is not accepted by shias who said it's not accepted by shia ? we know you accept it despite the fact that the chain of narration is weak if you check what your biggest scientists like khoei say about the narrators, there is not a single authentic sanad for this sermon all of them are weak or mawdu', shias simply don't care about authenticity they just pick and choose what they like. >Abubakr is an epithet however abu bakr was the name he was people called him and what he was known by, the sons of ali are literally named as abu bakr, umar and uthman pure coincidence right ? >>2508 as for bukhari 4914 and other hadiths narrated by umar about aisha, first of all we don't believe 'umar or aisha or anyone except the prophet is infallible unlike you, in our belief a muslim can do wrong and be forgiven through tawba, however we do find that ali disobeyed and angered the prophet in your own sources (we don't say ali was unjust in what he did btw, he had the right to do what he did, but the prophet was hurt) >It is narrated on the authority of Abu Abdullah Jafar Al-Sadiq: A miserable of the miserables came to Fatima, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah, and said to her: "Did you not know that Ali proposed to marry the daughter of Abu Jahl?" She said: "Is it true what you say? He said three times: "What I say is true." Jealousy entered into her to an extent she could not control it, for Allah has ordained that women be jealous and that men perform Jihad, and He has made the reward of the patient (woman) similar to that of the Murabit and Muhajir in the way of Allah. And Fatima’s anguish became severe and she remained thinking about it until night time…she moved to her father’s residence. Ali came to his residence and did not see Fatima and his anguish increased and became great on him, even though he did not know what happened, and he was ashamed to call her from her father’s house so he went to the Masjid and prayed as much as Allah willed, and he collected some of the sand in the Masjid and laid on it. When the Prophet saw how sad and anguished Fatima was, he poured water over himself and wore his clothes and entered the Masjid. He kept praying, making Rukoo and Sujood, and after every time he completed two Raka he made Du’a that Allah remove what Fatima had of sadness and anguish because he left her turning over and breathing heavily. When the Prophet saw that she could not sleep and could not rest he said: "O daughter, rise!" So she rose and the Prophet carried Al-Hassan and she carried Al-Hussain and took hold of Umm Kulthoom’s hand until they reached Ali (AS) while he was sleeping. The Prophet put his foot on Ali, pinched him, and said: "Rise Abu Turab! You have disturbed many a resting person. Call for me Abu Bakr from his house and Umar from his Majlis and Talha." So Ali went and got them from their houses and they gathered around the Messenger of Allah. The Messenger of Allah then said: "O Ali! Do you not know that Fatima is a piece of me and I am from her. Whoever disturbs her, disturbs me and whoever disturbs me has disturbed Allah, and whoever disturbs her after my death then as if he has disturbed her in my lifetime and whoever disturbed her in my lifetime then as if he has disturbed her after my death." Source: Ibn Babveh Al Qummi’s "Ilal al-sharayi'", pp.185-186, Al-Najaf Print; also narrated in Majlisi "Bihar al-anwar" 43/201-202 >Aisha talked about cleansing semen from Prophet's (saw) clothes there is nothing najis about anything coming from the prophet, it's all tahir and mubarak >Al Imama wal Siyasa we don't accept this source and it's considered apocrypha tier to ijma', the author is completely anounymous and uncertain for one, most narrations in it are completely lacking any isnad, Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi, Mashhur ibn Hasan a-Salman, Abdullah ibn Abdurrahim Usaylan, Ali nafi' Al-Alayani among others have all dismissed it entirely as a shiite fabrication. how can you claim to love the prohpet, yet you constantly dishonor his wife like this ? even though the wives of the prophet are ahl al-bayt according to quran 11:73 and 28:12, this is why twelverism will forever be fringe and marginal. >>2509 hello iraqi immigrant in germany