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Daily वे॑द Quote #8 द॑स्यवेवृ॑क 10/18/2022 (Tue) 02:09:48 ID:53c940 No. 2028
य॑च्चिद्धि॑ ते वि॑शो यथा। प्र॑ देव वरुण व्रत॑म्। मिनीम॑सि द्य॑वि-द्यवि॥ मा॑ नो वधा॑य हत्न॑वे। जिहीळान॑स्य रीरधः। मा॑ हृणान॑स्य मन्य॑वे॥ —ऋग्वेद॑ 1.25.1–2 . Translation: "O God व॑रुण, whenever indeed we, as humans, violate your law day-by-day, do not deliver us to the fatal weapon of the angry one, the fury of the wroth one." . Word-by-word: य॑द "when", चिद् "ever", हि॑ "indeed", ते < त्व॑म् "you", वि॑शस् < वि॑श् "human", यथा "as", प्र॑ मिनीम॑सि < प्र॑ मी "violate", देव < देव॑ "God", वरुण < व॑रुण, व्रत॑म् < व्रत॑ "law", द्य॑वि-द्यवि < दि॑व् "day", मा॑ "don't", नस् < वय॑म् "we", वधा॑य < वध॑ "weapon", हत्न॑वे < हत्नु॑ "fatal", जिहीळान॑स्य < जिहीडान॑ < हीड् "be angry", रीरधस् < रध् "deliver", मा॑ "don't", हृणान॑स्य < हृणान॑ < हॄ "be wroth", मन्य॑वे < मन्यु॑ "fury". . Meter: गायत्र॑ . Context: व॑रुण is not primarily a water-god as described in the पुराण॑s, but rather the guardian of ऋत॑, the cosmic order that guides the physical and moral workings of the universe. His role in the वे॑द is the overseer of justice and the punisher of evil-doers. In this verse, men pray to व॑रुण for forgiveness from the sins that we commit daily and for mercy from His wrath; the words जिहीडान॑ ("angry one") and हृणान॑ ("wroth one") no doubt refer to व॑रुण Himself here. . Why I like this verse: It depicts a realist view of humans, even the pious and God-fearing ones, accruing sin as a result of the everyday decisions that we make. This is different from the Christian concept of original sin—it is because of our ongoing actions that we are sinful—but nonetheless leads to a similar conclusion: virtually all men are sinful and require divine salvation or mercy to avoid the Gods' wrath (Hell). This brings to mind Daily वे॑द Quote #4: सत्य॑मेव॑ देवा॑ अ॑नृतं मनुष्याः᳚ ("Truth indeed is the Gods, and Untruth is men").