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(569.89 KB 1280x787 harem.jpg)
Anon 08/04/2022 (Thu) 08:42:54 ID:79c5b3 No. 1057
Islam lets you have a private harem of sex slaves and four wives. Meanwhile low-test dindoos screech about wahmen's rights. Why haven't you converted yet? https://youtu.be/hSzNgvKbrZk
>>1057 four wives aren't enough!
>>1058 Aren't dindoos supposed to be monogamous like your ideal model of virtue Rama? >>1059 1.
>>1058 Btw, how many do wives do you have?
>>1060 What made you think that I'm a dindoo? Dindoos ruined their own religion by their way of worship and false understanding. They ruined their own practices by liberalizing them. Moreover, if you're a mozlem then you're an absolute cuck as even you peeps worship some prophet and believes in nallahs noor and shit. >>1061 Right now, none.
>>1122 Too sexy yaar...
>>1057 You are literally wrong. Deva Raya II of Vijayanagara had 12,000 wives and the residents of the Empire could marry how many ever wives as they wished to. The reformation movement mostly in Bengal during British Raj abolished these practices.
>>1127 wtf, 12k wives?
>>1127 How did he fuk so many? Some powerful ashwagandha
(27.84 KB 500x373 Lego-Mohammed.jpg)
According to the Lego distributed in Swedish mosques you can have up to 23 wives
>>1057 We are not pedo like you abdul. I guess you also marry off you 9 year old daughter to your maulana