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Anon 11/26/2022 (Sat) 07:22:29 ID:2c525e No. 2296
What if krishna is a prophet of allah?
>>2296 >bible Im son of god >quran Im prophet of god >geeta Im the god Over done
>>2296 >>2297 >dindus be like our god stopped a flood using a mountain as umbrella lmfao go out and stand in the flood with an umbrella, mate
>>2296 Every Ancient Civilization was sent a prophet from Allah and Muhammad ﷺ was the last prophet of Allah. Ram, Krishna and Shiva were prophets of Allah. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham, father of Abrahamic religions) is Lord Brahma. According to some Islam scholars, buddha (Dhu al-Kifl) was also a prophet of Allah. Alexander the Great & Cyrus the Great (Dhu al-Qarnayn) are also mentioned in Quran. Vedas, Torah, Zabur (Psalms), Injil (Bible) & Quran are Books sent Allah through his prophets. Of these books, Today only Quran remains in its original form.
(71.53 KB 640x640 muslim brainlet.png)
(75.73 KB 908x336 adult breast feeding islam.jpg)
>>2303 >only Quran remains in its original form the verse where Allah says stone people to death and Muslim women can breast feed adult men was eaten by a goat, Abdul
>>2303 Fuck you Saracen (BTW I am a nigger), I will make sure every last one of you either accepts Christ or go to hell.
>>2298 >t. Coping abdul
(166.67 KB 1024x1024 FheawqvXgAAh1Dh.jpeg)
>>2306 >>2303 Cope abrahamcucks
>>2497 where's the lie ahir?