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Madhwas are the most based V1 community Anon 09/18/2022 (Sun) 08:08:38 ID:8bee53 No. 1748
Madhwa Vaishnavs are more based than Smarths since most of them acc follow what they are supposed to follow. Most Smarths today are degenerates who pray to sai baba one day, the next day to lalitaa, then switch gears to shiv chidambar before settling down on ayyappa worship. Won't be long before they start worshipping buddha mahaveer or jesus because of this we pray all attitude. The ones who rlly follow what they are supposed to are far and few. Most smarths have no clarity on what they follow and end up just mish mashing everything.
>>1749 >Vishnu is post vedic aryan God WTF 🤣🤣
>>1749 Is this made by some degenerate coomer?
Kashmiri Shaivism is barely in practice today. Most of Kashmir is now filled with sxllahs who eat beep. Most of the KPs hv been kicked out and don't know shit abt their religion or culture. Esp Delhi ones.
>>1752 Was Shiva originally a Kashmiri or Himalayan deity? Rama and Krishna feel more Gangetic.
>>1755 Where is kashi?
>>1755 kailash in North, mathura and vrindavan in gangetic regions and ayodhya is in UP too
>>1755 >>1755 Shiva was worshipped all across India. Vindhyachal range has been considered to be Mt kailash by some
>>1755 ram krishna have been all over india since at least 2500 years. shiva is pan indian.
>>1769 >Vindhyachal range has been considered to be Mt kailash by some those some are schizos
Can confirm. Madhwas are based because the amount of physical limitations we put on ourselves keeps us humble as fuck. >t. ex left me because I maintain too much madi* and did sandhyavandane twice a day.
>>1791 Yea dude. Madi, mailigi, prati dina devara puje are all classic features of Vaishnavru, not to forget strict ekadashi upavas. Once I visited a smarth house on ekadashi, they were making paneer curry and garlic on the day. Shouldn't even be allowed to call themselves broms.
(442.17 KB 1080x1028 IMG_20220707_005120_699~2.jpg)
>>1791 Based brethren.Hari sarvottama, vayu jivottama
>>1771 why do you even compare Shiva with those regional heroes who then were worshipped as God by dumb gangus.