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Daily वे॑द Quote #6 द॑स्यवेवृ॑क / Sanskrit Anon 10/15/2022 (Sat) 21:44:36 ID:795c29 No. 2014
आ॑ घा ता॑ गच्छान् • उ॑त्तरा युगा॑नि। य॑त्र जाम॑यः • कृण॑वन्न॑जामि। उ॑प बर्बृहि • वृषभा॑य बाहु॑म्। अन्य॑मिच्छस्व • सुभगे प॑तिं म॑त्॥ —ऋग्वेद॑ 10.10.10 . Translation: "There shall come indeed later ages when siblings shall commit incest. Embrace a man with your arms. O beautiful, seek a husband other than me!" . Word-by-word: आ॑ गच्छान् < आ॑ गम् "come", घा < घ "indeed", उ॑त्तरा < उ॑त्तर "later", युगा॑नि < युग॑ "age", य॑त्र "when", जाम॑यस् < जामि॑ "sibling", कृण॑वन् < कृ "do", अ॑जामि "incest", उ॑प बर्बृहि < उ॑प बृह् "embrace", वृषभा॑य < वृषभ॑ "man", बाहु॑म् < बाहु॑ "arm", अन्य॑म् < अन्य॑ "other", इच्छस्व < इष् "seek", सुभगे < सुभ॑ग "beautiful", प॑तिम् < प॑ति "husband", म॑त् < अह॑म् "I". . Meter: त्रिष्टु॑भ् . Context: यम॑ and यमी॑ (whose names mean "male twin" and "female twin") were the first two humans ever created, the Hindu equivalent of Adam and Eve—except that they are siblings born from the same womb. In this hymn यमी॑ is pleading with her brother to give her children, since they are the only two humans on Earth and mankind would otherwise go extinct. However, यम॑ refuses because incest would violate the commandments of the देव॑s. In this verse, he urges his sister to seek another man (though none exists), stating that incest will take place in later degenerate ages—but not this one. . Most humans descend from यमी॑, but it seems that she did not end up having to commit incest after all, as additional humans were created. यम॑ later became the first mortal, granting him the status of the king of the dead. . Why I like this verse: The entire hymn describes a very interesting moral quandary / philosophical dialogue taking place in an early age of Indian civilization. The primordial humans must weigh what is worse: to violate the देव॑s' commandments by committing incest, or to violate the देव॑s' commandments by letting mankind go extinct. . I also like the verse because 1. it very clearly demonstrates, against the implications made by scholars like Doni.ger, that incest was strongly condemned in the Vedic religion; and 2. it's one of the first explicit statements of the principle that mankind degenerates over time, beginning from an age of moral virtue and ending with an age of horrors like incest.
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