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Anon 11/28/2022 (Mon) 12:06:20 ID:1840ec No. 2475
Why Cows are sacred but Rats aren't?
Because that's how it is either accept it or kys
>>2475 >Hindpoos are literally cucks that worship animals
>>2475 Rats are shit kill them
>>2477 Then why Hindus kill them?
>>2478 Bad B8 M8
>>2480 Because rats can behave like chamars sometimes. Cows aren't
>>2482 Absolute State Hypocrisy at its Best
>>2475 Rats are sacred to me because i worship them
>>2482 Cows behave like amerimutts and brahkikes. Eating garbage, shitting on themselves and blocking traffic.
>>2480 >>2481 Absolute state of larpchamars
>>2486 Chup Jhaatu
>>2475 Cows used to be sacred because every household had one and gave milk for sustenance for the family. So they were revered as 'second mothers'. Now with industrial milk production and everyone drinking packaged milk from Jersey cows, this cow worship makes little sense. Hindus should move on from it.
>>2476 >>2477 >>2475 >>2479 >>2480 >>2482 >>2483 >>2484 >>2485 >>2486 >>2487 >>2488 rats aren't sacred because rat isn't some holy animal and a sawari of Ganesh Ganesha is squashing the rat with his weight Mushak means thief Ganesha is punishing him the ganesha loves rat is a retcon by some retard get educated dindus
what a dead fucking board
>>2487 Twri bhains jaisi maa ko kaat ke khajaunga chamar ki aulaad larper madarchod kutiya ki choot ka pissu
based and cow pilled
I remember being in class watching a documentary on hinduism, there was a temple of people who venerated rats. Was pretty cool
@Peta animal abuse 😡😡😡😡(wait but which one)
>>2602 Rajasthan