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Daily वे॑द Quote #36: 2022 November 15 द॑स्यवेवृ॑क 11/15/2022 (Tue) 05:02:26 ID:82de82 No. 2250
आ॑ यः॑ पप्रौ॑ • भानु॑ना रो॑दसी उभे॑। धूमे॑न धावते दिवि॑। तिर॑स्त॑मो • ददृश ऊ॑र्मियासु आ॑। श्यावा॑सु अरुषो॑ वृ॑षा। आ॑ श्यावा॑ अरुषो॑ वृ॑षा॥ —ऋग्वेद॑ 6.48.6 . (This is the metrically restored version. The सं॑हिता has four deficient syllables with ऊ॑र्म्यास्वा॑, श्यावा॑स्वरुषो॑, and वृ॑षा॑.) . Translation: "He who filled Earth and Heaven both with light rushes to Heaven by smoke. Through the darkness the red bull is seen in the dark nights. (May) the red bull (come) to the dark (nights)." . Word-by-word: आ॑ पप्रौ॑ < आ॑ प्रा "fill", य॑स् < य॑ "who", भानु॑ना < भानु॑ "light", रो॑दसी "Heaven and Earth", उभे॑ < उभ॑ "both", धूमे॑न < धूम॑ "smoke", धावते < धाव् "rush", दिवि॑ < दि॑व् "Heaven", तिर॑स् "through", त॑मस् "darkness", ददृशे आ॑ < आ॑ दृश् "see", ऊ॑र्मियासु < ऊ॑र्म्या "night", श्यावा॑सु < श्याव॑ "dark", अरुष॑स् < अरुष॑ "red", वृ॑षा < वृ॑षन् "bull", आ॑ "to", श्यावा॑स् < श्याव॑ "dark", अरुष॑स् < अरुष॑ "red", वृ॑षा < वृ॑षन् "bull". . छ॑न्दस्/Meter: सतो॑बृहती with an extra line . Context: "Red Bull" is known these days for being the name of a terrible energy drink, but the original Red Bull was अग्नि॑ वैश्वानर॑, the Fire. In this verse dedicated to अग्नि॑ (as are all the first ten verses of this hymn), His great splendor is described as filling up the universe (for His light is the same as सू॑र्य's), and He is described as traveling up to the world of the Gods by means of smoke. This is in line with His omnipresent role as the conduit (दूत॑) between both worlds. . In ancient times His reddish vigor was the only thing that could be seen on an overcast night, shining miles away through the pitch blackness. The near-repetition in the last line with "to" is in my interpretation a summons to अग्नि॑, expressing a desire for Him to accompany and protect the आ॑र्यs at night. . Interesting Vedic grammar: रो॑दसी is an interesting Vedic word almost always used as a द्विवचन/dual स्त्रीलिङ्ग/feminine, despite having the -ई ending that you'd expect for an एकवचन/singular. The single word means "Heaven and Earth" together. . The उपसर्ग/prefix can come after the तिङन्त/verb, though this is not very common. Here आ॑ comes after ददृशे. The आ॑ in the last line is not connected, since it must govern श्यावा॑स्.
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