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Daily वे॑द Quote #5 द॑स्यवेवृ॑क / Sanskrit Anon 10/14/2022 (Fri) 23:03:57 ID:c171a4 No. 2012
तोके॑ हिते॑ • त॑नय उर्व॑रासु। सू॑रो दृ॑शीके • वृ॑षणश्च पैं॑स्ये। इ॑न्द्रा नो अ॑त्र • व॑रुणा सियाताम्। अ॑वोभिर्दस्मा॑ • प॑रितक्मियायाम्॥ —ऋग्वेद॑ 4.41.6 . (This is the metrically restored version. The सं॑हिता has स्याताम् and प॑रितक्म्यायाम्.) . Translation: "When sons are at stake, and grandsons, and fertile fields, and the Sun's beauty, and bullish virility—then may इ॑न्द्र and व॑रुण be wonderful for us with help in the final battle." . Word-by-word: तोके॑ < तोक॑ "sons", हिते॑ < धा "place", त॑नये < त॑नय "grandsons", उर्व॑रासु > उर्व॑रा "fertile field", सू॑रस् < स्व᳚र् "Sun", दृ॑शीके < दृ॑शीक "beauty", वृ॑षणस् < वृ॑षन् "bull", च "and", पैं॑स्ये < पैं॑स्य "virility", इ॑न्द्रा < इ॑न्द्र, नस् < वय॑म् "we", अ॑त्र "then", व॑रुणा < व॑रुण, सियाताम् < अस् "be", अ॑वोभिस् < अ॑वस् "help", दस्मा॑ < दस्म॑ "wonderful", प॑रितक्मियायाम् < प॑रितक्म्या "final battle". . Meter: त्रिष्टु॑भ् . Context: The wars of the आ॑र्यs against the द॑स्युs were existential wars in which the very survival of आ॑र्यs and their religious morality was at stake. Without the aid of the देव॑s, especially the war-god इ॑न्द्र and the justice-god व॑रुण, the lineage of the आ॑र्यs would perish; the आ॑र्यs would suffer agricultural/economic ruin and calamity; the Sun's beauty would no longer be visible to men; and masculine values like patriarchy would disappear from society. All of these are problems from which आ॑र्यs today do indeed suffer, and we will continue to suffer from them until we once again confront them in the battle-rush (प॑रितक्म्या). . Why I like the quote: It is beautiful imagery, clearly and succinctly illustrating the priorities of the ancient आ॑र्यs: the propagation of lineage, material success, masculinity, conquest, and so forth.
This post is antithetical to the existence of this website. Coomercels bhare huay hai and they dont have an iota of understanding for the term bullish virility.