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Anon 09/12/2022 (Mon) 11:04:34 ID:5aca21 No. 1699
In Kerala the Vamachara Tantriks have meat, fish ,liquor and sex. The Tantrics wear the 9 gem ring. Recently when the Russians excavated the Arkaim Stonehenge they found this Navagraha ring and the Swastika ( a Tantric energy vortex sign ) .
>>1699 >kerala Fake tantriks. Bengali /Tibetan Tantra is real
>>1701 I will trust my tantra gurus over capt vadakyil here
>>1702 >>1702 >I will trust my tantra gurus over The fuck. I dont think anyone will accept inch user as their disciple. Continue to live a blind life.
>>1703 Ok. Dont believe. I will soon find a guru, but even then my sources on tantra are better than Vadakayil
>>1704 You didn't even read the article, which will only take 10-15 minutes. Here are fews basic points about tantra: >Tantrics regard the cosmos as an indivisible whole. >Tantrics are well aware of the Quantum screen and how yin ( Tamas ) became Yang ( Rajas ) via the middle prong Sattwa, in a seamless manner. >The Vamachara style ( left handed path ) is done via forbidden pleasures . Yet none of the Tantrics are hedonists as they remain above this base plane. >They knew the cosmos is holographic, including the human body. The human body belongs to the microcosm , and it has a perfect equation with the macrocosm. >The human body could send scalar fields to hyperpace by actuating the Mobius coils in the DNA and the blood veins and arteries. >They knew the seven chakras of the human and their powerful equation with the macrocosm. Tantrics hold the human body as the pinnacle of creation, and they spent their energies in unlocking these amazing secrets by hit and trial or by following a Guru who had already experienced everything.
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>>1699 Accha
>>1706 madarchod even hentai is less pixelated
>>1699 Who's the person in webm?
>>1699 Can't stop cooming
>>1699 glittermaxxing
>>1722 Angel Rai
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>>1706 bhangi post big image