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Daily वे॑द Quote #4 द॑स्यवेवृ॑क / Sanskrit Anon 10/13/2022 (Thu) 22:06:40 ID:14e496 No. 2002
द्वयं॑ वा॑ इदं॑ न॑ तृती॑यमस्ति। सत्यं॑ चैवा॑नृतं च। सत्य॑मेव॑ देवा॑ अ॑नृतं मनुष्याः᳚॥ —शतपथब्रा॑ह्मण . Translation: "Two-fold indeed is this [world], there is no third: Truth and Untruth. Truth indeed is the Gods, and Untruth is men." . Word-by-word: द्वय॑म् < द्वय॑ "two-fold", वै॑ "indeed", इद॑म् < अय॑म् "this", न॑ "not", तृती॑यम् < तृती॑य "third", अस्ति < अस् "be", सत्य॑म् < सत्य॑ "Truth", च "and", एव॑ "indeed", अ॑नृतम् < अ॑नृत "Untruth", च "and", सत्य॑म् < सत्य॑ "Truth", एव॑ "indeed", देवा॑स् < देव॑ "God", अ॑नृतम् < अ॑नृत "Untruth", मनुष्या᳚स् < मनुष्य᳚ "man". . Meter: None (the शतपथब्रा॑ह्मण is prose), but the first sentence coincidentally sounds like a त्रिष्टु॑भ् . Context: This section of the शतपथब्रा॑ह्मण describes the first part of the दर्शपूर्णमास॑ (full- and new-moon ritual), in which the sacrificer crosses from untruth to truth for the duration of the ritual, passing from the world of men to the world of the Gods. During this period, he is especially forbidden from speaking untruth. . Why I like the quote: It clearly illustrates the ancient आ॑र्यs' binary, black-and-white view of the world. There is holy and unholy, good and bad, divine and human, true and false, this is the way the universe works. The modernist conceptions like "gray areas" and "both right and wrong" are absent from this religion: न॑ तृती॑यमस्ति.