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Daily वे॑द Quote #2 द॑स्यवेवृ॑क / Sanskrit Anon 10/11/2022 (Tue) 19:54:44 ID:62deb6 No. 1960
गणा॑नां त्वा • गण॑पतिं हवामहे। कविं॑ कवीना॑म् • उपम॑श्रवस्तमम्। ज्येष्ठरा॑जं • ब्र॑ह्मणां ब्रह्मणसपते। आ॑ नः शृण्व॑न्न् • ऊति॑भिः सीद सा॑दनम्॥ —ऋग्वेद॑ 2.23.1 . Translation: "We invoke you, captain of the (Heavenly) armies, wise among the wise, having the highest glory, the mightiest king of prayers, O ब्र॑ह्मणस्प॑ति. Hearing us, come to with help, sit on the seat." . Word-by-word: गणा॑नाम् < गण॑ "army", त्वा < त्व॑म् "you", गण॑ "army", पतिम् < प॑ति "lord", हवामहे < हू "invoke", कवि॑म् < कवि॑ "wise", कवीना॑म् < कवि॑ "wise", उपम॑ "high", श्रवस् < श्र॑वस् "glory", -तमम् < -तम "most", ज्या "overpower", -इष्ठ "most", रा॑जम् < रा॑ज् "king", ब्र॑ह्मणाम् < ब्र॑ह्मन् "prayer", ब्रह्मणस्पते < ब्र॑ह्मणस्प॑ति, आ॑ "here", नस् < वय॑म् "we", शृण्वन् < श्रु "hear", ऊति॑भिस् < ऊति॑ "help", सीद < सद् "sit", सा॑दनम् < सा॑दन "seat". . Meter: ज॑गती . Context: The देव॑ who presides over prayers, ब्र॑ह्मणस्प॑ति (also known as बृ॑हस्प॑ति) literally meaning "lord of prayer", is praised in this hymn, beginning with this verse. He will observe the sacrifice, protect it from disturbance, and ensure that its fruits reach the other देव॑s. Some people believe that ब्र॑ह्मणस्प॑ति is another name for अग्नि॑. . Why I like the quote: It's commonly recited at the beginning of a prayer by modern Hindus who think they're praising गणेश॑ (the elephant-headed god), not realizing that this verse has nothing to do with him. गण॑पति is actually an adjective in the वे॑द, not a name, and is used to describe many देव॑s including इ॑न्द्र and in this case बृ॑हस्प॑ति.